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  1. Is the questlog gone? I have been checking for months and the Dreamchaser cycle is just not added. And now for over a month it throws an error. Is it gone forever or is a major rehaul scheduled? Woud love the second option.
  2. Seem to have a few: Hunt for Gollum https://www.ihrysko.sk/kooperativne-hry/hunt-for-gollum-the-lord-of-the-rings-the-card-game.html?page_id=4986 Dead Marshes https://www.fantasyobchod.cz/lord-of-the-rings-lcg-the-dead-marshes-p-5659.html Hills of Emyon Muil https://www.planetaher.cz/detail/sberatelske-karetni-hry/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-hills-of-emyn-muil Shadows of Mirkwood http://www.svet-deskovych-her.cz/produkty/1664/lotr-lcg-return-to-mirkwood-shadows-of-mirkwood-6
  3. dont remember exactly, but it was me thinks after the second - third expansion in the against the shadow cycle.
  4. I have an idea for a hero switcher event. Do you think its a plausible idea? To habe an event which switches heros? Probably hero with the same name would be allowed. Eg starting with sp Eowyn and at some poit swithing to tac Eowyn. Or switch to loragorn, while starting with scorpagorn. Probably only once per game
  5. Nice. Can we see some data visualisation/charts?
  6. I would rather be lost in possibilities than to be limited to knowing and being in total control .
  7. I think i played a second Quickbeamonly realising after a few turns, he/she is unique
  8. I have beaten this quest with core set cards only AND a self imposed limitation since i did not first understand Guarded. I thought Guarded cards get a guard each time they are unguarded and a card is revealed from the encounter deck So I did exactly what you ask - get them immediatley, so they dont get "re-guarded". I only later realised this was not necessary.
  9. Nowhere near consistent but can be done. Aragorn is crucial so he can be readied. Eowyn is useful for beating the first stage fast.
  10. Is that destrier crazy powerful? Beautiful
  11. 29 only a few were questionable. the linguistic pattern is quite simple.
  12. I have a question about quest continuity #spoileralert If I lose Peril in Pelargir quest, and the message gets into "wrong hands", do I have to fight Lord Alcaron at all in Morgul Vale? Did his scheme in that case not go south? How about loosing Mugash in the forest? Or not rallying the clans around Saruman in the VoI cycle? Would losing those quests mean I do not have to put Uruk and Wildmen enemies in the Helms deep quest respectively? I really want to help Saruman but, I lose the cycle, so did I actually help Frodo? Not to mention multiple killings of the balrog. Or to get more depressing. By losing the first quest in the Balck Riders saga, does Sauron take command over Middle Earth and spoil the shire? Each time?
  13. I did not feel there was a reason to play nightmare. However i might have found a reason ti collect! That art.
  14. Glorfindel and Elrond invited Gandalf for a cup of tea in the ettenmoors. The ents fought of most of the nuisance. Some of these decks are so strong with all the new noldor support. First time i feel things are at least partly in my hands. The tea was nice, but i thirst for something hotter, where dost thou linger flame if the west?
  15. Alternative questlog please. A friendly person who can implement features to the log and the builder on the fly. That would be very nice. For example a questlog with campaign logging.
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