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  1. Guys, just in case if someone is interested, I still have a copy of Player's Handbook, Winds of Magic and Omens of War. Let me know if you need one. Cheers.
  2. Ok, here is a link to a font that I built myself based on some another older version of WH font. It is a normal Liberation Serif with WH symbols built in. To have access to them you need to use MS word (not a Libre Office or analogue). In the office just hold Alt and type numbers from 1 to 16 on your numpad, then release Alt. It is also possible to access the symbols from Libre Office, but you have to remember the Alt-codes for each one. PS. Actually I noticed that latest LibreOffice should also be able to produce Alt+numpad shortcust. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1opJCNMG54uqibwOt8qs8GOKZfmzkBsLh/view?usp=sharing Also you can use this link to create some cards for your game http://wfrp3-data.dertarr.info/
  3. Hi guys, It turns out that I've finished The Enemy Within campain a couple of days ago and thus would also want to sell my copy. It is complete and in an excellent condition, but the box is missing, the punchboard tokens were removed from the board, and the book shows some signs of wear. I don't know how much might the set cost, so please PM me with your offers. The set has a weight of about 1.2 kg including the wrapping, and the shipping cost from Belarus would be around 23$ (for a parcel above 1kg and up to 2kg). Actually, I have some other WFRP stuff for sale, that includes 3 adventures (The Witch Song, The Edge of Night, The Gathering Storm) that are still unopened, the extra dice set, Player's Handbook and the Creatures Guide, the Creatures Vault and some other stuff that you might need. I do have the base set as well, but it will be too heavy and expensive to ship, so you might probably better use amazon or ebay - they should still have some available.
  4. Ok, I see. Most of the spells are present in Player's Guide. Do you have it? Tell me what order do your characters belong to. Perhaps I could help you with the spell cards.
  5. Hi, Regarding the cards, tell me what do you need? Most of the action cards for players can be found in Player's Guide PDF. PS. Where're you from?
  6. Hmmm... OK, uploaded all three maps to google drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=16P3ptovsktcIUotgCtalWzY0-58P8CAI
  7. Sure. Here are the maps of the Region: Game Master version: https://psv4.userapi.com/c834700/u1922408/docs/d6/259572b37fcd/Region_map.jpg And the player's version: https://psv4.userapi.com/c834700/u1922408/docs/d4/b9cd62b79154/Region-map-players.jpg
  8. I will reuse this topic with (hopefully) a permission from the author. I do have WFRP3ed stuff for sale. All items are opened, all tokens are removed from the cardboard. the box is away. The cards themselves are in good-to-perfect condition (as I was almost not using them in my games). * Winds of Magic: 60 USD * Dreadfleet Captains 35 USD I do have some other items ready for selling as well, but those like Blackfire Pass or Omens of War are still easy to find on amazon for a very reasonable price. The shipping will be done from Belarus using registered parcel with tracking number. Shipping cost is 4 USD for parcels up to 100 grams, 5,5 USD - up to 250 grams, 9 USD - up to 500 grams, and 14 USD - up to 1 kilo. There will also be a small 5% commission from paypal added to the total. Please PM me if you're interested.
  9. Sorry for replying late. It seems that notifications to email aren't working. I only have Dreadfleet captains and probably Faith of Sigmar. The last one owns my friend and I'm not sure if she's ready to sell it. Have got no emails from you since then.
  10. Please write me to epikur (at) inbox (point) ru Currently I have scans of all PODs and can share them with anyone who needs it. Also I have a copy of Dreadfleet Captains that I could sell - in case if anyone wants to obtain it fairly
  11. Here is a link to verion 0.07. It has a New Card template that is opened by default - with everything empty, so you don't need to delete all the old stuff to create a new card. !important! it uses new JSON format to encode the cards - this is to prepare for a client-server application that is being developed. This version still accepts old format, so that if someone has created several cards and stored their JSON representations on a disk, please import them with this new version and re-export. The export will produce correct new format. Editor now has some tooltips that appear with a click on a label. You can now set Display Name, Source and Language of the card. It is a meta-data and will not be drawn on a card, but instead it will be used to sort and filter cards. It also includes my version of "Channel Power" card that is somewhat different to the standard one. My English grammar and style is far from perfect, so if anyone could send me corrections for the tooltips and the "Special" section of Channel Power card, I'll be grateful.
