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  1. But does it need to be in arc? Nowhere on the card does it state needing to be in arc.. "After an enemy ship performs a maneuver, you may perform this attack against that ship. ATTACK: Attack 1 ship.You cannot modify your attack dice and cannot attack again this phase." Most cards that have an arc restriction will state that the defender must be in arc.. This would be a great option for Rebel and Imperial ships that cannot equip a hotshot blaster.
  2. It just seems odd with this being an ability rather than a tangible 'thing' like hot-shot blaster for example.
  3. I'm having an argument with folks from my league. One person says it counts as a secondary weapon, and thus Rhymers ability can affect it. Another says it is not, but is more akin to Corran Horns double tap but takes place in the activation phase rather than the end phase. Who's right?
  4. 5 Scimitars with Shuttle, Tactician, and Saboteur. Nasty if anyone has a damage card assigned to them.. Or throw Mercenary Copilot on each of them instead of Saboteur.. You know, I wasn't all that pumped about the shuttle title, but now I kind of am..
  5. I really like Adrenaline Rush on Bren, especially when he is packing missiles. 2 guaranteed K-turns that are white might allow you to catch your opponent unaware. With chips and Concussion missiles, you're gonna score a hit, likely two. And to be able to have your opponent dead to rights in your sights is priceless. Throw a bomb on him (Proton, Ion, Seismic or Thermal Detonators), and watch your opponent gape. Reveal Dial (5k), drop Seismic, move 5, and K-turn to face your opponent and deal him a 1 - 2 punch with a bomb and missile to the face. Personally, I think too many people give WAY too much credit to Crackshot. I love it in swarms, but as a one off (or two off in this case), I just find its utility somewhat lacking.. Lightning Reflexes would also be an interesting EPT for Bren
  6. Considering this whole move to leave the EU won't happen for another TWO years, I don't necessarily think there is some sinister motive behind Asmodee and FFG selling when they did.. Yeah, the pound has crashed. It will likely rebound though in short order..
  7. At our local Winnipeg Regionals last weekend, I flew my Palpmobile list (Yorr with Palp, Omega Leader w/Juke and Comm Relay, and Whisper w/ACD, Agent Kallus, Veteran Instincts and FCS) against a Kanan / Dash List. Omega Leader managed to score a double Crit on the VCX-100 with Kanan. 1st Crit was a Major Explosion which flipped up a Direct Hit. The 2nd Crit was ALSO a major explosion, which flipped up a Structural Damage card (not that it did any good on a 0 agility ship, but I digress). 5 damage from a ship that could only have hoped to deal out 2 at the range I was at. I ended up losing that match, but I put it firmly in the WIN category.
  8. That falls in line with Last year actually. If I recall, their was a pre-release at GenCon, and the Wave dropped at the end of September. It gave those lucky few who attended Gencon almost 2 months to hock their wares on Ebay and to sell the ships at HUGELY inflated prices before the Wave dropped in stores. Expect the same this year.
  9. I ran Yorr/Whisper/OL at our Regionals this past weekend and went 4-2 with it. Missed out on top 8 by 5 MOV It's a good list, but I had some difficulty against high Hit Point Lists. My only 2 losses came to a Kanan/Dash list (by 13 points - I got half points for each ship) and a Double VCX Kanan/Chopper list. 32 Hitpoints is a LOT to chew through. Though, I have to say Whisper did her best at trying. The Kanan/Dash list saw Whisper sneak 2 Crits through. Both were Major Explosions, one flipped up a Direct Hit, and the other was a Structural Damage (fat lot of good that did on a VCX with 0 agility anyway). Though, 5 damage from 2 crits ain't bad at all.
  10. If it's a 1v1, Whisper, hands down. Whisper, Veteran Instincts, Agent Kallus, Fire Control System, and Advanced Cloaking Device puts you at a MEASLY 41 points. With Kallus aboard, you're always converting at least one eyeball to a hit or an evade. With Fire Control System, you are likely never to miss a shot with the re-roll. Plus, if you hit, you get the focus and recloak (you'd recloak either way). Yeah, Whisper for my money.. She hits like a sledgehammer, and then disappears only to hit again. With that 4 dice attack (5 at range 1), she'll make short work of most everyone.
