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  1. Then your issue is with the SQL Server CE installation. There's a conflict somewhere. Check to see if you have it installed, and uninstall it if you do. Alternatively, you can try removing the System.Data.SqlServerCe.dll file from the application directory and see if it works. So I got it working...but the solution is an oddity. I had to search through a lot of files on my computer to delete all the old versions of this app from it as for some reason it kept saving things in different spots. But once I cleared out everything I used the manual install - just extracted the files to a folder on my desktop and everything started up. If I could make a suggestion for a future update - an uninstall option would be helpful in case others have a similar problem.
  2. Yes the launcher is working. I have been using the Copy.com web install as well for a reinstall to see if that would solve the problem but the problem persists with the reinstall.
  3. Yes, my computer has it installed and it is up to date.
  4. Hi, so I have been noticing a problem with the app. When I start it up I can't open the character generator, it keeps crashing. The message I am getting is: ---------------------- Create characters for use with the SW Roleplaying Game System by Fantasy Flight Games. Any questions ro comments may be sent t has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. ---------------------- I have tried to start up the GM tools and data editor but neither will start up either.
  5. So I have a suggestion, but I'm not sure if its something you would want to add. So I created a new modification for starships. Basically you can trade storage space (encumbrance) to get a hard point. I set the trade rate at -25% ENC for 1 HP. Up to 75% of the ships ENC can be traded in this way. This grants the players more options to customize their ship and applies a bit of common sense in what players will often want to do to their ships. Like if you have an ENC score of 200 for that freighter of yours it stands to reason that you could reallocate some of that space for new systems. Now I know that with your character generator you could just as easily create a new starship with this concept in mind, but I figure that if a mod could be created that did this instead, it would save a few minutes of time. But great job on this program! I even blogged about it to get more people to look your way.
  6. I see, that makes sense, so its just free ranks, then you spend XP. Thanks for the help
  7. So I'm having an issue creating a droid character. My hang up comes under the "Special Abilities" section where it states that the character may train 1 rank in 6 of the 8 career skills (instead of 4) and that upon selecting their specialization the character may train 1 rank in three of their 4 specialization skills. What exactly does this mean because its really not that clear. Does it mean that I can spend XP on 6 of their class skills, because I haven't read anywhere in the book there there is that restriction on any other character. And with the second part, do you get 1 free rank in 3 of the specialization skills or how does this work? I also took a look at the free character CH-1 on the website and tried to reverse build the character, but xp in it is disproportionate to what a starting droid character would have (175xp). In Characteristics alone it looks like its got 220xp, so I can't trust the character build to help me. Any help would be appreciated.
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