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  1. I hope they improved how the bottom pannels attach onto the frame. The old one from the early 2000's sucked. The stupid magnets were not strong enough. Some years later my son tried to put it together. I warned him, it was the heartbreaker kit. He changed the design...but even the slightest bump or just sitting there over time...and the bottom pannels would still fall off. It now sits in the box in the basement.
  2. There was so much anger and hurt over the limited edition Vulture...I suspect this one will generate an ever larger thread of resentment. Personally, I think FFG is really missing the boat on this one. They should start selling these alternate painted ships right along with the standard ones.
  3. The size turned me off. I want to stay with mini card size.
  4. I placed an order last week from MM and expect delivery this week Thur. I refuse to preorder months in advance and tie my money up.
  5. I see nothing lame with being able to move better without hindrance of stress when it is not needed.
  6. Thanks for posting this. I picked up all the ships I needed for Wave IV and saved a ton of money.
  7. The problem with the current design is the same problem X-wing 1.0 had. As expansions are added and new upgrades come out...some of the first upgrades and ship costs are no longer balanced. It needs to be dynamic to change as the game evolves. If you can post on here, than you can get the points cost online as well.
  8. HawkZ71

    X-Wing sale

    Be aware of the way the 50% off is applied. I had two Republic packs, then added two ARC-170. Instead of giving me half off on each type...it recalculated to give the discount on both of the less expensive packs. I remember when Toys R Us did this, so I separated out all my transactions to maximize the BOGO 50%. I ended up getting 3 of the Republic and the last Infiltrator so they were all the same price.
  9. HawkZ71

    Pdf points lists

    Where are the pdfs of the points lists? Did they take the lists off the website?
  10. What are the best wingmates to fly with him? Miss the targeting computer modification and hope FFG brings it back.
  11. You somehow have the Nebulon B mixed up with another ship. It has only one small hanger bay that can hold a couple fighters. I'm trying to remember if it was 2, 4, or 6 tie fighters that could launch from a Nebulon B in the original X-Wing PC game...but it was not many.
  12. So? Those two images could be at different times in her career with the Empire...or do you think rank stayed fixed for the entire length of her career?
  13. Do you get a range bonus for using a cannon or turret weapon. I read where an upgrade with the missile icon does not get a range bonus...but I also noticed it does not say Primary weapon gets the range bonus. Maybe I missed it. Do not have the time to read through all of the rules word for word right now. Would be great if you could roll one more dice for cannons or turrets if the defender was at range 1, especially if you have to use the bullseye arc.
  14. I cannot wait for 2.0. The game is finally moving in the right direction. Finally, x-wings and y-wings can barrel roll. A-wings can boost or barrel roll. I've always felt they made the initial game to restrictive. So many lessons learned that are now improved in the game. Still think the forward arc is too genererous...but now every ship has a bullseye arc. I've always wanted to see this game be about out manoeuvring your opponent. So glad the stupid "roll a dice to see if you target lock or repair" is gone. Casual games are going to be way more fun now. Wish the would make available the squadron builder now so we could start list building and playing some 2.0 games...instead of waiting until later this year.
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