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  1. It's not a commercial product, everything I do is free, only thing my patreons get is access to it before anyone else does, but that's because they get to watch my design and writing process, and I use their feedback to make changes to it in the end. But hey, go ahead and hate SEA.
  2. Sorry, I didn't intend to derail the thread .... Thanks to all the pink supporters out there, but just because I love it so, doesn't mean that I should do it (something something about modern scientific ethics and dinosaurs) ... AS for the topic in question, I don't inject main characters into all, or even some, sessions. The characters need to be there for a reason, and if there's no reason, the character shouldn't be there. Mindless Philosopher is right, there are only a few ways that the PCs can interact with the movie characters, and so they should be a "there and gone" kind of thing. You should never "find a reason" to include them, let the story and campaign dictate that. When you do so, you find your players feel personally responsible for their inclusion, and tend to look at them as a reward, not an opportunity to abuse. Even when you do include them, make sure to know what their inclusion is for, why it has come about, and keep them on that track. When their job is done, make sure they are too. They also don't get to be the heroes by doing stupid things, but stacking odds in their favor. Even when things go wrong, they still have luck and destiny on their side, and so breaks tend to go in their favor. Plot armor protects them so long as they are serving the plot, and that means things like "narrow escapes" when they are no longer needed in your story. Make things heart-pounding, fast-paced, and above all story serving and you should do fine. Finally, definitely don't try this form of plot device unless you are prepared to do extra work ... there is always an NPC that can fill the same role as one of the Canon characters, and if you don't feel having Luke there truly adds to the story you're trying to tell, there is always a clone wars padawan that may have survived Order 66 to fill his place. Another smuggler to make the run for Han, and another charismatic rebel leader that could stand in for Leia. On the flip side, Inquisitors are always replacements for Vader, or some other Darkside corrupted force user. Nothing is necessary, so make sure that when you include them you put the effort into it to match the importance of their appearance.
  3. This is a fallacy. It implies intent, which is impossible to determine. The statement implies that A) the motivation for the adoption of the color was externally biased (meaning I chose it while thinking of others reactions to it) and B) When it became apparent the formatting was an issue I opted to ignore people and continue on. A is observed false by the fact that I have been writing in pink since this forum was forced with a grey background, and I did so because of my love for the color. B is observed as false in that the forum format of pink on black was derived in a thread in this very community by other people, and through their suggestions and instruction to me on how to code it into my forum posts - this was the communities suggestion back to me in order to have the pink color, not my own device. This shows interaction with others, and meeting a compromise, not disrespect to their opinions. As for the question of "how many people do I want to connect with" - I find that personally hurtful. I come here to be part of a community, and have given a lot of personal time to be part of that community, as much as you or anyone else here (except maybe the Pirate .... I don't know if he actually does anything except sail the high seas of the forum waiting to remove the unwary of their conjectural plunder with his spoilers...). I don't come here to listen to myself, or to be precocious, I come here to take part in something with all of you. Up until this point it was gentle ribbing akin to the like my friends and I play on each other, and so even the dissent added something to the narrative, but I see it has turned to rot. So, I guess the pink is dead.
  4. This is where establishing the "box" is important - what is the named character there for? Rarely should a named character come directly after the PCs - much like PCs, NPC's have the same motivations. They're going to follow up leads that are specifically important to them. If the PCs steal Vader's TIE fighter and send a personalized insult to him, Vader still wouldn't waste his time tracking them down personally. Vader's motivated at this point by finding Luke Skywalker and locating the hidden Rebel Base on Hoth, if it isn't directly pertaining to one of these things, he doesn't care. He can get another starship, and send the whole of the ISB and Inquisitorial forces after a ship thief - he's operating under different motivations. If you do have named PCs appear, you need to define exactly what they are there to accomplish in the story - do they deliver a plot hint? Do they give exposition on something else going on the universe that provides foreshadowing/timing information/narrative device? Do they have a McGuffin that is needed for the rest of the adventure/campaign/story to move forward? Once you establish what they are doing for the story, then frame the rest of the situation in the guise of that, to prevent the scene from derailing. Say you have Han Solo meet the PCs to secure some cargo for the Rebellion using the Falcon. Your PCs might get the bright idea to kill Han and/or steal the Falcon. While they might get the bright idea of taking on Han and Chewie, and even believing that they could do it, they might think twice when they find out that in addition to the dynamic duo there's a whole squad of Rebel soldiers alongside who've arrived to help load and transport the cargo. As a precaution, they've secretly taken over the entire spaceport to ensure "no Imperial entanglements" and so have the place filled with informants, spies and special forces. The importance of the cargo that would warrant Han's presence personally would be enough to warrant the additional security, and therefore it isn't a stretch. Once the cargo is transferred, they leave, if things so south, then the soldiers and Han fall back to the Falcon and they retreat. If the PCs get a lucky shot and drop Han, the soldiers drag him on the Falcon and take off. Minimize the risks and make sure there is a box, a scene that must occur and then poof!
