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  1. Most places I've seen are around £15-20 and as said above you get 2 figures. Most single figure boxes are £10-12, so it's not exactly an awful price in my eyes
  2. You could try a Facebook group or similar. People who bought multiple core sets might have a spare set of Luke parts
  3. But then surely no-one who takes part in tournaments would use the flying stands as they would be penalised for having cool looking models. In my head I would see them jumping from cover to cover in a battle not just constantly fly around making themselves an easy target. I agree that R2 should not be the same size as Chewie that's a bit wierd.
  4. What about the new jetpack models?
  5. Tristan's 2 black at range 1-3 2 , 2 health, so maybe the 2 person unit could potentially have 4 health, which would be very interesting. But he's not particularly long range. And none of the other alt weapons (which I think is just Sabines mum) are known except for the melee trooper. Everyone else has pistols, in some cases 2 of them, so they may have some form of Gunslinger? I'm not dismissing them, I'm just struggling to see a good use for a 2 man team other than a sniper. I just think a close in 2 man unit would be very fragile. Idens a bit different, she's a commander. Once the rules come out and we see what it looks like, who knows, perhaps the rules will make it an awesome little strike team and I'll happily run it. I'm really looking forward to this expansion, so I'd run all the options I could fit in.
  6. Sabines mother, can't remember her name, is the other unique as well I think. Dunno if she can be built as a generic.
  7. Listening to the stream again it appears that yes there is some form of 2 man team. So I stand corrected. 1) Looking at the image, can you see anything that looks like a sniper? 2) With regards to snipers, they are the most common choice of 2 man team by a long long way. In 8+ tournaments I've faced Sabatuer's once. A sniper team is pretty much the only 2 man team run in large numbers. But to me a 2 man unit which needs to be range 2 to use their guns seems a bit pointless, probably would be blown off the board in 1-2 shots even with red dice.
  8. In the stream they mentioned they'd be 2 unit cards, 1 generic squad and 1 unique. (ie Clan Wren) There doesn't look like anything in the box would suggest a 2 man unit? I may be very well be wrong tho, but unless they're multi-wound why would you want a 2 man team that isn't a sniper unit?
  9. I don't think you get a strike team in the Clan Wren box. You get a unique Clan Wren unit card and then a generic mandolorian unit card. Both are full size squads. Then the uniques are the heavy weapon options.
  10. Forgot about the deathtroopers melee. I once put a low health Sabine into melee with a half strength unit of them, thinking they only rolled black dice and she'd be fairly safe. I was wrong
  11. I doubt they're gonna get red melee dice. I can see black for melee, then the sword trooper adds 2 red on top. So 4 black, 2 red with pierce seems ok The Jetpack Rockets are one use, so whilst powerful will only ever happen once a game. Plus as they seem to be equipped with pistols the rockets mean they can contribute an early attack unlike most pistol equipped troops
  12. They kind of explained in the stream. Around 26-27 mins into the twitch stream. They said officially the generic type of this unit is known as Imperial Special Forces, so I'm guessing they weren't able to rename them to anything else (due to licensing) to avoid confusion. And they couldn't specify Inferno squad on the upgrade card, as this would mean the generic unit couldn't take it.
  13. True, it's a night time picture, so maybe a clone in silhouette
  14. Doesn't look like a clone on the AT-RT. Looks too dark, what else rode them in the Clone Wars?
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