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  1. Whenever you encounter a space with multiple cards and you are teleported to another space by the first card, you do not encounter the other cards. You need to encounter the new space now (as if you moved there normally) which may lead to you encountering cards on that space instead and/or drawing cards.
  2. Perhaps it should have been worded as "encountering the space" instead of "landing on the space", to clear up confusion.
  3. Actually, there was a problem with several cards stating "turn" while it should have been "round". Take for example the Swashbuckler. I believe it would be fair to assume being a toad lasts three rounds, not three turns. I did a quick search for toad in the FAQ and there was no mention of this particular issue yet, unfortunately.
  4. It might become chaotic if he handles too many characters, that is true, but I don't believe that would happen too often. I guess there will always be issues with new ideas, so if you can provide some examples I might be able to work around them. For your issue from a roleplaying point of view, I see the resurrected characters as followers, aiding the Resurrector in his quest for the Crown of Command. However, your criticism did give me another idea. I might make it so the original player must repick his killed character and can no longer attack Resurrector or cast spells/use abilities on him. This would lessen the chaos, and with each resurrection the Resurrector is allowed to move around more freely. Would require me to think around the idea a bit more, but I think it would fix some problems. Thanks.
  5. You do not need to play Talisman by all of the specific rules it has. If you are having fun ignoring a few of the rules (intentional or not), nobody is in the position to tell you to play otherwise. I think my wife sort of has that attitude, though I sometimes wish to point out where we're following the rules wrongly. Playing only the base game is fairly simple compared to including for example the Dragon expanion, so you might want to give that a try first.
  6. The idea is indeed to only resurrect characters that have already been killed in the game, otherwise in the roleplaying sense you'd be more like summoning characters from all over the realm. Ideally, for most players, you do not die and keep your character until the end of the game. Obviously, Resurrector would not be usable in a short game with two players that does not include any expansions. I needed him to be relatively weak at fighting, but to be very durable, hence strength and craft at 2 while life and fate are at 5. Originally, I wanted his own resurrection to be stronger in the form of: - Once during the game, when you are killed, you may resurrect yourself. If killed by a character, he cannot take the reward for killing a character. You cannot be attacked and you are not affected by any spells, abilities or card effects until the start of your next turn. At the start of your next turn, you heal all of your lives. In this case, you would keep your bonuses, spells, objects and followers. Are the drawbacks still a bit too much?
  7. Thank you, I hope I'll be able to give it a try later.
  8. Good day, Unfortunately, I currently do not have photoshop, and it's the only option I've seen to show off your created characters in a more presentable form. Instead, I will do it in the old-fashioned way. Resurrector Strength: 2 Craft: 2 Fate: 5 Life: 5 Start: Temple Alignment: Good - At the end of your turn you may resurrect a character from the discard pile. Set the character up normally. It takes its turn right after yours and you control it. You must miss your next two turns after the exhausting resurrection process to regain your energy. When a resurrected character is killed, it is instead removed from the game and you may not take a new character to replace it. You may have any number of resurrected characters. - Once during the game, when you are killed, you may be resurrected yourself by repicking Resurrector from the discard pile on your next turn. - You cannot have Weapons or Armour. With this character, I wanted to introduce the new concept of resurrection. It is indeed quite powerful to be able to control multiple characters, so I needed to give several drawbacks. You may comment on him being too powerful/weak and whether resurrection is a good concept to introduce. I've got a lot of ideas in my mind, but I'd prefer to start small. Thanks for reading.
  9. I am very interested in an expansion with unique quests for each character that allows you to learn new abilities (and perhaps upgrade current ones). However, it would be very difficult to balance the quests and special abilities when comparing to other characters.
  10. With this being my first post I do not wish to sound intrusive, but I do not believe can vs. cannot applies here. I believe that rule specifically addresses anything that is optional (can) versus anything that disallows that optional issue (cannot). The Chivalric Knight's ability is not optional, neither is the Lycanthrope's ability, with both being contradictive. From a lighter, roleplaying point of view, I would say the Lycanthrope's ability overrides the Chivalric Knight's. It's merely a moral choice not to attack (but the ability is "forced" so that players cannot play out of character), and I personally do not think morals are that strong as to affect your actions as a bloodthirsty Lycanthrope. From a stricter, rules point of view I would need an official explanation as I do not think the can vs. cannot rule applies here.
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