  5. WEG modules for AoR

    It depends entirely on how productive the Patreon is, once it gets going and has a decent head of steam I can devote more time to all my literary works, less time to more mundane endeavors (bills, work, school), and then with the increased content coming out I won't need to keep the conversions with all my other writing projects. I hope that in six months or so I can get enough support to be writing full time, and once I do that I will have plenty of content that won't see the need to work under a single umbrella. I can then bring the conversions back under here, and have other work from novelizations to podcasts, to battle reports for Legion and X-Wing on the Patreon. Sadly, at this point I don't have enough support to have the manpower or time to do those other things, and so I need to keep my work localized for now. The best way to help get the modules out again is to help me generate support to start putting out all the awsome content I envision for the community. I have interest from my local players and group to start doing more things for the community. Eventually I want to move away from Patreon all together in favor of a personally designed website that would include so much more content that I can on Patreon alone. For instance: A podcast of our group in action - experience all the crazy stuff you hear me talk about as me and my fellow GM run sessions for our group! X-Wing miniatures Rattle Reports and Tactica - I used to be an avid poster on the X-Wing forums as well, generating timing charts, rules conversions and just kibbitzing about squadron setups, of course, this before the Dark Times, before the Empire of need for better Employment, but nonetheless, it's something me and some my crew love to play. We envision a series of "How to Plays," Original Narrative Campaigns, Tacticas, Paint Guides, and Battle Reports showcasing the X-Wing line! The Same for Armada! The Same for Legion! Let's face it, Legion is going to be HUGE! As one of my significant others long ago got me into Warhammer 40K, I've been painting and playing alongside his friends and mine ever since. I would love to bring this fun and passion to the new Star Wars squad based tactical game as well. Tabletop! like videos featuring our friends in the area (like the kind folks from Order 66 Podcast who live in the area) or even local Sci-fi legends like Peter Mayhew or others playing the table top games like Imperial Assault or Rebellion. Of course, we'll also have other content too, like more Guides (the Guide to the Grand Army of the Republic, Guide to the Alliance, Guide to the Death Watch, etc) along with plans for a campaign setting in an entirely new sector of space, complete with it's own inclusive narrative involving all the game lines. I know, it's a long answer to a short question, but I wanted to be up front with you since you have expressed a candid concern. I value everyone that is interested in my work, and I sincerely want to give so much to all of you for your interest, I just need to get your support behind me to get things going to where I think we'll all have a blast!
  6. WEG modules for AoR

    Alright everyone! The newest WEG adventure conversion, The Black Ice, is done and up on my Patreon! Check it out and let me know what y'all think!
