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  1. Did you forget to put up the pictures?
  2. You just blew my mind. Adding dynamic lighting and shadows by creating your own light sources? Genius. Brilliant! The light from the cell phone and the fallen lantern add a lot. But you didn't stop there. You added a sense of movement to the environment with the splintering floor boards and the maniac's mess of a corpse. Thanks for inspiring me today and raising the bar! Bravo.
  3. Zombies! I love the rotting flesh colors on the skin, the battle wounds, and the eyes which are really well defined. Cultists! Removing the staffs? Sculpting the hood? I never would have thought of doing either of those, but they look great. Well done. Criticisms: It's hard to criticize anything that has had this much love put into it. Here is the only thing I could think of - the maniacs (love the father/son theme btw) are wearing shirts with rolled up sleeves. There is a pretty heavy trim line above the sleeves before their skin is visible. If the light source in the room is from up above, then there would be no shadow above the sleeves. Maybe it's another layer of clothing, maybe it's a shadow from bottom lighting, or an infection that has taken hold of them. Regardless, it's the first thing my eye jumps to, and it shouldn't be. Again, congrats! Everything looks amazing.
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