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  1. Hi All My question is around the flip part. If you just reveal the card, should you flip Thaurdir at the end of the quest phase? Despite it never was the active quest. Forced: When at least 1 progress is placed on Furious Charge, each character gets –2 [Defense] until the end of the round. If Thaurdir is Captain side face-up, flip him. Response: After Furious Charge is defeated, add 10 progress to the main quest. Greets Jban
  2. Hi all, "Immune to player card effects" have my mind confused numerous times, so therefore set of questions related to this. As far as I am aware "Immune to player card effects" only hold if the following two criteria are met The card with "Immune to player card effects" is in play The card is targeted by a player card effect. Targeted has to be seen as an active word, so any card that uses wordings as "Choose an enemy," etc. So as a consequence of these I want to sketch a few scenarios that illustrate the options. 'Wait no Longer' and 'Dunedain Hunter' can be used to target an enemy that is "Immune to player card effects" 'Yazan' and 'Thalin' cannot deal 1 damage to enemies with "Immune to player card effects" by their effect. Bard the Bowman, Aragorn (Ta) (both effects) do not affect enemies with "Immune to player card effects" by their effect. 'Forth Eorlingas', 'Quick Strike' and 'Hands upon the Bow' do work to target enemies with "Immune to player card effects". 'Knife-Work' does not work to reduce the defense of enemies with "Immune to player card effects". 'Feint' does not work to prevent an enemy with "Immune to player card effects" to attack you. 'Hobbit-Sense' and 'Out of Sight' do not target enemies with "Immune to player card effects" along all other enemies. So, the enemies enemies with "Immune to player card effects" still attack you. Am I correct in these instances?
  3. I also think as dalestephenson it is not too strong since returning enemies to the staging area only postpones the inevitable. You need to quest more and you need to defend/kill the enemy anyhow at a later stage. I already downgraded the effect to forcing Erkenbrand to take no damage during this attack. So you need multiple enemies and some kind of guarantee of not taking damage (Shadow protection, sufficient defense) to have a repeating feint effect. Aside form that, I feel this ability is not stronger then Haldir as we know him. Having a free attack with a 7-8-12 attack hero feels stronger. Any opinions?
  4. Made some new copy of Erkenbrand to give Dunhere some extra game time. Aside from Dunhere, this copy of Erkenbrand still feels pretty useful to take care of enemies that you (and your team) are not ready for at the moment.
  5. Like GrandSpleen said, a chump blocker cannot be retrieved. Only allies that get discarded are a viable target for Gamling.
  6. Ok, so to make it clear. We got three options for allies to leave play: Destroyed (Damage exceeds hitpoints, Triggers Horn of Gondor) Discarded (If written specifically as discarded, eg. Westfold Outrider) Other leave play possibilities: - Return to hand (eg. Sneak Attack) - Return to deck (eg. Prince Imrahil Tactics) Thanks, for the quick response.
  7. Hi all, I got a question towards tactics Prince Imrahil Hero and the shuffle back into your deck principle. So we got Prince Imrahil, and suppose he has obtained the Rohan trait by some card effect: Nor am I a Stranger Mutual Accord In case we have Gamling on the table, Is it allowed to return the ally to your hand? I guess this isn't allowed since there is no 'discard' worded on Prince Imrahil, but I wanted to make sure since for an ally to be reshuffled into your deck you have to discard it, right? In case it was allowed, some fancy draw mechanism can be used to get your big set of Rohan allies into play quickly. Since you basically need them all to make a Rohan deck be efficient. Greetings, Jban
  8. Been reading this card over and over again and it doesn't seem correct to me at point 3. Response: After attached hero commits to a quest, name enemy, location, or treachery. If a card of the named type is revealed during this quest phase, ready attached hero. The card makes use of an if-statement instead of a when-statement. So the complete response would be done after readying 1 time. I started to look for similar situations and consider how I would handle those. Suppose you have a quest card with the same If-construction. If a treachery card is revealed during the quest phase, raise your threat by 3. Within this wording, I would raise my threat with 3 if a treachery is revealed, but I would definitely not raise 3 for each treachery revealed. Any thoughts on this, or should we get straight to Caleb? Kind Regards, Jban
  9. Well it felt to me it was time to burn my hands on Saruman and going for the "Many Colours" idea as well. Saruman is little under priced (stats add up to 15, while cost is only 14). He can get you any sphere you like but using his resources will get you closer to your downfall. His hit points should be equal to those of Gandalf since either of them shouldn't surpass the other. He excels in attack, and his willpower is obviously better as his defense. Since Saruman made his own ring, and the 3 elven rings give respectively Leadership, Lore and Spirit. Giving him Tactics seemed the best option. Next, searching your deck for a card and putting it on top of the discard pile enables some crafty setups with card return effects. Finally, it allows you to be sure that you have the proper resource icons at any moment because of Saruman. Important notice is that these cards have never entered your hand, so Silver Harp isn't applicable.
  10. It is a great card and probably will be second ranked among all neutrals after Core Gandalf, just before Hobbit Sense. I don't like it that much for playing out of sphere cards since it's just stealing the best from other players in a 3/4p game (which I mainly play) but it speeds up 3-sphere decks a lot in the early game.
  11. This is true ofcourse, but there is no way they will ever revive this card by reducing it's cost to 2. So instead of fixing him I considered to give him a nice set of toys so he would be viable once more. 3 cost for a potential 7 willpower looks considerable...
  12. This is true ofcourse, but there is no way they will ever revive this card by reducing it's cost to 2. So instead of fixing him I considered to give him a nice set of toys so he would be viable once more. 3 cost for a potential 7 willpower looks considerable...
  13. They are only 2 wp if you invested in getting the farmer yourself, which results in an extra cost of 3. So for 1 dog only in the early rounds it is still 3 cost for 3 wp, which isnt very different to dwarves (Bofur) for example. If you intend to play without the Farmer you need all 3 spheres, which will require a trisphere deck, Elrond (Hero) or some fancy mechanic. Aside from that I like to reward people for the Farmer to be in play so that +1 wp seems inviting to me to try it. Gr, Jban
  14. Hi all, I was dazzling around and noticing some fun characters of the story are still lacking so decided to make these 3. All similar but I would really enjoy them in some of my decks. Didn't spend a lot of time on lay-out and images, but the idea seemed fun for me. Introducing the 3 dogs of farmer Maggot, pair them to their owner. Would be nice to see some kind of introduction of his dogs to the game. Could be really versatile or just completely similar like I did in this case. Other benefit would be that the Farmer might see a little bit more playing time, since his appearances are rather limited (0.0001%). Greetings, Jban
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