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  1. I love the concept of this book, it fills a void that needed filling and allows for FFG to flesh out the edges and gaps in the setting in their style without running into rabid old edition lore nerds. I already like the subtle and not-so-subtle changes made to many areas, the way the world now works at least a little bit more logically in terms of power structure, logistics and societal norms, and I am looking forward to preordering both of these books from my FLGS asap.
  2. its going, but player actions have turned the storyline into an entirely different direction. My GM style is not very railroady, so I think we ll be stuck away from the Wall for now. Sorry to not be able to share better experiences. For what its worth, the campaign is about how to PAY for the wall, and who is supposed to pay for the defense of rokugan in the first place, so it forced me to develop that aspect of the Crab Clan and general Shadowlands defense better, which has been a very popular topic: How do you feed 270.000 Crab Samurai, many of them under daily combat conditions? How do you repair a wall of that size at that height? What equipment is needed to move siege engines, how do you replace the losses, what happens to broken equipment? If things change and we ever get into actual Shadowlands action, I ll write it here.
  3. Legend of the Five Rings (5th, FFG edition) and Conan 2D20. I used to run a Deadlands Classic campaign of limited scope for the last couple years over the christmas break (about 10-12 sessions), but that will likely take a back seat to a Clone Wars campaign this year.
  4. So we havent seen any new book announced after the last one is already out and about. This doesnt look good The development cycle for the RPG wasnt the fastest, and this puts at least another month or so between releases, if not jeopardizing the entire line.
  5. Quick info about packaging sizes for those interested: A lot more factors play a role. Shelf space/visibility is known, difficult to steal is a minor advantage too, but there are a few other things: First of all, things in this world are moved on palettes and in containers with standardized volumes. Your packaging needs to allow a fully packed palette to meet those standards, so it needs to add up to exact measurements along each side. Otherwise you need extra padding (extra cost) and might have problems with stack stability in warehouses, especially if the items are of relatively light weight (as plastic miniatures often are). Another factor is that not every size of packaging is equally expensive - unprinted cardboard boxes are not immune to the economy of scale. While FFG is pretty big, they ll get the best quotes from their manufacturers for certain standard sizes the manufacturer prefers to use. On top of that, cover artwork doesnt look so good if upscaled or downscaled a lot from its intended design. Especially script and artwork becomes hard to read, or needs to be printed larger (relatively) to the artwork underneath, making the whole packaging unappealing. There are a couple of frame sizes that the human eye likes to look at, and going above or below that significantly is not good for recognition or appeal. Next thing is crushing resistance. This is related to the stacking mentioned earlier: If you fill up palettes REALLY efficiently with plastic, the weight of the entire thing will be **** on the cardboard boxes on the bottom. While smaller containers are generally more resistant to crushing, its a matter of mathematics. Suffice to say, its easier and cheaper to make larger boxes from less durable cardboard, than to make smaller boxes of high quality to withstand the pressure. Last factor (from me. This is not an exhaustive treatise on this obviously) is shipping damages. There are a number of typical damages or incidents happening during transportation. Most of them involve bumping, squeezing or scratching/ripping. Larger packaging (the outer layer on the stack, anyway) works as a better bumper/cushion for the entire shipment. In addition, chances for the product inside the damaged packaging to survive and be able to be sold off as transportation damage, or as replacement parts for customer service, is higher with roomy, large packaging allowing for some movement of the miniatures. Source: I run a logistics company for a couple years now.
  6. Which is why I dislike such mechanics. In a system with increasing cost, just giving out bonus skillpoints rewards stacking instead of spreading EXP, making characters one-trick-pony caricatures. I personally think the way titles are done is pretty good. Wearing that title requires you to step up and show that you are worth it (thus spending XP to be a better Emerald Magistrate or whatever) until you are at a level where you can afford going back to your old ways, having adapted to your new position. Its not perfect, but along with Bonds I like how they go new ways here. In comparison to other RPGs, I prefer it over "advanced classes", "prestige classes" or whatnot as these tend to supercede entirely what your character is/was, and he is now the new thing entirely. In L5R, he is still your old samurai, he just grew into a new role and position in the world.
