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  1. I'm checking texts of Czech translation and spot an issue with grammar gender. I thing that this should be the same issue in Italian and Spanish languages. I created thread already in Media & Interactive sub-forum. I wonder if anybody report it to FFG and if it will be solved eventually:
  2. O the local board game discussion (zatrolene-hry.cz) running discussion about localization and help with proof read and error correction. It was quite simple find out that text uses stubs for inserting hero names which lead to issue with grammar gender (feminine vs masculine). I thing that this will be the same for Spanish, Italian and other languages that differ between feminine and masculine forms of adjectives, verbs or other grammar particles. I thing that our localization team will report the issue to FFG. I just wonder if other teams (SPanish, Italian, German...) run to the same issue and if it will be solved in a future release (requires an app modification) or well be kept broken?
  3. I would like to note that the box is TJENA, not TENJA as mentioned in the first post. It was little hard to find. I have though that it this box fits to KALLAX serie so I found it eventually. Herkules is quite common glue at Czechia. I'm not sure about right translation of its description but it could be "dispersion adhesive (for wood)". It glues paper, wood, leather and textile very well. It could be diluted and cleaned by water. I think that any glue for paper or wood will serve fine. @JTSleep: Thanks a lot for your idea! edit: I forgot to ask for dice tower drawings. @JTSleep do you have it drawn? Nevermind, I've got it
  4. I don't see any progress. I constantly get reported this issue: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tls-error-reports I'm quite upset with such lame custommer support
  5. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tls-error-reports TLS Error Reports When a website you visit attempts to secure communication between your computer and the website, Firefox cross-checks this attempt to ensure that the certificate and the method the website is using are actually secure. Some websites try using out-dated (no longer secure) TLS mechanisms in an attempt to secure your connection. Firefox protects you by preventing navigation to such sites if there is a problem in securely establishing a connection. When this happens, you will see an error page with the option to report the error to Mozilla. If you experience this problem, contact the owners of the website and ask them to update their TLS version to a version that is still current and still secure. So, this issue shoul be corrected by FFG's sitemaster, I think...
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