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  1. Yes, I just moved this topic to StS forums.
  2. It may happen sometimes although I don't see that the server was down. It should redirect HTTP link with HTTPS link. Might be that your browser doesn't support it or that redirection is blocked by configuration or anti-virus software. You could try the HTTPS link Let me know it you still can't access the page.
  3. Hi everyone, This is to announce about startup for WFRP 3ed web toolkit - a handy tool for Game Masters in WFRP 3ed to track conditions of NPC and monsters. I do only have 1 year of experience in WFRP 3ed (only as a GM). During that time I noticed what a pain is for a GM to track the combat. Every creature has wounds, A/C/E pool, actions that are recharging, sometimes stance and a free-flow initiative chart. It is more or less OK when there are only a couple of adversaries, with with larger opposing armies things get more complicated. The fact is that I love the ideas brought with the system, especially the A/C/E pools. And I decided to create a tool that would free the GM from this token-management task. The toolkit itself would be free-ware and open-source. But the database of cards and materials will not be included by default (to avoid possible legal issues). Here is a link to track the development progress. Currently the "toolkit" is in version v0.01. It is able to render action cards out of source json files. Here is a link to example json action card Troll Feller Strike that demonstrates how the data is encoded. And finally here is a link to bitbucket repository (which is something like the github) with the project. So if you would like to participate just let me know then! I have vacations until mid of March, so my response during that time might be laggy. And yes I know that the stars are not right for anything with WFRP 3ed. But I do love this edition, its ideas and quality of its materials. And I do want to practice myself in some technologies that are new to me. I've started the topic here since StS forums don't feel to me like something being alive. At least in WFRP 3ed section. But if this forum gets closed, the topic will be moved here.
  4. An interesting idea with Corruption. You could adjust difficulty of the check to the amount of corruption points in question. And I would suggest to let PC remove the corruption only if the check succeeds.
  5. Yes. In fact I plan to create some application to track WFRP3 combat - both to have something suitable and to practice myself in golang, html and other staff. But I'm at the very beginning and will not have much time. So the product would not be ready any soon. And it will have some legal issues, I suppose... :(
  6. Actually, I've read in Creature Guide that all NPC and monsters do have an access to all basic actions including block/dodge/parry - as long as they meet the requirements. Previousely I didn't use defensive actions for monsters - I was sure that if a monster wants to defend itself, it will use aggression pool. But no, it is not the case: Page 8: "Custom Creature Actions". Perhaps I don't get it right, as many creature actions are tagged with "Basic" keyword. Then monsters get actions due to their race. And GM has an option to add some more actions from a normal PC pool if the creature card indicates some slots for it. The problem is that it gets way too difficult to track recharge tokens for all those defense cards along with A/C/E.
  7. Oh, wow! Indeed a pity that I didn't examine Creature Vault cards before! "Jeer 'n' Jab", "Chompity Chomp Chomp" and "Stick 'em wif da Pointy End" did make my day! My PCs have been just way too lucky so far. This should end
  8. >> Also, many characters do not fulfill the special requirement, so only add 1 Black dice. If they are not fulfiling the requirement to get the second black die, they would not get the Improved action as well. These cards require a rank in corresponding skill. So once a PC has that rank and gets two black dice, it is mostly a waste to spend an advance for Improved defence. Yes, it does add Chaos Star effect, which is pretty much the only difference. It may impact your game more since you count a Chaos Star as 1 challenge + 1 bane though. PS. Nice dodge with having players to select from a limited amount! Next time I gather a new group I'll do the same. But for now I have my 15-18 advances PC... Should consider slaughtering them all in some side quest and have players create new Rank 1 characters for TEW, hohoho...
  9. Having Adele as a cult member works very well to explain why PC would benefit from replacing her with her tutor Gregor Whatshisname during the trial in book 2. There are indeed too much cults, but that gives PC the view on how corrupted the Old World is, and that corrupted forces do hate each other more than want to ruin everything.
