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  1. Does anyone know if FFG has plans to release more books for any of the Warhammer 40k, especially Deathwatch?
  2. Thank you so much. I just found it a few moments ago.
  3. I know I've seen it in the books somewhere but I can't remember where or what the date was. So, what's the starting date for deathwatch please and where is it recorded?
  4. Taking the Light of the Emperor into the Darkness Founding: ? Gene Seed: Imperial Fists Progenitor:? Homeworld: Oa Organization: The Green Lanterns are a Codex chapter with some exceptions. They don't have a single chapter master but are governed by a council made up of the Chief Librarian, Chief Chaplain, Master of the Forge, Master of the Fleet, Chief Apothecary, and the chapter Strategos (chief warrior). The council is designated as The Guardians. The Guardians armor colors are differentiated from the rest of the chapter, primarily blue with white trim. The Guardians display the chapter symbol in the standard colors, green and white. Chapter Symbol: A stylized green lantern on a white background. Armor colors: Face mask of helmet, torso, pauldrons, back pack, and lower legs are green. Helmet (except for the face mask), Upper arms, and upper legs are black. The lower arms and gauntlets are white. They use standard codex company and squad markings. Combat Doctrine: They follow standard codex battle doctrine but with a preference for energy weapons and just like the Imperial Fists, they generally refuse to retreat in the face of the enemy. Chapter Demeanor: Victory over Fear The Green Lanterns take the statement "they shall know no fear" as the most important virtue to be cultivated. Their training from neophyte on pushes them to confront their fears directly and conquer them. Character Creation: Just like the Imperial Fists, the betcher's gland and sus an membrane do not function. They gain +10 to willpower. Solo and squad mode abilities: I haven't figured these out yet. Chapter Hero: Sometime in the past, Brother Captain Sinestro led his company in an attempt to seize control of Oa and the chapter. Brother Captain Hal Jordan defeated Sinestro and his renegades, driving them from Oa. Sinestro re-organized his company into the regegade band known as The Left Hand (their chapter symbol is a black open hand on a yellow field. They follow a battle doctrine of utilizing terror against their enemies. I'll work on additional details later.
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