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  1. Hi, that all seems correct to me. Monsters don't heal in this game unless a monster card itself states that the monster heals one damage each round for example, I'm not aware of any that do at present though. The monster would keep its damage even when exhausted and the card has been flipped to represent it's exhausted state. Damage is accumalitve. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, In order to upgrade weapons, armour and items in-between quests, you need to have acquired enough lore to meet or exceed the number printed on your current cards. E.g, if a level 1 dagger has the number 20 printed on it and you have a total of 20+ lore, you will be able to upgrade it by clicking items, then the glowing dagger when on the camp screen. Lore is key to upgrading your items and should be searched for and obtained when possible. A constant gain of lore during each quest will ensure that should you reach the end of the campaign, you have the sufficient levelled tools for the job. Hope this helps.
  3. Hi, Whilst I've only played The Jungle Awakens. It seemed to be a self contained scenario and no mention of continuing on was made or hinted at when we finished it. I believe these are just 3 new scenarios as per the others they have released.
  4. We had this happen during our campaign as well. It happened because the enemy bar/tray was full and Atarin didn't just pop up on the end, he just didn't appear at all. We killed the app and relaunched it and then proceeded to kill off one of the weaker enemies. When we then interacted with Atarins threat token, he spawned as normal at the very end of the enemy bar. This definitely appears to be a bug.
  5. Hi, The new adventure does not enable you to carry over previous characters. You have to choose new characters to take part in it and build them up as normal.
  6. Hi, Yes you will, I have the expansion on both my Android phone and tablet 😃
  7. Hi, Separating the contacts into the three colours means less searching and hunting for a bounty player and makes it easier to locate a specific crew member once you've memerised their colour. There is no other purpose at the present time that is mentioned in the rules.
  8. Hi, the title should given to the character that earned it. The app doesn't know which character interacted or carried out an action, or where they are on the game map. Therefore you have to let the app know which character got the title. It can't be given to another character even if they are in the same space or nearby.
  9. Hi, You keep the spell and all other items unless the card specifically says to discard once used.
  10. Hi, Enemies always target the named hero in the first instance if they can reach them. It doesn't matter if any other hero happens to be closer, even in their space.
  11. Hi, An emeny is not automatically provoked when you move into their space or they yours. Provoking an enemy only occurs if you try to move out of an unexhausted enemy space or interact with a token in their space. You'll be making things extremely difficult for yourself if you click to provoke every enemy from simply moving into their space.
  12. Hi, you're right. The full text is only included on the starter cards. For any effect like strike 2, guard 3 etc, the card has to be discarded for the effect unless it specifically states not to.
  13. Hi, You continue to repeat the step until you either pass and move on or are defeated. If defeated you retain the job and can have a go on your next turn as your encounter. You have to start the job from the beginning on each new attempt. Hope this helps 😉
  14. Hi, You can indeed decide to take the character as a member of your crew until they outlive their usefulness to you and then fight them for the bounty. Note that if you lose the fight you lose them as a crew as well and have to drop them off on the nearest planet with a counter space. Nothing stopping you from hanging around and having another pop at them though. There's something particularly evil in using their benefits as a member of your crew and then throwing them out of an airlock when the mood takes you, I love it 😉
  15. Hi, Any number of patrols can occupy the same nav point or planet at the same time with no impact. When you are on a spot with one or more patrols and you have a negative reputation with them, you choose which of the patrols to encounter (one only) Hope this helps
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