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  1. Wait, so you can't place One With The Force on him. Hmmmm...sounds fair, actually.
  2. AgentV

    Jango/Veers Counter

  3. AgentV

    If you could fix one EPT...

    Adrenaline rush would the maneuver to it to a a green instead of a white, let you pull all of the tricks out of the bag.
  4. AgentV

    Expertise Niches

    Give him FCS, letting him evade, while still making full use of his ability. Interesting. only issue here is mindlink provides almost the same payoff but for the entire squad and for about the same price overall as a single Expertise If you're willing to take the stress.
  5. AgentV

    Bad news for the Striker Swarm...

    Because this forum is always right when speculating how powerful something will be.
  6. AgentV

    Expertise Niches

    Give him FCS, letting him evade, while still making full use of his ability. Interesting.
  7. AgentV

    This is not Magic !

    I was talking about that these cards are trash after second display as you have already each of them. Nobody will trade uncommons against commons and so they are useless if you have already two of each common card! Unless you have more than 1 deck.
  8. I was wondering what a good total cost for cards in a deck is. Usually mine total up to low-mid 40's featuring a lot of 1's a few 0's and 2's, with the odd 3 and around 4 cards costing 4+ per deck. Anyone else have an opinion on what the 'ideal' place is for demanding resources?
  9. AgentV

    Countering the Crime Lord

    Lots of resource disruption paired with 'my kind of scum' might also work.
  10. This is amazing. Just registered.
  11. AgentV

    What to get starting out...

    One of each starter, and 2-3 extra ships from each of the rebels and empire. This will let you play 100 point games. Next get Most Wanted and a few ships exclusive to scum, giving you a third faction that has 100 points. After that, depends on your budget.
  12. AgentV

    What's the best option?

    This. Each starter can be built around to some extent, and the boosters can be used to provide enough support to build them both into viable decks for a full game. Gives you the chance to introduce the game to friends as well.
  13. AgentV

    Infamous Question

    I could also see it being really powerful in a Han Solo deck.
  14. AgentV

    Is two of each starter worth it?

    Remember though, getting more starters makes it harder for other people to enter the game. Everyone at the event I attended limited themselves to 1 of each to ensure others could get one soon and we'd have a bigger player base.