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  1. honestly, with boarding teams and boarding engineers on the way (and as someone else mentioned external racks)...Raider-I's
  2. mmmhmmm, i could see that. i can also see it as an extremely valuable escape tool, even if they strip you naked and throw you in the deepest dankest cell, they are unlikely to rip your breathing apparatus off if they want you alive. so...your means of survival becomes your means of escape
  3. so...i was thinking about my Gand Shadow that im going to be playing next week...somehow got into memories of I, Jedi where Elegos uses the fact that Corran's saber hilt looks like a speeder bike grip to mislead people into thinking he was on a drunken rampage on a speederbike that went outta control. Obviously imps are going to be on the lookout for lightsabers, but as i was going for ammonia breathing Gand... disguising my shotos as a pair of ammonia cylinders in the breathing apparatus would mostly go unnoticed. Gand breathmask designs seem heavily varied and messing up life sustaining equipment on a potentially valuable prisoner is a no-no even for imps...at least the low ranking ones. so...thoughts? What schemes have you come up with to hide your lightsaber hilt from prying eyes?
  4. had a bit of a consistency problem with my blue (and it was a different blue that didn't pop quite as well against the dark grey). ...im also used to infinity minis, so my ability to paint flat surfaces has suffered
  5. I made an unofficial stat block for the U-Wing using Oggdude's data editor. I kitbashed the ETA shuttle and x and y wings, and tweaked it a bit to make it feel right.
  6. so basicly everything other than adventures has playable races in it, usually 3, equipment, and ships. The class sourcebooks also each have 3 addition specs for their respective classes along with the 2 signature abilities and a custom motivation/obligation/duty/morality table. The sector sourcebooks have good setting info and a few mini adventures on top of the races, equipment, and ships. i know one exception is stay on target from age of rebellion which not only has ships, but riding beasts as well. other than that, all i can say is if all your interested in is adding to gameplay possibilities...stay away from the adventures. they are great for ideas, but mileage may vary depending on how you DM (and if you're a player only then they are completely useless and full of spoilers should your GM run one) do some research, find out what races are in what books (most Brick and Mortar book stores allow you to "preview" before you buy, jsut crack one open and take a gander), figure out what classes youd like to play etc and go from there. (i got lucky Gand and bounty hunter gadgetteer were in the first book ever released ) hope that helps.
  7. So, one of my buddies is a HUGE Fire Emblem fan, and i feel some affection for the series myself. Other than that, we both like edge's system. Thats where the similarities end...he thinks Edge is too different(read its not locked to a single move strategy piece being your character) to appeal to hard core FE enthusiasts. I disagree, I like the flavour and the weapon triangles, and while one piece locks may be great for one offs, character development (mechanical vs RP) is a must to me for any long running campaign (read more than it takes you to get bored of your pawn). Anyway, I have an outline of 4 character classes (melee, ranged, magic, and support) each with 3 specializations, 2 Universal Specializations (Cavalry, and Generalist), A cleanup of the skills (read removed obvious technology/sci-fi based skills and added more fantasy-centric ones), and a meager attempt at races (mostly different nationalities of human). Other than that, i have the first talent tree done: the Warrior - Lancer, sheet 2 of Talent Trees Implementation of the triangles, as you can see from the Lancer sheet is done via a talent that boosts checks against one type and lowers defense vs another, and is unavoidable if you are going to get to either the dedication or any of your special attacks. Blank Talents are core talents from Edge of the Empire, and at most page references will be added. Without further ado, a link to the WIP folder (for your viewing pleasure) Empire of the Five Seals WIP If you have any comments or concerns please feel to post them here, or PM me.
  8. imagine the person with this talent is Scotty: a man so read up on and dedicated to machines and mechanics that he can work veritable magic with them...he knows the flaws and strengths of a thousand starships...he knows that the ion turbine intake of a stock t-16 skyhopper has a weak mesh protecting it and if something of sufficient weight, say a pidgeon, were to impact it it would get sucked in causing the mechanism to jam and blowing out the engine. cue nutball tech flapping an umbrella at pidgeons to spook them...and one gets sucked in stalling the fighter's forward thrust which slowly looses momentum coming to a halt far above the dunes. no strafing runs today!
  9. Vakoss, my Gand Gadgeteer w/ heavy blaster rifle defintely was kicking back to
  10. My group are running a conversion for an older system (i think d20) that had rules for language, when it came up we quickly decided on an Int based custom skill: (INT)Xenolinguisitcs: you know or can learn languages equal to Intelligence for each rank in Xenolinguistics. This is in addition to your native language and/or basic on GM discretion. To learn/understand a new language make a Xenolinguistics check.
  11. well, i kinda had my players find a 4000yo burned out dynamic-class on ord mantell and basicly rebuild it. then they went and named it the fire hawk cause i forbade them the honour of piloting the ebon hawk. that was last campaign, this time they've picked up a yt-1300 with a faulty inertial dampner. the prevoius owners (second hand ship) had named the ship the Bouncing Betty. no idea if my PCs will keep the name, or even fix the inertial dampner.
  12. i wouldnt have said yes, but now im thinking about it. what do you guys think? they can do it, but only at great expense in resources and time and with the possibility of ruining the ship.
  13. i have laminated compies of 2 of 9LittleBees NPC sheets and one of the Combat Tracker from the resource thread. these are for throw away NPCs (or protracted engagements) where im only using the characters for one session. I use a wet erase pen on them so they are reusable but do not spontaneously wipe. I'll see how this works tomorrow. Im also using some graph paper and deck plans in binder pocket sheets (the clear plastic ones) so that my players and i can mark pc and npc locations with dry erase pens. the dry erase just wipes off where as the wet erase adheres unles wet. if you are on a budget i suggest this method as they are $1.00 for 10 at a dollar store and are reusable (slide a different sheet in them and away you go).
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