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  1. 2 Torrents give you more blocking potential, larger arc coverage, and are generally more survivable. That being said, if you are confident you dont need those in your list, and would rather have more firepower to push dmg through aces like vader and fel, go with an arc
  2. Rexler/juke/fcs 89 Duchess/Predator/5th Bro 53 Maarek Stele/Marksman/FCS/Afterburners 55 3 maneuverable aces all at init 5 so it gives you easy activation order to prevent bumping. Get the potential combo of maarek giving bad crits and then rexler exposing them again.
  3. Maarek Steele in everything, other than a crew carrier.
  4. and you'll get some in the reaper and saw's xpac
  5. Dezlin

    COTD #6: Yorr

    I've always been a fan of yorr, especially back in the day with 3 RGP w PTL before autothrusters. His ability will always make him usable with aces, especially with ptl/expertise epts around.
  6. I want a tie Punisher/ large base (either decorator or firespray) with harpoon-quality torpedoes.
  7. If the timing is the issue with TS, why not make the system require dropping the bomb at the same timing as a phantom decloak, after dials, but before anyone moves?
  8. This is my favourite quote on the citadel.
  9. As an imperial player, decimator. As a whole, 50+ point turret ships.
  10. Imperial thanks to Tie Fighter video game (its also what got me into the game in the first place). The best part of the game is the outthinking in the maneuvers, and no one does that better than empire. Granted, those green dice gods have been angry that ive been playing with my arc 170s lately...
  11. Something for the tie punisher or ewing
  12. look into those eyes and see that they are googly...
  13. I'll play 'palp aces' but never the standard ones (juno/phenir/yorr). I'd rather fly something fun than something OP, even if it means i lose store championships or tournaments.
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