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  1. The way I see it is... If you let him take and use the wand, the spell can be countered. Reasoning- If you are going to give the wand/spell the ability on can being affected by spells, then you must also give the wand the rest of that ability of not being able to gain/have spells.
  2. Why can't the Gypsy or Astroloabe ignore events in the Tunnel? The Traps are still Events, just a sub-set of them, if they designers want to exclude the use of the Gypsy ability/Astrolabe they would have named them Trap Events, like Lunar Events, instead of just Events.
  3. Page 19 of rulebook: None of the creatures in the Inner Region can be affected by any Spell, nor may they be evaded.
  4. Only time we let someone look through it, is if they have the Devout Blacksmith and that is just to save some time.
  5. In the Menagerie, you are limited to one Pet per visit.
  6. I would say yes you can still use weapons, as the ability is only changes which stat you use and not changing it to psychic combat.
  7. Why would he enter the CoC without having the required amount of fate to win in the first place?
  8. Way I am reading it, you draw (and check for burning) at the start of your turn, before you even roll to move. You would then roll, move and encounter the space/token/character as normal. As for which deck to draw from, it would be from whichever area you are located, if in the Dungeon check and burn a dungeon card.
  9. Agree on #1 But reading the Ice Queen card - A character on the Crown of Command must choose whether to attack the Ice Queen using Strength or Craft. Each time he defeats the Ice Queen he must remove one of her lives and immediately attack her again. I read it as this overrides the rules in the book, and the characters take turns attacking the Ice Queen.
  10. @Jedi Curious, what are you d10 rules?
  11. First off, it depends on when she became a toad, either at the beginning of her turn or end of it. If she is turned into a toad before she moves (such as someone casting a spell on her), then that turn would count as one of the turns as a toad - she would have two turns as a toad left. if she is turned into a toad after she moves (due to spell or encounter), then she would have 3 turns as a toad to go
  12. I have always played, as soon as someone enters the CoC - perma-death is in affect; as for no winner, the Hand of Doom has as one of its possible results - All characters die, no winner
  13. The group I play with don't have a set rule when dealing with HBV, mainly it depends on how close someone else is to getting to the CoC and if the player has a chance with a re-drawn character; just use common sense.
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