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  1. Thats actually much better - what do you think of dropping R4 and putting an unhunged? for 99
  2. I recently painted my fire spray and 2z95s - my first foray into customizing my ships - and want to make a competitive list using them... My current iteration: Syndicate Thug Twin Laser Turret Bin Pirate x2 Boba Fett Engine Upgrade, Glitterstim, K4 Security Droid, Push the Limit Current meta in our area is: TLT, rebel aces and double deci. What do you think?
  3. hey MEI!! more bat reps on youtube FTW!
  4. Amgyn

    New bombs?

    With all the talk about new damage decks and updates to existing ships - i really hope FFG updates the bomb arsenal available to players! with the 3bank bomb placement on the new firespray pilot it would be nice to have a few more options for bombs. A couple of friends were discussing new bomb ideas: Ion Bomb: All ships at range 1 receive 2 Ion Tokens (or all ships at range 1-2 receive 1 ion token?) Flechette charge: Range 1 All ships 1 suffer 1 damage and 1 stress token Gravitational Bomb: All ships within range 1 do not perform maneuvers during the next activation phase. Grav Well: Action: Place bomb that immediately detonates and perform a boost action. All ships within range 1-2 immediately perform a 1 maneuver (1 straight, or bank) towards the bomb. Obstacle mines: Action: place a token (asteroid sized). This is acts as one time obstacle according to all rules. Once a ship/template overlaps it is removed from the board. Garbage Drop: (0pts) discard this card, and place a garbage drop token, this token acts as an obstacle for the remainder of game.
  5. I love the defender and the interceptor too! +++ Defender (100pts) +++ ++ Imperial (Standard) (100pts) ++ + TIE Defender (46pts) + PS 8 - •Rexler Brath (46pts) [Heavy Laser Cannon (7pts), Wingman (2pts)] + TIE Interceptor (30pts) + PS 9 - •Soontir Fel (30pts) [Push the Limit (3pts)] + Lambda-Class Shuttle (24pts) + PS 2 - Omicron Group Pilot (24pts) [•Darth Vader (3pts)] Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)
  6. Planning on running this next time I play +++ Decimator (100pts) +++ ++ Imperial (Standard) (100pts) ++ + TIE Defender (46pts) + PS 8 - •Rexler Brath (46pts) [Heavy Laser Cannon (7pts), Wingman (2pts)] + VT-49 Decimator (54pts) + PS 6 - •Commander Kenkirk† (54pts) [Fleet Officer† (3pts), Mercenary Copilot (2pts), Veteran Instincts (1pts), •Ysanne Isard† (4pts)] Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)
  7. Truce at bakura, thrawn trilogy, corellia trilogy , and the Crystal star
  8. Nien numb effect activates on ioned ships right?
  9. During one of the games on twitch - on of devs said shipping next week.
  10. anybody have a picture of the chevrons?
  11. 3 batreps from 3 players of the tournament posted over on push the limit - I will be posting the video of the final within the next 2 weeks on MNX! http://xwing.watchthefilm.net/blog/
  12. I really like the Turr, Jax, Fel list... its my favorite list... but like everybody will tell you - they will die really quick to a YT... but its really fun!!!!!
  13. Its exactly this ^ An issue I can see to the orientation of the model, is your opponent thinking your model is facing a different direction than the base... I think thats more of an issue with an X-Wing sitting on a ball magnet, than a tilted B-Wing tho... but in a high stress environment an opponent can easily slip and focus on your model rather than the base.
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