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  1. Windswept Yurt you MTG player you.
  2. Nothing happens. Which means a character with no fate isn't a legal target for most fate removal effects. Unless those effects do something else.
  3. It happened a few times to us during early play. We made a house rule that it counts as a bid of 1 but you drew no cards and no honour exchanged (The we ridiculed the culprit relentlessly). It stopped happening really quick.
  4. Outflank Unicorn Event 1F Play only in an action window directly before your opportunity to declare a conflict and only if you have not declared a MIL conflict this turn. The current action window ends and you immediately declare a MIL conflict. In this conflict, you may declare characters with the Calvary trait as attackers after defenders have been declared. 3 Inf.
  5. New FAQ says that Watch Commander triggers in step 6, before the effects of the triggering card take place in step 7. So they lose 1 honour then take the card.
  6. I think this is my understanding of the major changes. Read for yourself to make sure! If you flip Public Forum face down, the token does indeed fall off as the card is now out of play. Way of the Lion is multiplcative: 1 is x2, 2 is x4 and 3 is x8 to base skill. Stopping a sacrifice as a cost prevents the cost from being paid. Cannot Actress a unique card if that card is already in play. Doesn't matter who breaks the province, your opponent counts as breaking yours. Reactions to playing a card happen in step 6, so you lose an honor when you Let Go a Watch Commander. You may look at your face down cards in provinces after you mulligan them. If you somehow gain a dishonour and honour token at the same time, discard both. "____ role only" is for deck construction only. Becoming honoured/dishonoured is a direct reference to gaining the respective token through normal means. Going from dishonoured to neutral is NOT being honoured and vise versa. Also, moving a honour/dishonour token is not becoming honour/dishonoured.
  7. In the Lion Clan pack, just to mess with them (well, the new Chicken stronghold as well I suppose.). Kuni Undead Hunter "Cards cannot be played or put into play from discard piles." I'd gladly give up Keeper Initiate for that.
  8. I feel like I could play this in Crabicorn. Captive for double MIL conflicts, this for the other turns when my garbage political state isn't worth the offense and throw them in front of the single return attack. Going to require some playing for sure.
  9. Played this a bunch last night at my local. It's cute when it works, works very inconsistently. Not quite there yet.
  10. Might want to take a second before you push those glasses up and go all "Um, actually..." This thread is about characters as attachments, not about attchment bonuses. The first reply to the OP made the incorrect statement that when played as an attachment, characters were still considered characters. The additional point I made was that IF that were true, attachment characters would add to the skill count regardless of having a + in thier MIL or POL skill, as per the rules reference. I've said my piece and I no longer care to explain it any more clearly. If you want to always be trollin', which seems to be the case in most of your posts, go ahead without me.
  11. Did not read my post. If characters played as attachments still counted as chatacters, they would add their skill to the count. Conflict skill count is taken from all ready characters in that conflict. This is why attachments must (from a design perspective) add skill bonuses to thier attached chatacters as they cannot add to the count directly.
  12. When a card is played as a different card type it loses all previous card types as per the rules reference. So a monk character played as an attachment is no longer a character, thus, no high kick. Edit: On a side note, this is also the reason that a character played as an attachment does not add its skill to the count during conflicts.
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