  10. Yes, perhaps you're right. At least, weakening this Reckless Cleave PC will also weak other PCs that don't deserve it. This would be in addition to my other doubts. It is not that combats would be you miss - he misses - you miss patter: currently PCs almost always hit, and monsters have some 50% chance. But it will surely downgrade PC's actions so that they don't get all those fancy results from multiple successes and boons. I will surely be using your option of "exchange Action for a free manoeuvrable" and "only 1 additional manoeuvre at the cost of 1 fatigue". And I plan to try with additional success = additional damage, but only for basic Melee Attack and Ranges Attack cards. All other attacks would remain unchanged for now. This should be a benefit for monsters since monsters use basic attacks more than PCs. I shall see how it works. But I doubt that having prepare manoeuvre at the cost of one black die does solve the problem you mention. What I see is that PC would either use the manoeuvre to get closer to enemies or for prepare - when they don't need to move. And as I understood you, one of your goals is to have PCs to use manoeuvres differently. My PCs do use manoeuvres to reload their pistols and crossbows, to sheathe and unsheathe weapons. But ideally I would want them to see using manoeuvres to aid each other, to interact with the environment and get advantages, and so on. No clear solution from me for this unfortunately. My PCs simply forget that they may use manoeuvres to aid each other and thus grant white dices. Will need to remind them every time. Anyway, psychologically players would feel more comfortable when their PC would get a white die if they use prepare manoeuvre rather then add black die and force PC to use the prepare manoeuvre to get rid of it. But that is a pretty minor point. About improved defences. Actually I found a good article Purple Is The Two Black which states that one purple die is mostly equivalent to two black dice. You may use this dice roller to verify that on your own. I've pre-set a typical attack pool of my Reckless Cleave PC. But this proportion works well with pretty any combination. The only exception is higher probability to get chaos star, naturally. This means that Improved defences are not significantly better than their normal variants when PC has relevant skill training. Normal defence grants two black dice while improved one grants one purple. But you need to waste an advance to get the improved defence. I know there are also Advanced variants of those defences, but I don't have them nearby to reference. The best thing could be that Rank 1 or 2 PC should not have access to powerful attacks such as Reckless Cleave, perhaps. About your example with goblin archers I would recommend to have archers placed separately to each other so that engaging one of them doesn't bring all others engaged as well. PC would need to move between them and loose manoeuvres and perhaps fatigue. Then they would have a surprise round before PC even have a chance to react. And at last, goblins might be hidden, even after firing arrows. Successful Observation could reveal a couple of them, but not all at once. The PC would need to use Assess the Situation action (something that my PC never ever did at all, BTW). Anyway, I agree that I need to spend more time thinking about how to present combat encounters, so that the PC don't just cut through it in a couple of rounds.
  11. Yeah, this room at White Horse should be a dummy one. Perhaps she even hired some boy to look over the room and report to her of any suspicious activity. It seems strange to me that in Averheim she uses White Horse (which is in brass tier) for cover, and in Middenheim she uses The Prospect (which is in gold tier) for the same purpose. In the first part there is no reason for PC to talk to her up until the latest events at least. If PC insist, Adele would not want to talk to them - they are strangers and of no use. Breaking into her room or trying to detend her is surely a criminal activity, and PCs should be warned against that.
