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    I like to take Spam and Velveta toss the in a food processor blend it up. Spread the result on a hamburger bun toast in an oven say 375 for about 20 to 30 minutes and server open face.
  2. WTH did I just watch. I have now seen things I can not unsee...
  3. Zog them, We fight for CREDITS!Ace pack! Veteran pack! True size YV-666! Crusader? Star Jewel? 3-crew Hutt card the size of a pilot card, flipped to the side! The YV-666 is to scale same as the HWK is. Just because an early now questionable source got it wrong doesn't change this. Nothing new to see here move along.
  4. A wave of repaints... NO. That is what Ace Packs are for.
  5. Look at a letter mailed from New York City to Los Angeles. What the going to cost less than a buck to send it and it would take like a week. Air mailing that same letter is like 15 Dollars. You do the math.
  6. Yeah who would have guess the COMMANDER of Phoenix Squadron would actually fly the fight craft used by that squadron really.
  7. Rambler

    Awe "Snap"

    All FFG needs to do is release Season Tournament Kits with cards that have a Name added to the current generic names. Some thing like... (Unique) Snaps Wexley (Unique) Blue Ace Nothing Stops them from putting out a Double Unique card like that.
  8. But good guys don't STEAL! Steal no Literate Yes. After all the first rule of guerilla Warfare is I shall not want because the enemy is my quartermaster.
  9. Well looks like this is the end of the road for me and XWing. A have been pretty adamant about icontrol my maneuvering Ion me Reduce my Agility fine but I draw the line at others now deciding my fate by moving my ship.
  10. Yes there is an old and new Damage Deck but you and your family probably won't notice the difference. It is mainly used to track damage anyway. Both Decks are still Organized Play legal. Just give your kids the older Deck it is just slightly more forgiving than the new one.
  11. Given that the movie is about the theft of the Deathstar plans, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone dies except the one person who makes it to Leia with those plans. And then _that_ person dies on the Tantiv. I dunno... she said "many Bothans died to bring us this information" She could have lied as a way to play up the rebels feelings, reminding them this is important and getting them riled up before combat. Wasn't that ROTJ? Yeah I got confused (as to wich death star plans they are stealing) So if rogue one is about the 1st one, will we get another movie about how the rebels get the info about the second death star? rogue2, in "the second quest. for the second death star." and stay tuned for the quest for the fourth deathstar, coming in 2018/ep8. ep.8, the deathstar awakens. Well that story was in Shadows of the Empire but with the whole Legends thing who knows.
  12. Yes you and your family will get hours of fun with what you listed. The only thing I would suggest you consider is instead of the Dice Pack look at just buying acsecond core set. Then you could run the Falcon with 2 X Wings and a Firespry with 3:or 4 Ties depending how you want to do your point and equipment builds plus each side would have its on damage Deck then.
  13. Isn't that blue yellow triangle about where the torpedo tubes are?
  14. The YV666 is the correct scale as it appears canonical. This is the same arguments that happened when the Moldy Crow came out. Nothing new here move on.
  15. Rambler

    T-65 Fix?

    What about a XWing only Title that when a R2 is equipped all 1,2 & 3 maneuvers are green.
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