  11. I think the advent of the super cheap tank has relegated 2 dice primary attack ships to the filler pile. Since Wave 7 we've seen the K-wing, Punisher, U-Boat, Ghost (relatively speaking it's quite cheap), and with Wave 9 coming, we're going to see the ARC-170. That being said, 2 dice attack ships work best with concentrated fire. As blockers, with Crackshot, in Swarms, or as missile boats with Guidance Chips. I just went back and revisited an old list of mine with 5 Z-95's. 3 Tala's, Blount, and Cracken. The old list had Blount running an Assault Missile, Cracken with Clusters, and everyone else running with Concussion Missiles and Munitions Failsafes. Now with Guidance Chips, I still have Cracken using Clusters (just for the extra action to pass off), but Blount is running Thread Tracers (which NEVER MISS), and everyone else running Chips with Concussion Missiles. 5 Z-95's are nothing to sneeze at. And with 4 damaging missiles, I'm not so terrified of Double VCX Hit Point Tank Lists, or U-boats (as Everyone in this list attacks before the Contracted Scout). Is it a competitive list? Who knows? But, it's guaranteed to put some hurt on, and in one round, I'm almost guaranteed to either scratch a heavy hitting VCX off the board, or at least get half points right off the bat. And then I essentially have 10 dice to focus it down afterwards. Sure, one of the ships may get splashed. But in a mini-swarm, the odds are on my side.
  12. One last question. Is cancelling dice considered a modification? Like Wampa as an example can cancel his dice results and if he cancels a crit can deal a facedown damage. EDIT- NVM just reread.. the thread duh..
  13. Yorr only removes stress from other ships unfortunately. I see where you're coming from with Whisper, though is she not a little too predictable? With Echo being able to do the odd re-positioning, I find the unpredictability to be a major plus in most cases. And this keeps both ships at PS8. I get that PS 9 would be better in case I encounter high PS aces, but that Stealth Device has helped a lot. Rolling 4 dice with an evade and Palp as backup had really helped ensure Omega Leader stays on the board and is able to wreak his havoc.. And I flew this list against PS 9 Han, and it did well. I'll think on swapping out for Whisper though. Lists need to be in before I hit the table Saturday morning, so I have some time to try it out before then.. Thanks guys..
  14. So, I am going to our local Regionals this coming weekend, and I cam up with a variation of the Palpmobile. I've played it 3 times, with 3 wins, though the first 2 times was against an opponent who wasn't very experienced. My last play through with it though had me running against the dreaded 3 U-boat list, and it did very well - much better than I anticipated, and against a much more experienced player. Without further ado, here it is Echo - Veteran Instincts, Fire Control System, Advanced Cloaking Device, and Agent Kallus Omega Leader - Juke, Stealth Device, Comm Relay Captain Yorr - Papa Palpatine Total - 100 points. Now, I like the list, and really like what Yorr brings to the table. Being able to peel a Stress token before it would be received by one of the other ships really worked out well for Omega Leader when he would perform his S-Loop. And being able to take that stress at Range 2 is really nice as well. Omega Leader would perform the S-Loop, having already got an evade, and Target lock on his opponent, and because he didn't get the stress from the S-loop, he was also able to Focus, or Barrel roll closer to his target. Also, with Yorr running at PS 4, I ensured that all of my ships would attack before the U-boats, which was a real lifesaver. Both Omega Leader and Echo run at an 8, which seems to be the new 9, so unless I'm flying against Vader, Soontir, Han, or the few other 'True Aces', I'm not doing too badly. I really like Echo's unpredictability, although sometimes it's a little too unpredictable, even for me. Definitely love how hard Echo hits though. And many times I was able to make it into range 1, with the Target Lock from FCS, and Palp, I would watch my opponent disappear in a puff of smoke as if THEY were the ones cloaking. Thoughts?
  15. So Vader can't use ATC. Debris works as normal. What about the Inquisitor?
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