  12. First Aid doesn't feel to me as something tiring. It might be stressing though (as per game mechanics). Anyhow, if wounded PC gets treated, his wounds don't dissapear immediately, but they don't affect his ability to survive more damage anymore. But they are still fresh and deliver some pain when character moves carelessly. So he should be careful - mechanically as if he get black dice on physical checks, which is a function of fatique. And having this fatique to last also limits number of applications - no one wants to have extra black dice to every physical skill check
  13. First Aid My thought was the same as with multiple Observation checks issue, for example. I usually allow only one dice roll for a single task, so if the most observant PC fails the check, other PC don't get a second chance. This would also be true even if the less observant PC did the first check. So only one PC may apply First Aid, but he may treat any number of wounded PCs. And if less skillfull in First Aid did the healing than that was group's decision. But I do like your idea of splitting fixed amount of wounds healed between the group. How about this one: The group in total may heal up to: INT of the most intelligent PC in the group (since every PC has First Aid acquired) +1 for each level of tTraining in First Aid of anyone in the group +1 for each relevant Specialization. And any wounds healed this way are converted into fatique. Full Night Rest If anyone has a critical then normal rolls are required. I'm inclined not to roll for First Aid or Medicine but to give fixed amount bonus good dice to Resilience check of a wounded PC. Need to think on that matter some more. Source of Healing Well, I had to bring up some explanation to my Sigmarite Disciple PC how often is she allowed to use Healing Hand and Blessing of Health. And speaking about the potions, here is what I did for WFRP 2ed campaign, which would work here as well. I prepared an item card: one side with a picture of an item and the other side with some basic description. I printed both sides separately and put them into a sleeve. Then I printed out a "third" side with real mechanics which I hid in the sleeve between the others two. When PC wanted to use the potion, he would fetch the hidden page and follow the instructions. This helped me a lot not to forget which item used for what. Previousely I was using another similar idea. Every item I handed to the PCs (both potions and magical weapons and pretty much anything) was provided with the code. "PT01" for example. PCs would write down the item into their character sheet along with that code. I had a list of real properties of those items, so when PC wanted to use the item he would say "I drink the potion PT01". Usually PCs (or me) had also noted about where and when did they get these items. Equilibrium and casting during story mode Yeah, the rules have it. But it doesn't seem to work well with my group. It is not often when one round lasts for several days or weeks: only when PCs get imprisoned, or when they are travelling without any encounters. And for the second case I prefer have them completely "refreshed" when they reach their destination. It just doesn't feel good that PC may heal every day but have rounds that are longer than that. Another thing is that I often forget to tell PC about "end of round", and even if I don't this spoils narrativenes a bit. So I had to come up with some another idea, and here it is. I don't know yet how it would work. At first I even wanted to have priests/wizards to come to equilibrium in 1 hour no matter how many favout/power they have - that could simplify and clarify the mechanic pretty well. I do also not use the "exhaust a talent = 4 recharge tokens" - instead I have those talents recharged only after full night rest. But with actions it is still not that simple... About your link: A small addition. When PC rolls Delay, he may also loose his free Maneuvre - I am introducing this to my group and plan to use it when they are below enemies on the initiative track. I am introducing some more house rules to my group. Most of them are very similar to your list. But they are more "obvious". What I posted here are those I need to have second thought on.
  14. Hi all, Yes, I've seen several healing house rules suggestions. I like many of them, and still here is sonething that came to my mind recently. I only touch healing wounds here, not the diseases or criticals. For now I share it here to get a fresh portion of critics. Will be able to test it in about a month. First aid After each encounter that ended up a PC getting wounded, it is possible to apply First Aid skill to him. Application requires only several minutes but should be done shortly after the encounter is resolved. No skill check is required. The PC may recover wounds up to: 1 + 1 wound per skill rank in First Aid + 1 would per relevant specialization in that skill. But not more than the PC was actually dealt, and not more than his Toughness score. All wounds healed this way are converted to fatique that cannot be recovered until full night rest. But the PC may opt to recover less wounds so that he doesn't pass out. Anyway, the PC does not get Insanity cards for this fatique, even while strained. The PC may only benefit from a single skill application after any combat encounter. If the PC uses First Aid on himself, he recoveres 1 wound less. Full night rest After full night rest PC recoveres wounds equals to hit Toughness rating. If someone uses Long Term Care on him, he may additionally recover +1 wound per skill rank of each First Aid and Medicine cumulative and +1 per each relevant specialization. But GM may lower the total amount to some degree due to poor condition of the environment for example. Also, any stress or fatique is also completely gone unless there is a good reason for it to stay. Sources of Healing PC may benefit from First Aid after each encounter. Additionally PC may benefit from each of the below once a day: A healing draught Any blessing (excluding gods of Chaos) Any spell from any allowed school of magic Any dark magic spell (including blessings from gods of Chaos) Any elven high magic spell Equilibrium and casting during story mode Both favour and power are restored to an equilibrium state at the rate of 1 per hour. I suppose you may use the same rate for recharge tokens. Any time a PC uses Curry Favour or Channelling action while in story mode, he suffers 1 stress that cannot be recovered until full night rest. This effectively blocks PCs from spamming spells and blessings. Any stress received from banes or chaos stars from these actions would also last until tomorrow. Sorry for my English being somewhat funny
  15. Hero's Call book addresses this question as an optional rule. Check there. I don't have the doc currently with me and cannot provide oage number. But I remember that the suggestion there look very much like k7e9 wrote.