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  1. I try to figure out my list well in advance and tell people about it so I can practice against lists meant to destroy it.
  2. I can dig the shorter format that is being released more often. 2-3 hour podcasts are tough to listen and stay engaged to during commute or during work.
  3. I feel like X-Wing is more tactical and Armada is more of a strategic game based on the scale of the battles. Am I wrong?
  4. Salad wouldn't be so underpowered if Pizza was so overpowered.
  5. X-Wings is the only miniatures game that I play. I do own some Warmachine minis and some Warhammer but those were gifted to me with the hopes that I would jump into them but work and school don't really allow me the time to paint minis. There is a growing Mage Wars crowd in my town and I think I am going to start playing that a little more. My normal gaming group likes to play things like Pandemic, Risk, the Resistance, King of Tokyo, and Betrayal at the House on the Hill.
  6. Yeah I totally need to start putting my demo games into the mission builder especially for the epic matches.
  7. My town has a Facebook page devoted to board and tabletop gaming so I posted in there and I also talked to the store owner to see if they could mention to some of their regulars who might be interested. I also made sure to post pictures from the game on the page and that got a few more people into wanting to try it out. From my experience this time I should have spent the time the day before or earlier that morning putting the pilots and their upgrade cards in little baggies so I could speed up setup time. I really need to work on a better solution to storing and organizing my upgrade cards.
  8. I demoed it earlier today and it ended up being a really fun and close match. I used the first two lists you suggested and just used the corvette as an obstacle. Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoyed it even though it was a really long match. Thanks for your help!
  9. In an effort to try show off the game a little and get some more people in my smallish town playing I am taking my games from my house and alternating playing at the two stores in town. I have been playing regular 100pt matches there and get a few people to come and eyeball things and ask questions. I have heard that epic games can be exciting and I can fit a few people to try to demo it to more than one person at a time. So I just need a little help building some epic lists that would be fairly balanced but also show off my Rebel Transport and the CR-90. Here is what I own. 2.5 starter sets (I split one with my brother I got the X-Wing) Rebels 1 - X-Wing expansion 2 - Y-Wing expansions 3 - A-Wing expansions 2 - E-Wing expansions 2 - Z-95 expansions 2 - Hwk-290 expansions 4 - B-Wing expansion 1 - YT-1300 1 - YT2400 1 - Rebel Aces expansion 1 - Rebel Transport expansion 1 - CR-90 expansion Empire 2 - Tie Fighter expansions 1 - Tie Advanced expansion 2 - Tie Phantom expansions 2 - Tie Bomber expansions 3 - Tie Interceptor expansions 2 - Tie Defender expansions 2 - Firespray-31 expansions 1 - Lambda Shuttle expansions
  10. As far as the game goes, I think the Empire has had more female pilots than the Rebellion.
  11. It is probably a bit obvious that I just got Rebel Aces. My brother likes a buzz saw phantom build and it was real hard to get a bead on Echo. I have not flown it against a swarm yet. It is a lot of fun to fly though.
  12. I have been honing this list over a few friendly matches with my brothers. It used to have Dutch or Wedge instead of the two bandits but 3 ships was risky. What are your thoughts on this list? ALL ABOUT THAT BAZZ Keyan Farlander, Jake Farrell, and Two Bandits 100 points PILOTS Keyan Farlander (40) B-Wing (29), Advanced Sensors (3), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Veteran Instincts (1) Jake Farrell (28) A-Wing (24), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Predator (3), Outmaneuver (3) Bandit Squadron Pilot (16) x 2 Z-95 Headhunter (12), Cluster Missiles (4)
  13. It does say in that photo that it is a prototype Advance. So maybe this is version 1.0?
  14. It is a tie between the B-Wing and Interceptors.I have 5 of each now that I have the aces packs. I should have just restrained my self for a little while longer while I waited for those to release. Whoops. I only have 3 tie fighters so I wish I had a few more of those.
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