  7. Actually the Kenshinzen is not restricted to Crane. Its a general title. I think you are using older lore here. Its not even restricted to bushi. We are talking about 9 new ninjutsu techniques. Basically, as of right now, Scorpion Clan has access to 1/3 of all Ninjutsu. There is no title (maybe in the future? But given that we just got the Ninja book, thats highly unlikely to say the least) to grant access, and just drastically expanding an existing curriculum is sure to create trouble elsewhere, if only with intended progression speed. Maybe Scorpion arent intended to be THAT ninja-like after all? I mean, their schools are always called something else anyway. Just like 5e shifted around a few things about clans, the Scorpion is meant to be more of the dark side of the Crane, not so much the ninja assassins.
  8. Yes, but I think they want to prevent massive power balance bloat whenever they release new stuff. It seems the Ninjutsu category is the catch-all for unusual and creative stuff and slightly larger-than-life abilities. And the Scorpion Schools work as before - they just miss out on a few very dirty tricks. But thats really the problem with adding new classes and abilities in books while the RPG is still growing - people always go "had i know this was coming at char gen, i would have taken this instead of what i have now". I had that happen a LOT during the Star Wars RPG.
  9. True, even more insult to injury for the boys and girls in red. Not a good day to be a Scorpion I suppose
  10. Its worth noticing that with CoS, the Scorpion doesnt have the true ninjas anymore. Since only the Mercenary Ninja school allows access to ALL Ninjutsu, the Scorpion Schools cannot use most of the book.
  11. Not happy how we havent seen any new announcements of RPG products yet, with CoS already being out in some parts of the world.
  12. Thanks for all the answers so far! We have played the core box campaign about 5 years ago, and Twin Shadows a year after. I ve used the side missions for the Royal Guard Champion, and the Bantha Rider. I was the Imperial both times (and will be again), one of my players has extensive experience with the skirmish mode as of 3 years ago. I own the Return to Hoth campaign as well, though I wanted to start smallish and see how interest holds with the new players. We have a TON of board games, but classic 1vAll dungeon crawlers have kind of disappeared recently, it seems.
  13. I was told by my local game store that IA is basically cancelled, and no reprints or stock are available from FFG. Is this official news? Do I need to stockpile the recent expansions?
  14. Hi, I ll be running a Bespin Gambit (and possibly Return to Hoth if it goes well) campaign soon, and I own Core, Return to Hoth, Twin Shadows, a handful of the oldest miniatures (Boba Fett, Royal Guard Champion, Bantha) and Bespin Gambit. In order to make this campaign as cool as possible, do I need any other products? In particular are the forced mission(s) relevant? I read there is one in the ISB Infiltrator pack, how does it work? Last but not least, is there anything I would need the App for? I ll be the Imperial player.
  15. Well if it causes problems for your GM, of course house-ruling is an option. My group has a togashi monk who uses it, and it simply hasnt been a problem worth house ruling. He broke a handful of ronin weapons or bandit stuff, the occasional door, but he stopped doing it because wakizashis exist, he doesnt do any actual damage towards ending the fight with it, and it only disarms one of his opponents. Most fights were against superior numbers of weaker opponents. If I had to houserule it because I wanted to bring in a lot of one-weapon specialists where the encounter falls apart when their weapons break, and for some reason I dont want to go with durable, I would probably houserule a simple fix: You cannot breaking-blow items that people currently are wielding. It even makes sense realistically: its almost impossible to target a sword, spear or knife that is constantly moving with enough force to do anything to it, whereas "Body is Anvil" services the "shattering the weapon on defense" fantasy. I would still allow it to damage armor. It has to have SOME combat utility.
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