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  1. Hi, Yes the campaign does end and you have to start again, there is no retry option. However the app saves at the start of every round so you could reload the game and then cheat the game by clicking on whatever tokens or enemies need to be defeated to progress. Personally I haven't done this but it is an option rather than having to go for a total restart.
  2. Hi, I've played through a complete campaign and a few missions of the next and haven't come across this. I always thought the app knew how many minis came with the game and therefore knew how many it had allocated out to the adventure at any one time. Perhaps I'm wrong though but seems odd it would do this.
  3. I don't think the correct phrase is counter attack as that insinuates that you are carrying out an attack in response to being attacked yourself. It's more that some prepared cards allow you to interrupt the enemies movement/attack and apply conditions or hits, the rules do not state that this is a counter attack. Just wanted to clarify 😁
  4. Hi, heroes do not get to counter attack. You can conduct any action more than once per heroes activation as long as they have an action remaining to take.
  5. Hi I can't recall the specifics of that scenario but I'd focus on Goblin Scouts, Ork Mauraders and Ruffians as they seem to be the mainstay enemies of most scenarios I've played. Edit: Notice that you've finished those enemy groups so you should be good. Good luck 😁
  6. Hi, you only move the enemy the number of spaces designated in the second instruction if there is no valid target from the first instruction. Don't add them together. So in your example, the enemy would only have moved 4 spaces. Happy gaming.
  7. You only flip two random fear from those already In front of you. You don't need to take two more from the deck.
  8. Hi, yes you do. Weaknesses stay in your deck and do not change unless the result of a scenario specifically instructs you to either add or remove them. The investigators personal weakness card is a permanent but other Weaknesses can come and go.
  9. Hi, Yes, you can still committ cards to the skill test to give you an advantage. You can also use other assets like Physical Training to boost your stat as long as you have the resource to pay for it.
  10. Hi, I'm in the same position, the postage is ridiculous. Apparently Gameslore have been known to get them in,they did with the two extra characters for Warhammer Quest Card Game.
  11. Maybe you can find others who want it and buy a bunch at once and ship to one spot? It's worth a shot but as the game is so new there isn't an established player base at my local games centre, maybe in time. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. It's showing as available now but it costs more in shipping to the UK than the actual pack costs. Total of almost $35 dollars, unfortunately this type of postage doesn't work for the EU and therefore is likely to rule out many purchases from what is becoming a large and growing market. Shame as I would have liked to have owned this.
  13. The back of Lita's card has a player card backing and as such it is not found with the rest of the encounter or location cards. Check through all of the unused player cards. I've seen this same issue on several forums and everyone so far has managed to find it.
  14. Ordered one of each to the UK. Came to £20 and a few pence including postage, not too bad. Couldn't wait for them to reach our shores.
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