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  1. Vassal freezes while the Content checker is running/downloading files. Depending on your internet speed this might take a couple minutes but it'll unfreeze once it's done.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/6pwctu/xwing_faq_leak/ Here you go
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/XWingTMG/comments/6pwctu/xwing_faq_leak/ Here you go
  4. I've heard very similar ideas from a number of different people, so I'd bet on something like this happening, especially when one rule change would handle both the older problematic cards (Palp, Manaroo) and the latest broken combo in Mindlink. I wouldn't expect any rule changes until after the last system open at the end of March though
  5. You can see how people voted at this link.
  6. I'll get blair to post them all on TC when we get them, I think they're due this Wednesday. The only thing I would change is letting each team ban a ship before the draft. It would even out the power curve a little bit and really force teams to build lists outside of their comfort zones.
  7. We didn't draft any imperial ships initially because so many other teams were heavily picking imps. Very late in the draft we thought we could get enough underrated imperial ships to make a decent seventh or eighth list, as we pretty much had our six main lists fleshed out. Also, I think you're really underrating the scum firesprays and the YT-1300s. Fat falcons have always been solid. When the average list quality goes down thanks to the format not only will they be good ships but they help us save draft picks by filling out 50-60% of a list in a single pick. I do think Paul was smart in picking up so many TLT carriers, I wanted to more of the scum TLT ships but we weren't valuing them as highly as we probably should have.
  8. That's what I was trying to ask. I'm going to guess that it'll mostly be mid-PS pilots with bad abilities, no EPTs and subpar ship stats, so like Laetin A'shera or Graz the Hunter. I'm completely with you on the named interceptors without EPTs. Scyks will actually be okay filler ships imo, paying two points extra for a tie fighter is hardly the worst you could do.
  9. There are 208 pilots (including PS9 Poe and Rey) and there will be 192 picks. Which pilots are so bad that they won't get picked? Has Major Rhymer's time to shine finally arrived? Will the generic E-wing finally see play?
  10. The easiest way to find the media file urls is to look at their RSS feed. From there it's pretty easy to find the file link.
  11. I'm pretty sure I remembered this coming up before, so here's an old thread with an alleged answer from the design team saying that the answer is B, from the edge of the printed firing arc. Not to mention that everyone I know/have watched plays like this is the correct answer and has done so for a really long time.
  12. We went 0/4 after all three days. Or as Sable would say: 'Regional Better'.
  13. Under the current rules, it would be considered a draw. If you were playing in the elimination bracket of a tournament (where you have to get a winner) then the player with initiative would win.
  14. Both the T-70 and the Tie FO have the sloops and T-rolls spread out/next to the respective bank. If he wanted to post it publicly he would have and it doesn't have any real spoilers on it, it's just the other sheet of cardboard.
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