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  1. I would suggest you watch Return of the Jedi again. After Vader suggested turning Leia to the dark side if Luke could not be turned...Luke stepped out of the shadows with a ferocity that beat Vader. Then, he took a huge gamble in throwing down his lightsaber to turn his father back to the lightside. If you see it as he gets his *** whooped...you are interpreting the events very different from how most of us see it.
  2. To me, the real salt test of a Star Wars movie is watch it 10 times. If you can rewatch it over and over and feel like you catch something new every time and it builds more into the story and imagination while entertaining...then it is a worthwhile Star Wars movie. I watched TFA 3 times and found myself more aggravated with each viewing...have no desire to watch it again. TLJ twice, yet once was enough to find complete disgust in how Luke's story was trashed. And only once for TROS to see how they badly attempted to salvage the dumpster fire train wreck of the trilogy...so much missed opportunity on what could have been an awesome continuation of the original trilogy. As for the topic, I am hoping this is an even better X-wing PC simulator. I loved that game in the early 90's and did everything I could to improve the game even making sure I had the best joystick I could find at the time. If the make the game VR...I see that being awesome in how you could look around quick to have a real feel of situational awareness...but then the problem I have always had with a VR game is then what is the point of having a high quality TV? Will the VR be better in graphics? Then you don't even need a tv.
  3. My hate for the Sequel films is not knee-jerk. I was open minded to all 3 of them. I recognize the garbage for what they are. In no way are they fun movies to watch over and over. Each time I re-watched any of them, I feel even more disgusted. Unlike the original trilogy...more so A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, which I have watched so many times over the last 40 years I lost count and still to this day I can watch again and still feel entertainment and drawn into the story. The Sequel Trilogy was a massive fail.
  4. 2 out of the 4 in my household were picked in the lottery. Both ships arrived yesterday.
  5. Lol. Reminds me of an old pet peeve of mine. When someone refers to "the Battle For Hoth". For? Neither the Empire or the Rebellion were fighting FOR Hoth. The Rebels were only fighting to create a diversion while their base could be evacuated. The Empire had no interest in the plant, only to capture and destroy the Rebels. Once the Empire won the battle...the planet was worthless to them and I imagine they eventually moved on after the final assessments were completed. Of, not For.
  6. That is the Tie Avenger design I was referring to. Thank you for posting it. It can still be added somewhere between a Tie Advanced and a Tie Defender for design space. Would look awesome on the table.
  7. The Tie shuttle looks awesome. I also love the looks of the Tie Avenger...with the round cockpit, not the squareish oval one from the Tie Fighter video game.
  8. I am still hoping for a Tie shuttle...as seen in Empire Strikes Back.
  9. What is the expiration date of the second drawing? Still hoping for chance in second drawing.
  10. HawkZ71

    N-1 Exclusive

    Not enough.
  11. All of this bickering is pointless... Everyone that wants to buy this alt-art, email WG and explain your interest. If they are in business to make money and see enough interest from the customers (us)...what do think their reaction will be? I plan to write them an email and ask that they make this ship available to buy in 2020 and to continue releasing alt-art ships as I have interest and will continue adding to my collection.
  12. I still believe FG is missing the boat by not selling this as they have other alt-art ships. I have bought every variation available. It looks great on the table to have ships that match the card. I also like differentiating an Ace. Soontier has the blood stripes while the other interceptors don't. Or blade squadron and blue squadron b-wings. Etc. Etc. Etc. For those that would say the variation in ships doesn't matter...then why even play with the ship, when you can just use the base? The details really add to the experience of the game.
  13. I can already see it...Wedge is a worn out old man. Poe walks up to him and presents Wedge's old x-wing helmet. With a scorn look of surprise and regret...Wedge takes the helmet from Poe's hand and throws it over his shoulder to a cliff behind himself.
  14. I hope they improved how the bottom pannels attach onto the frame. The old one from the early 2000's sucked. The stupid magnets were not strong enough. Some years later my son tried to put it together. I warned him, it was the heartbreaker kit. He changed the design...but even the slightest bump or just sitting there over time...and the bottom pannels would still fall off. It now sits in the box in the basement.
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