  7. Opinions on the RotJ duel?

    Heya everyone! Had to get my 2 cents in on this one. So, having been a practitioner of kendo and iaijutsu since the late 80's (when it wasn't cool to do anything other than Tae Kwon Do, and it certainly wasn't cool for me to do anything like it), I can tell you that the Obi-Wan duel in Episode IV was very close to a battle between masters. In fact, Bob Anderson, who was the fight choreographer for it (and was an amazing man) replaced David Prowse in the Vader suit. He was a half foot shorter than Prowse and was wearing lifts the entire time. Bob Anderson was an Olympic Fencer for Great Britain, a student of multiple forms of swordplay ranging from European to Japanese, Chinese and Filipino, and trained everyone from Errol Flynn to Vigo Mortenson. He wanted to represent two masters of the blade in that fight, and to do this he decided to go for a realistic duel as opposed to the standard fare flashy choreography. For those of you that have actually experienced live swordplay, fights aren't that exciting to watch - to make a sword fight entertaining for movies you have to get rather unrealistic. Anderson wanted to represent the calm and focus of expert swordsmen. The fact that it kept things well in hand for Sir Alec was a bonus. As for the fight between Luke and Vader. We know that Palpatine was pissed that his apprentice (Anakin) failed in his fight against Obi-Wan, and in both the novelization of RotS and the newly released Darth Vader comic, Palpatine is disappointed in Vader, seeing him as a flawed apprentice and constantly challenging Vader. The very thing that had attracted him to Anakin Skywalker as an apprentice turned into disdain with Vader due to his failure on Mustafar, and limitation of his potential. It's why Vader's ploy about seducing Luke in ESB works - Palpatine sees that he could perhaps have a Skywalker as powerful as Anakin. Vader knows that Palpatine is looking to replace him, and it serves his purpose to get Palpatine to allow him to chase Luke. This is the important thing to remember - Luke is the son of Anakin, and the Skywalker line is exceptionally powerful. Remember that Anakin was Luke's age when he took on Dooku aboard the invisible Hand and slew him, arguably alone as Obi-Wan was unconscious. Dooku was an experienced and powerful Sith, nearly the match of Yoda, and certainly the better of Obi-Wan (having defeated him twice in the films already). This is an important comparison, because we see Anakin take on Dooku in AotC and meet failure in much the same way as Luke in ESB does, and with the same amount of time between AotC to RotS and ESB to RotJ, we see that Anakin is able to then match and defeat Dooku. When we accept this parallel, and realize that for good or ill, Vader has hit a plateau in his power level (like Dooku) while Luke has been increasing in his own (like Anakin). We then can see that Luke's rise to power tracks alongside his fathers. When we combine these two pieces of information, first that Palpatine knows that Anakin has lost future potential after Mustafar and has become lessened in his opinion, and secondly that Luke follows the same growth in power and ability as Anakin, matching his place in RotS, then even if we assume Vader's skills have not diminished over time (from hunting Jedi, killing insrgency, etc) we can see that Vader and Luke are on the same level of power in RotJ. If one gives more credence to the Emperor's opinion of Vader's diminished status, then Luke would actually have the upper hand in the battle. Even with personal feelings causing one or the other to hold back, the implied balance of power based on the storytelling of the movies establishes the power levels as even to favoring Luke. Once we factor in the psychology of the fight, it becomes apparent that the back and forth is produced by the commitment to purpose each side has at the time. The rationale and choice of tactic is produced by a desired outcome, and not necessarily the need to overcome one another's skill. This is telling - most sword fights are dictated based off of setting one's opponent up for a killing strike, or defending against a better opponent. This isn't what happens between Luke and Vader until the very end, when all pretense of communication dissipates. Prior to this, each side is attempting to tell the other something - be it the mercy of redemption or the power of acceptance. The conversation dictates strike/feint/counter, not the inability of either combatant.
  8. It's actually not "for" either. It's a breakdown of the military structure of the Empire, from Navy Fleet structure to the basic two man fire-team protocols of the Stormtroopers and Army. It's 90% fluff information, telling you what uniforms belong to who, when to call and NPC "Director" versus "General," and how many TIE fighters are actually chasing you when a Flight goes after you versus a Squadron, etc... There are stats for Imperial Vehicles in the back of the book, and with the upcoming 2.0, I'll be providing stats for all Imperial stuff mentioned in it, so it will be a "one-stop resource" for all Imperial NPCs and equipment. A great tool for GM's, for players, less so, but still useful.
  9. Awww, thanks! I'm glad you like it! I really love what I am doing, and it gives me a lot of incentive to hear that you folks find my stuff usefull!
