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  1. Kaiju

    Points are up

    That Hyperspace legal is ridiculous. Basically the conversion kits were, without warning, just a moneygrab from veterans. Aaaand I am out until we can fly actually interesting lists in tournaments.
  2. Kaiju

    What do think is the current Meta?

    But thats the exact opposite of what happens. If you have to account for an overly large number of factions that you cannot possibly plan for in detail, as in any other tabletop game this has happened, it leads to utter stagnation precisely because you never know what could happen, so people settle on THE list of THE faction, usually a hugely resilient brick, or some sort of control list (which you can see in TCGs as well - control is almost always good for uncertain matchups, but its always a pain to actually have to play against it all the time) and dont dare to go outside the bubble. Players playing in tournaments, or generally playing to win, only dare to experiment under "real" circumstances if they have a feeling they can roughly guess what they are going to be facing. Good experiments come from REALLY good players thinking/knowing they have identified a possible approach to the game that differs from the usual, yet can tick the right boxes for success. Its never the randomly thrown together fun list of a player who doesnt even bother looking at what they are going to face - those lists we will never hear about, because they might get 1 or 2 wins, but never score the event. Beer+Pretzels/Casual-Wing isnt affected by either IMO. The meta just doesnt apply there, or the player skill itself is such a big difference, the relatively smaller power differences of the list dont influence the outcome as much. IMO, casual tabletop has a habit of vastly overestimating the relevance of list building/selection over player skill. But yes, more product means more money to an extent. I suppose its possible there are a handful of people not playing X-Wing, or not buying more, because they want an unreleased faction. I have my doubts this would be the case if they had never announced them, though. I think 1.0 had all the relevant factions that make Star Wars actual Star Wars.
  3. Kaiju

    What do think is the current Meta?

    I think 7 factions, especially if they are all reasonably deep and varied, is going to be really bad for this game. Right now you can build a list with a reasonable assumption of what you might be facing, or have to deal with. It wont be perfect, but you can make take-all-comer lists where you can win with good flying and dice luck. From my experience in other tabletops, once the number of factions balloons, you have 2 possibilities: Either you are allowed to bring a 2nd list (see Warmachine), which turns the game into a much less accessible hardcore game, and often leads to that additional list being a hardcounter to the most weird/unconventional faction that your other list cannot cover, or (see almost any other tabletop) you just build for the top factions and hope that luck of the draw prevents you from going up against dark horse lists and the weird factions, because adjusting your list (we are talking about SUCH a small model pool in this game) to account for, say, First Order lists would drop your chance of winning against the top meta significantly, so your only way of having a shot at the title is being lucky and not being matched vs. a good First Order player. As an event organizer, I have seen this come up plenty of times in huge (150+ players) warhammer events - the tournament winners were almost always building lists that would be auto-losses against some of the dark horse armies present, they just got lucky and didnt get them as opponents. Quite often, the No.1 would have lost terribly to the No. 35, but they never met in match-ups. This makes people (rightfully) mad and devalues tournament wins, turning the game into chaos, rather than skill-based competition.
  4. Does anyone know when, if ever, the Bespin playmat is going to be available in europe again? Its nowhere to be found for ages - and ordering it for 80 bucks from the FFG online store is a bit silly. Or was it a limited run?
  5. Kaiju

    I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats

    Where I live, 2.0 only events just took a nosedive in attendance. Nobody cares. Extended formats are all filled up. Sure, its anecdotal, but at least in one major european city there is basically no interest in 2.0. Players that actually want to go on tournaments will be, at this time, mostly veterans. They want to play with their toys - hence extended. If they DONT get to play with their toys, you get really bad propaganda, and that will scare of many many more new players entirely than a lopsided availability of conversion kit stuff for the next year. Tournaments are not the main environment for x-wing, and certainly not what makes new people get into the hobby for the most part.
  6. Kaiju

    2.0 Tractor Beam

    And they take damage (potentially) from overlapping an obstacle.
  7. Kaiju

    7 Quad Swarm

    You can keep tractoring people into asteroids for extra damage, right?
  8. On a related note, if I have the old Protectorate Fighter, for example, and I buy the conversion kit, does the new Fang Fighter 2.0 expansion contain stuff I didnt get in the conversion kit? IE do I need to rebuy after all ?
  9. Kaiju


    That may be (I am not sure how many new people cant get hold of the old stuff to be honest), but turning the Day 1 releases into, basically, a semi-useless money grab without announcement to their huge veteran playerbase is going to cause massively negative buzz (something which the Star Wars brand has suffered badly from in the past year, with painful financial repercussions. Solo flopping, Battlefront 2 disaster, Star Wars Rivals cancelled during the test phase, Last Jedi controversy etc.) and is probably something they want to avoid. I am pretty certain that vigorous negative buzz is going to keep lots of normal players (noncompetitive, IE the vast majority) away, moreso than those few new players with early tournament aspirations and no access. Its a numbers game, really.
  10. Kaiju


    I have serious doubts they are interested in fragmenting the playerbase any further by using a number of different formats. But in the absence of a specific, ahead-of-time announcement that the conversion kit is, competitively, a waste of money, the only smart decision they can make is allowing its contents. The wrath of veterans will FAR FAR eclipse the anguish of the few new players who want to play competitive but have no access to old material and nobody to borrow it from, yet are seriously annoyed by flying against stuff they dont have yet.
  11. Kaiju

    Competitive Scum ships 2.0

    Hi everyone, With 2.0 i intend to come back into the hobby, and switch from my Imperials to the Scum faction for tournament play. So, making my shopping list, what old ships do I need? Am I right assuming that a conversion kit will allow me to use any 1.0 ship without issue? Is there any consensus yet on which ships look strong, and which less so? Thanks a lot!
  12. I really love the art style. REALLY love it.
  13. Kaiju

    Stop with "scum and villainy" faction

    How many Star Wars products have died over those 30 years before their creators intended them to? What you say has nothing to do with the longevity of Legion. Legion releases in a crowded market, cannibalizing other games of FFG and others. In comparison to X-Wing and Armada, Legion has a lot MUCH better established competitors than those games had, comes on the back of a somewhat muted reception of RuneWars (which, coincidentially, has since stagnated and no new content being announced), and to top it off belongs to a genre for which faction diversity has always been a big thing. Legion will bring new factions because it has to, because 2 years from now, nobody cares about painting or buying a single Stormtrooper anymore, not to mention the distinct lack of interesting designs in the rebel forces of the GCW. The smartest move would be Separatists and Clones soon, followed by First Order/Resistance when movie 3 hits.
  14. Kaiju

    Stop with "scum and villainy" faction

    Multiple factions is the only way Legion is going to live more than 1-2 years.
  15. Kaiju

    How is the balancing so far?

    So far it seems the "balance" is not that much in the factions themselves (Empire is much stronger in direct combat if you play like that) but in the generated circumstances - meaning that they favor one player or the other more heavily than any faction imbalance does But I am positive with the first few releases at latest we will find lists that are best at covering most requirements for objective play, and can be virtually unbeatable by a typical mixed list.