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  1. What would you say was the hardest one to paint for you? I'm working on the Doomsayer and its proving to be a challenge. Well there are many that are more difficult than others, its hard to name the hardest one but some like the scavenger, arcane scion, ascendant divine and some female spell casters. Yeah Doomsayer is a challenge, lot of details if you paint it like the picture. It also depends if you want it to be exactly like the picture. Some have too many details for me and i did not want to spend too much time painting. Sadly, at first when i started painting(no experience) my minis i made the mistake not to use a primer, the paint dont last long on that annoying plastic, so i used varnish so the paint will last longer. Maybe someday will re-do some.
  2. I just completed painting the last 5 minis woorraa! Just missing the varnish. All others painted. I almost wish no more minis to paint thats enough haha. Not professionnal but i'm satisfied.
  3. Yeah it looks like a good combo. I played cataclysm with bloodmoon(and woodlands) and its great too. I'm curious about what combo with the new expansion players here likes/prefers.
  4. I couldn't resist asking mister Bailey if he was working on a fift expansion. I was surprised by his answer. For me his 4 expansions got the game better. Curious to see his next work. I wouldn't be disapointed too much if its the ends of the 4th edition except maybe for some PoD's haha. We always want more... I think with about 60(forgot the exact number) characters its enough, enough painting also haha.
  5. I was lucky to find multi-color (d6)dices packs in a dollard shop exactly what is needed for the game. Each pack contains 2 red, 2 blue, 2 green, 2 golden and 2 white. I now prefer using dices instead of cones/coins. Fate tokens are ok. And capping the stats at 12(2d6) is a good idea. With some items and followers you can go high enough anyway.
  6. I got the Woodland today, smaller box yes but the content is really nice, great changes to the game. Thanks FFG.
  7. Here for some reasons gamers prefers games like where you play farmers, building power plants, making rail ways...well many games with worker placements, its just weird not much enjoy this very great game that is Talisman with the expansions.
  8. Here in Quebec its very difficult to expend the fan based of Talisman for some reasons. 2 big enough Boardgames forums but so few that likes this game or just dont know about it. Hard to make a group, saddly.
  9. I just got the photo sleeves Ultra Pro 4x6 from amazon and trimmed them(simple paper cutter). It works fine. Under 7$ for 100 and shippping included so thats great. The only good way for those 4x5 cards thats not very costly. And The Mayday mini usa sleeves premium(or not) 41x63 are perfect for the small cards. FFG sleeves are much more expensives and not better so its a easy choice.
  10. I have painted all my figurines, last 4 included, so thats about 62. I used Testor decorative paint, about 25 colors for 50$. I'v never painted before except walls...But decided to try with talisman's minis because i love that game. I'm happy with the result, not a pro but still , but i will use a varnish to protect them longer. I had to use a hair dryer after painting, had some troubles if not. It makes the game looks better with painted figurines. And more satisfying when doing it yourself.
  11. Wow already out here...Just ordored it online from a local store, in Montreal.
  12. Its great! I find it cool to be able to play the game in French. It will be so good when all expansions becomes available.
  13. It looks nice, i just need to find people to play with haha. FFG makes good talisman expansions.
  14. For the cards stands I use small sugar pouches' stands and it works perfectly. And for the cards storage I use small plastic box from the Dollars Store that you can see by clicking on my signature. Same for my painted figurines.
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