  12. Not sure about Strange Eons, but at least for Action Cards you can use this editor. It is in a very early stage of development. Currently it is only a static page, but I'm preparing a client-server application for it, so that cards may be stored in DB. Other cards editor are also todo at some day, but they are pretty easy to do with GIMP or Photoshop or perhaps even some online graphics editor tool. PS. I would also want to have the graphics replaced to SVG, but currently busy doing other parts. Would be happy to get some help on that.
  13. Legally I know only one way. The player should get "Creative Thinking" [Focus] talent that allows him to equip any other talent he has aquired. But personally I just don't understand all that talent madness with WFRP 3ed, especially having in mind that there are not that many truly useful talents at all. I have houseruled for my games that any player always has 100% access to all talents he has aquired during his entire play.
  14. Does anyone have it? I could exchange any other PODs for it. Or I could pay some reasonable amount for an electronic version if anyone happen to have one.
  15. Pls let me know if you need any PODs - I could help you with obtaining them. I do only miss "From the Grave" and eager to exchange any other PODs for it. Send me a PM if you're interested.
  16. I've got the expansion. I may share it in exchange for From the Grave POD the only thing I miss at the moment. I can add some other POD to the exchange to equal the value. If anyone interested please send me a PM.
  17. Ok. In reality the Mercenary uses Greatsword with DR 7. He has two ranks of training in WS and one rank in Discipline (as Discipline is used quite a lot he invested in training it). First round he shifts to +1 reckless, does Berzerker range that usually boosts him to another +1 reckless. Second round he shifts ti yet another +1 reckless and he uses Reckless Cleave that deals 4 (STR) + 1 (STR bonus) + 3(reckless bonus) + 7(DR) + 3(Reckless Cleave improved line) + 4(Reckless cleave boon line) -5 (average toughness+SV) to an impressive total of 17 damage. And having another +1 STR from Sigmar's Strength gives better chance for all that and +2 more damage. But that is probably another story of a Reckless Cleave guy. And perhaps you are right on the thing that they do need to invest two actions for that so perhaps the bonus worth it.
  18. Well, combats we have usually last some 4 to 7 rounds in general. It usually takes some 3-4 hits to eliminate an enemy. With Berzerker Rage the mercenary adds +3 to all damage (he has only 3 reckless stance tokens yet), has increased "to hit" probability which also results in better damage. Since he is a target of at least a couple of attacks each round, he also benefits from increased Toughness - that may mean he would last one round more than usual. So using that card well worth it.
  19. Hi, I've got a situation during resent session. A mercenary with Strength and Toughness of 4 goes into "Berzerker Rage!", so that his Strength and Toughness are treated to be 1 higher for any check he makes with them. In the same time our party priest has blessed him with "Sigmar's Strength", so that he gains further 1 Strength and 1 Toughness. So, would those two bonuses stack (and the Warrior would effectively have 6 Strength and 6 Toughness), or do they not (so that he remains with 5 Strength and 5 Toughness)? For now I houseruled that the first effect would work as expected but the second effect would result in +1 fortune die instead. Is there anywhere some official record on this matter?
  20. There are official rules on that. See Player's Guide page 98: More over, there is a ranged weapon such as Longbow that is normally effective at long range but may shoot at targets at extreme range with +1 difficulty. With that said, it does not mean that you cannot modify this to fit your game better. I would suggest that if players want to increase range by 1 increment they need to sacrifice an expertise die for the check. Adding more difficulty interfers with "Unreliable" property which isn't desirable.
  21. Yes, I just moved this topic to StS forums.
  22. It may happen sometimes although I don't see that the server was down. It should redirect HTTP link with HTTPS link. Might be that your browser doesn't support it or that redirection is blocked by configuration or anti-virus software. You could try the HTTPS link https://wfrp3-dice.dertarr.info/ Let me know it you still can't access the page.
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