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  1. Yeah they've done a great job. I'm actually coming back from a 6 month hiatus, bought Bonds of Wild and Visions of Dawn today and getting them prepped for painting. I'm really liking Krutzbeck's model from that set, probably the best dwarf model, maybe better than Corbin's O.O (His Runebound model is amazing though). Now looking at Nanok from Stewards of the Secret he is probably my favorite human model though. Truly worthy of his legendary status as warrior king \.^.^.^./
  2. Carthos, Steelhorns, Karnon, One Fist, Varikas and of course Aurim are the ones I'm interested in. Maybe once they finish releasing all the monsters, they will release the remaining heroes in one set. Sure I want more monsters too, but I believe those could come with a Mist of Bilehall type expansion (As long as we get the other two classes to make each archtype have 6). It'll feel incomplete without having all 1st edition heroes.
  3. I've waited patently, Eight H&M packs and now I'm in dismay. Will we ever receive Aurim? What hero from the first edition have you guys been waiting for?
  4. I have been wanting a plastic less campaign for awhile now (gives me a break from painting) but I was hoping it would include classes, items, relics and tiles. Either way this might also be a good opening for them to print classes or items as stand alone packs too.
  5. I bought a card box at Walmart/Kmart for around five dollars. I keep all of my cards in this and it is big enough to store them all am has it's own dividers. Also at Walmart I found some small boxes in the office supple section that is big enough to fit all of the small cards for skills, gear, tokens for the class and the heroes figure in (just not the hero sheet) I ended up buying four of them it saves me from using ziplock bags. I am also from the states I'm not sure if across the pond sells these items.
  6. I use counter beads for summon stones, falcon from pathfinder reign of winter (also use the raven from the same set), timber wolf, skeleton, spectre, a badger, and a lizard from the D&D line up I can get you the set names and provide pics. Seems a lot of people like to use unpainted models though.
  7. Mad I have been working weekends lately (17 days and still going strong) but I want to attend just can't this weekend cause if I have it off I am going to Gen Con. I just have a question if I attend can I bring my own miniatures and my own class deck to use?
  8. Ordered mine today, maybe they will make all of the game night kits where they can intertwine. That way it you can add a lot of variety.
  9. When are you doing this mad? I live close to the area. What are the start times and your ending time, me and my wife could be available.
  10. Been thinking about this for awhile haven't exactly put it in practice yet, i don't get to play much so maybe some more experienced players could give me some advice if it would be a good ideal or not. The ideal is to make Serena and Raythan have dual archetypes and each of their miniatures represent the archetype, nothing else would change as far as abilities, statics or anything like that. Raythan would be a Warrior/Scout with the hero miniature representing the Warrior and the Lt. miniature the Scout. Serena would be Mage/Healer with the Lt. miniature acting as the Mage and the hero miniature as the Healer. Anyone else think this ideal could work or would a overhaul need to be made to get the results I want? Thank you.
  11. A quick question how are the scale of tailsman miniatures compare to descent ones?
  12. Not really worried if it is a count as a figure or not, if it can be placed in the same square as a figure you can put the token there. I just like the visual. But since its a token I'm certain it'll be on the board somewhere. Rugal check this out http://www.pathfinderminis.com/gallery14.htm The Raven is down the page some.
  13. I have most of the lieutenants, the ones I don't I will buy before I start a campaign with them in it. This is what I use for familiars. I don't own anything from the first edition. Reanimate - Skeleton from Lords of Madness D&D miniatures Summoned Stones - Light blue counters glued on miniature bases Wolf - Timberwolf from Death Knell D&D miniatures Shadow Soul - Specter from Death Knell D&D miniatures I would show pictures if I knew how to upload them. All of these seem to fit in fine with the descent minis. I already got my eye on a miniature I'm going to use for the Raven in Manor of Ravens.
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