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  1. love it, makes character creation way more interesting.
  2. hey all, i'm having trouble convincing my gm that if i buy the hyperdrive upgrade for my ship and the mod enhancement that the ships hyperspeed becomes class 0.5, he seems to believe class 1 is the fastest as 0.5 is not listed anywhere in the hyperspace travel section. can anyone provide back up clarification reference besides the mod it's self, as he seems to dismiss the mod it's self as proof. any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. superior upgrade on armor isn't reducing the encumbrance on the armor by 1 like it should. in the description it still says encumbrance 1, i think it totals it correctly, but it displays it as 1 which is annoying if your trying to do a quick recount on the fly.
  4. the generally higher then npc's it refers too is due to the fact we can increase our stats as our characters level, not due to the fact we start higher. that is a d20 way of thinking.
  5. Superman has narrative strength. There is no need to roll, he has as much or as little strength needed to accomplish his task. So brawn ∞ so what's his soak and wounds?
  6. Stats don't make the hero, actions make the hero. An npc human and a pc human both will have 2 as their average stats 1 is below the average of a human, its that simple
  7. what strength is superman? as far as i remember he's part of the extended star wars universe.
  8. all you need to know is the best dice to add when taking an out of combat skill check are the blue 6 sided dice. So if a talent offers to add blue dice it is better then a skill point. yellow dice have the special crit symbol which adds a lot to the narative and having lots of them are also good. more dice is better then less dice.
  9. base +3 allows for extra bonuses to be accounted for like a cyber arm, now a human can only match a wookie if he has a cybernetic arm replacement. i'm all for base +3 as a future rule. i won't house rule it though, i haven't had anyone go passed 5 yet anyway.
  10. means you can start with rank 2 at no cost
  11. its all subjective though.... if an int 1 core worlds 4 rolls 2 successes and an int 4 core worlds 1 rolls 2 successes then they most recall the same level of info, just in different ways. the int 1 cw 4 could say, the bad peoples all have a perdy butterfly with green and blue, you like blue, and you like butterflies, you don't like the baddies, they always sell yucky sticks that make your tummy hurt. the int 4 core worlds 1 says, you know that butterfly symbol is worn by the gang your after, they are known for narcotics especially death sticks.
  12. an example of someone with int 1 and education 4 would be dustin hoffmans rainman, brilliant with quirky facts and mathematics, but mentally challenged. an example of someone with int 0 is like ben stillers portrayal of jack in tropic thunder "you went full retard, never go full retard" -jokes lol
  13. on another note, where does it say you can draw 2 weapons as 1 maneuver? as far as i can see it says you may draw a weapon as a maneuver, which means 2 weapons takes 2 maneuvers, which mean quick draw reduces it to a single maneuver.
  14. if your playing your character correctly, you should be quick drawing at range close, they put a gun to your head and tell you to surrender, and you quick draw and shoot em all dead, harder to do it with a blaster rifle. oh and btw, auto fire has +1 difficulty just like dual wielding does, they are even in game turns, except for maybe base dame and crit, but that comes down to preference, if you want to dual wield you should not be able to pull 2 pistols at the same time, just because your fast at drawing, that requires a level of ambidexterity which requires more practice and co-ordination then normal.
  15. never going to happen, they already said The old republic, is Knights of the old republic 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc why make a new game when they can just add content to their online rpg, besides it's free to play as well, so kinda hard to make people pay for books to a setting thats free to play online.
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