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  1. How you know he was banned? And banned for what?
  2. How you know he was banned? And banned for what?
  3. r2f2 is not better. It's terrible.Having extra dice mean nothing unless you have a way to back them up through modification. Now your getting into revolving a list around it if you decide to use cracken, or land for example, which is not good. You dont revolve your list around biggs, but biggs revolves around your list. Keeping it alive
  4. Ive done actually quite well flying this 3x tansarii pilots mindlink hlc Title Ka to leeachos Mindlink Proton rockets I was pleasantly surprised how well it did. The z95 is basically a support ship, giving the scyks a focus, and letting them take the evade action. Also my opponent is usually focused on the scyks, so the z is usually able to fire off her rockets. This s before the newest faq. One of the things my buddy and I discussed was how if the title included a free hull upgrade, they'll probably be worth their pts. I'm not saying they are the best, but with mindlink, and the new faq they have improved
  5. This is why I'm not sold on R4-D6. For the amount I've used biggs which is a lot, I can easily say more times than not r4-d6 has prevented a lot of dmg. Also not just for the times I've used him, but also for the times I've been against him. I can easily say over 100 times, no problem. Not to run r4-d6 on biggs because the fear of a crit is foolish. Yes it'll happen at times, but more times than not you'll prevent some dmg Look at it this way, even if you're opponent gets 4 dice at range 1, even if he does roll a crit, and your dice crap put on you, you can still stop some of that dmg. Also I believe there is only 1 crit per die, so again statistically speaking, your going to see more hits than crits. Of coarse that's not counting a mangler canon or calculation, etc For only 1 pt, I think it's foolish to run anything else on him. It's the cheapest defensive upgrade you can give him, and I've seen it work Wonders. There is no other droid to put on him. R2-d2 is too expensive on a ship that is ment to die. R2 just makes him more predictable, can hinder him as well as you want to usually stay close to your squad, and if two or 3 ships are shooting him, regaining that 1 shield won't really help him when he's down to his last hull or two. Especially if he takes a total of 5 dmg in a round. He's dead, where as maybe with r4-d6 he'll still he alive for another round, and with biggs, that's all that matters. For 1 ot there Really isn't a better droid for him Might I add, for 1 pt, even if r4-d6 doesn't do anything all game, you can still sack him when running integrated astromech, which in my opinion is better than sacking a 4 pt droid.
  6. I did probably the same thing he did, got to that, and didn't really parse the rest because that part immediately jumps out as wrong. Since you can only cancel one of the three at that step with R4-D6, and thus can only take 1 stress, saying you cancelled 2 and took 2 stress makes it sound like you used R4 wrong. Which is understandable. Oh well, we know it still works, and it is funny to see the look on someone face when they hit 5 times, and in the end you say "biggs takes 1"Anyway, nothing a simple edit can't fix, cause you know someone else will read, without reading the next 5 posts and feel to the need to correct it as well
  7. How did I do something wrong? I canceled until I had two uncanceled results then I sacked my droid to prevent another. Leaving 1 dmg I guess I said I cancled two, but I was wrong. This how it went down He attacked, with a focus 5 hits I rolled two evades.3 dmg left I canceled down to two, then sacked the droid, taking 1 dmg
  8. All I can say is twice biggs took 5 hits from proton rockets in two different games, and both times he ended with taking only 1 dmg. Rolled 2 evades, r4 canceled ome and biggs took one stress, then sacked the droid. Ended with 1 dmg. Funny thing was it was against the same guy. He hates biggs lol
  9. Two recent firespray lists that done me well Mandalorian merc Mind link Bmst Dengar Mandalorian merc Mindlink K4 Seismic charge Ka to leeachos Mindlink Proton rockets What I like about this is everything is ps5. The z can move and give the firespray thir focuses. They can get target locks or use dengar to reroll, leaving their actions for evade, then you have a little extra dmg potential in the z, but mostly she there just to help support the other two with mindlink Then there this. I've actually really like this, hasn't failed me yet Boba Fett Fearlessness Proton bomb Slave 1 title Extra munitions Dengar Glitterstim Countermeasures Manaroo Ptl Extra munitions Plasma torp Guidance chips Recon specialist Unhinged Astro Bmst This one has been very deadly. Fett tanks very well, with dengar on the reroll, manaroo passing focuses, and Fett able to take the evade action, he is a very good jouster. Glitterstim is there for a round when manaroo fires off her missles, or loses an action, and when Fett is at range 1 he has his rerolls on defense, plus pop countermeasures for an extra green dice, then fearlessness, which works from both arcs. Manaroo usually cleans up whatever Fett doesn't kill, and plus Fett has two proton bombs, so far I think every game they've hit something. Best was one game hit 3 awings killing one with direct hit
  10. Don't forget the part where they also claim to have invented it You mean like the mynocks special
  11. Ya I want to try this again3x tansarii pilot Heavy scyk title Mindlink Hlc Ka'to leeachos Mindlink Proton rockets
  12. Have you tried to jousting K turn in front of the enemy? You force him to change direction, or chase you (but it will be in your favour). Haha the people I play with don't fall for that. Tried it and they are very good players. I find that works if someone doesn't really know how to deal with it. People tend to know not to joust Kath, and instead try to use the asteroid to their advantage and if they see it coming, they block.
  13. It did me well with boba Fett I ran a Fett with manaroo. Was pleasantly surprised how well it turned out. My build was Boba Fett Fearlessness Proton bomb Glitterstim Countermeasures Dengar Slave 1 title Extra munitions Manaroo Ptl Engine upgrade Unhinged Astro Extra munitions Plasma torp Bmst Recon specialist Worked like a charm. Fett could tank really well with manaroo staying off to the side until Fett got into that nice sweet spot. Shed basically come in and take out a weakened ship or hit something else. Fett at range 1 is tough to hit. Using his action to evade, and manaroo focuses. I'm considering giving him apt just for fun, and that rear arc with fearlessness seems to catch people off guard at times. One of the better ships imo to use fearlessness. Since you have two arcs it works from Personally im not a fan of Kath, while her butt shot hurts, Especially with tailgunner, I don't like flying away from the fight, which I find with Kath you tend to do easily. Her ability requires you to fly away, because only a noob would chase her. I also find Kath doesn't have that survivability that Fett does at range one, plus it's Fett man
  14. I always suggest keep it as simple as possible, and just go with the core set. As time goes on you can set a point limit, and add asteroids to your game
  15. Those are probably the games I enjoy the most. Down to the wire. Hate the games where dice become totally one sided. Regardless if I win or lose
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