  10. It's actually fairly simple. The very first thing I do is check to see if there's an analog in the basic templates provided by FFG. For example, if I have stock Stormtroopers in a scenario, I have no need to create stats, I already have access to them. Since I played the d6 game back in the day, I know the level of challenge the number of Stormtroopers were in the WEG system, and since I also play the FFG game, I know the number of Stormtroopers in the Minion Group that provides the same level of challenge needed in the scenario. From there, I adjust number of Stormtroopers up or down. I do this for everything with analogs. When it comes to NPCs, new creatures, etc. I still try to find analogs; I take what the creature is intended to do (is it a flying poison bearing beastie? a shadow dwelling land predator? etc) and then take the threat level as with Stormtroopers. I then go through existing critters and find a good analog in power level and theme. Rarely do I not find what I'm looking for somewhere. With NPC's, I start with what they are; a Smuggler, Pirate, Imperial Captain? All of those have basic, general stats. From there, I change equipment and slightly modify skills to reflect specific flavorings called for by the adventure; he has a vintage Wookie bowcaster in his study he uses, but the standard profile only has Ranged [Light] 3? Then swap it for Ranged [Heavy] 3 instead. As he won't have a pistol, the change doesn't adjust anything about it. After I've made these small adjustments, I try and match him to what he was designed to do in the scenario once more; if there is an ability or skill that is needed still, I add them and see if that changes the basic power or profile from Rival to Nemesis, etc. After all that is done, it's simply reskinning the equipment to match and plugging it in. Very rarely is there ever a call to make stats from scratch, and when I do, the first thing I do is run the encounter in with my group a few times with different party set-ups to see what might break and make sure the encounter runs as intended in the story. I think I've had to make pure stats from scratch once .... maybe twice, in all the conversions I've done. Everything else is utilizing inherent roles to maintain congruity and balance.
  11. Padawan Universal Tree

    Because this was put together quickly on the fly as a request and I've never gone back and prettied it up. The rules were tested, but someone asked me to give them a template of it in the format and I didn't have all the bits and bobs together. They shouldn't be force talents, just normal.
  12. I'm in Texas as well, up here in Dallas. The unfortunate truth about Texas though is that from Dallas (NE part of the state) to Austin (Middle) where Daeglin is 195 miles (a 3 hour drive), and from Austin where he is to Houston (SE) where the flooding is would be ANOTHER 165 miles .... Texas is big, and mostly empty.... but really big.
  13. Why Gray Jedis?

    Again, force powers=/=Wu Wei, the video games were the worst offenders of this. In the realm of the Ashla, Bogan, and Bendu, we need to consider the whole point of wielding the Force - to be in harmony with it, or Wu Wei. The Jedi wield the Ashla, the Light Side, through their dogma of stoicism. This means that they seek to move in harmony with the Force through logic, reason, and service of others. Their idea of Wu Wei is to further the natural flow of the Force through idea of wisdom and self-control. They seek to acknowledge their passions (anguish, rage and suffering) but deny the impulse to act upon them, instead accepting a rational logic for inner peace. In essence, they seek to act in harmony by seeing the Force reflected in the people and things around them, and so their logic is bound by viewing those things for result. The Sith wield the Bogan, the Dark Side, through their reversal of stoicism. This means that they seek to only harmony within themselves instead of with the external nature of the Force, which fuels their own desires. Their idea is that Wu Wei is slavery to an outside force and instead seek to satisfy their own happiness through the satisfaction of their own passions. By feeding the impulse to act upon resolving their passions (anguish, rage or suffering) they seek to remove them from themselves entirely. The seek to act in harmony by feeling the Force in themselves, and so their logic is bound by feeling the power of the Force running through them. The others are the Bendu, which is neither Light, nor Dark. When thinking about the Bendu, it is important to remember the canon phrasing - "Jedi and Sith wield the Ashla and Bogan. The light and the dark. I'm the one in the middle. The Bendu." While it is clearly stated that the Jedi and the Sith 'wield' the Light and Dark, in this case the one in the middle isn't wielding anything ... it merely is called the Bendu. The Bendu is it's own idea, it's own tradition. To be in the middle of Ashla and Bogan is to understand that Wu Wei at its core is harmony with the Force (the dao of tien). While the Jedi espouse a practice of denying their passions, this doesn't mean that those passions are inherently disharmonious with the Dao. Just as simply, the Sith method of mollifying those emotions to maintain an inner harmony doesn't make them in a state of Wu Wei. So, the Bendu seek to maintain harmony with the Dao and achieve Wu Wei by being one with the greater Force, the concept that not only is the outside world reflected in the Dao, but also their inner natures as well, and true harmony can only come through the casting off of the idea that we as vessels are interacting with the Dao, and instead attempting to recognize our part of the Dao. The Bendu thus seek to bring their viewpoint into alignment with that of the universal Harmony, and instead of looking at the universe from their perspective, they try and look at themselves from the universes perspective instead. They seek to act in harmony by seeing the Dao reflected in calm, and they seek disharmony when the Dao is turbulent, so their logic is bound by feeling the universe around them, as slow moving and infinite as it is. It's important to note; 'the Bendu' is a name of it's own, analogous with Jedi and Sith, not Light and Dark. They sit in the middle of Light and Dark, meaning they prefer neither harmony nor disharmony inherently, and have developed and 'outward in' philosophy that allows the universe to tell them when to be harmonious or not. There are other traditions, to be sure, that accept an idea of being Light focused, Dark focused, or somewhere in the middle.
  14. Funny thing that, there's never a discussion in canon resources about any of that. Praji himself is only even given a name through the Decipher CCG that came out in the 90's. In the book, I looked at every single visual reference I could to determine all the ranks that were spoken and assigned and the various bars that were associated with them, and very quickly the answer became apparent that the only way to make sense of any of it was to establish a cross command structure similar to current JOC formations in the USMil. So I went about focusing on they were doing, and through it a reasonable narrative came to mind. If Commander Praji was in the Imperial Army, specifically information technologies and data forensics, then the spoken lines makes sense. "The Death Star plans are not in the main computer and no transmissions were made. An escape was jettisoned during the fighting, but there were no life forms aboard." "They must have hidden the plans inside the escape pod. Send a detachment down to recover them, and see to it personally, Commander, there'll be no one to stop us this time!" The context there allows for the Stormtroopers to be issued for the recovery, and for Commander Praji to personally oversee the operation to make sure the data is retrieved. He isn't in command of the Stormtroopers normally, their Sergeant would still have operational command of the squad, but just like an attached translator or specialist, he would have command oversight of the data handling and recovery.
  15. Why Gray Jedis?

    If you have no knowledge of Jedi or Sith, there is no way to be a Grey Jedi. You're making the assumption that relationship to the Force is the same as following a Jedi or Sith dogma. All people are born in harmony with Dao, Wu-Wei. As such, they all begin as a Light Side user. The "best of both worlds" approach as you put it, is making decisions in respect to the Jedi and Sith dogmas - which have no bearing on the Force at all. A person who has never heard of the Sith or Jedi still begins life in harmony with the Force as a Light Side user (this being the state of Wu Wei - or in harmony with the Dao) and only through action either impedes that harmony or not - preventing the natural flow of the Force or acting in line with it (being in dao, or Wu Wei). Impeding the natural harmony is what drives a person to the Dark Side, just as actions that are in line with the harmony "revitalize" a person and align them again with the Dao. There is no way to "decide" to use the Dark Side unless you are a proponent of one of the dogmas of Force use; in which case you then understand that there are actions which specifically further your harmony or increase your disharmony. If that dogma you are familiar with is that of a Jedi, then the merits of Hellenistic stoicism apply, and yes, according to the Jedi, making an informed decision to do something against the cardinal virtues, by act of making the thought out decision, is in fact a Light Side behavior. An example of this is Ki Adi Mundi, who had wives because of his planetary traditions. Attachment is considered to fuel one's passions, and is frowned upon, however, Ki Adi Mundi understood that this was necessary for planetary custom and therefore made a rational decision to honor his species requirements. According to Hellenistic stoicism reason meant not only using logic, but also understanding the processes of nature—the logos, or universal reason, inherent in all things. Living according to reason and virtue, they held, is to live in harmony with the divine order of the universe, which equates them (within said dogma) to the state of Wu Wei - in harmony with the Dao - and therefore was still a Light Side decision. Anakin's decision to marry, was not one that was thought out, he reacted in each instance of its set up - first to propose it on impulse, then throw the idea away when Padme wouldn't allow it - then going through with it when she decided to change her mind. In none of these instances did he consider the options, thus driving him towards being in disharmony with the Dao. Here's the important part, however, HE WAS STILL A JEDI. Not a "grey Jedi" A JEDI. He was a Jedi that was driven away from harmony with the Dao, but he was part of a dogma in which you are only given two options - attempt to live in Harmony with the dao through stoicism and be a Jedi, or cast of harmony with the dao and be a Sith. If you felt that there was a way to live in the middle, then you were cast out of the Order, and thus not a Jedi at all. This all boils down the impossibility of being a "Grey Jedi."