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  1. Does a Mechadendrite gain the users Strength bonus to its damage, including the Dendrite Blade, Mechatendril and Plauge Claw? Are there any written rules on this anywhere?
  2. So Im looking at playing a Thousand Sons and looking over the starting skills, Im wondering if they count towards my Alignment? If not, where does my alignment start? Also the stat bonuses, do they take the place of stat advancements? ie doe +5 WP mean I have to take WP Intermediate for my next advancement or are the bonuses exclusive? What about racial bonuses?
  3. I would say, the player must land a killing blow to the chest, without using a called shot and then before the crit effects are activated, the player must pass a -10 Strength test to cut\tear free the skull and spine. Fail results in normal crit result, cant be done with I or X damage weapons. Requires one free hand or to drop their weapon as they pull out the bones (still drop on a fail) Gives it some challenge and risk, specially if in the middle of combat. As for the perils, I get the impression the character should be actively trying to pull off two results of perils, not simply stumble across it. The intent should clearly be stated either before or after the first perils (depending how leniant you are)
  4. I love that this discussion has been going for 3 years
  5. I think the rules for a planetary bombardment are in BFK, and it would seem it's a slow and difficult process which leaves a ship vulnerable and warp capable ships are an extremely rare and expensive resource. Looking at the potential pf of a hive from SoI, a ship is worth at least 3 fully developed hive worlds. Also, planets are vast. The amount of time and munitions it would take to remove an invasion force soly with bombardments, especially if it was planet wide
  6. Battle fleet koronus is a must have for any game that has more than a passing interest in ships. Good range of NPC ships from different races Beastery has a very gstrong list of races including their weapons and philosophy. Rules for xeno generation Stars of inequaty is worth picking up, just be prepared to add in a house rule or two. System, planet, treasure generation plus rules/guide lines for colonies Into the Storm augments the core rules
  7. Dark Pact to improve your troops. Necrons struggle to get back up when put down by your troops fire, power flows less reliably, causing issues such as miss fire temporary loss of controle etc. Throw some Exterminous Torpedos at any planet you find them on. Leave and never come back. Capture one and take it to the Mechanicus. I advise transporting, even a Warrior, on a ship you wont miss should it be destroyed and dont hang around the Mechanicus planet longer than you have too, just in case. Let them come up with an answer.
  8. Having just started in Black Crusade, Im keen to expand my library but have a limited budget (who doesnt) So, what books are a must and what should I try to get first? Primarily Ill be playing as a DM
  9. Last dark heresy game, I gave the party one primary task and two secondary tasks. One of the players didn't trust that the informant was working for their inquisitor, so they ignored their primary objective. Fast forward and the subject of their primary objective declares them enemy's of the state. Theyp party hears this second hand from a kill team sent after them, so to see if its true, two members of the group walk into the arbitrats HQ and asks if their wanted or not. Game over. That was kinda funny though. The last D&D 4e game I was doing, essentials had just added a change to the way rogues deal extra damage. My group was well aware that I disliked essentials and had banned the vast majority of their stuff in the past with no complaints. But one of my players wants to play a rogue and wants this new Change to damage. So he asks and I politely decline.all is fine. Except, for the next three weeks, every time I see him and mmultiple times while he's around, he says things like 'so your giving me that buff right?' Fun and games at first but he asked constantly regardless of how many times I explained no, that I lost all will to DM. That was my last 4e game =(
  10. After nearly a year irl time of meaning a carrier, I'm well aware of how devastating bomber are, but are there any fancy tricks you can do with your craft? I'm thinking things like forward scouting, ambush, targeted attacks on external components etc Just something to break upthe monotony of launching bombers and waiting for the to return from enemy ship/hulk.
  11. Re the complaint about the amount of space required, have you not seen any of the art work in the books? The Imperium is all about grand gestures of worship, not efficient use of space. Take into consideration the number of statues, shrines, paintings and stained glass that will be built into the holy tech you are employing. Regardless of a particular rogue traders feelings towards the religions of the imperium, those who craft, man and maintain imperial tech are trained from birth to be zealous in their faith. Consider less what would be optimal in such a rigid environment and consider more the potential encounter settings or room for the players to add additional quirks to their ship, getting more invested.
  12. If you read enough about the gods, youll see everything you have put is attributed to them, so your on the right track. One thing to remember is, while these entities are The God of Slaughter, for instance, that doesnt mean that other gods arnt really really good at it as well. For instance, a charismatic individual who sparks a system wide rebellion that results in bloody conflicts and the deaths of millions, could easily do so in Korns name without ever lifting a fist. A Tech Priest may dedicate his life to crafting the strongest engines, the sharpest blades or the most accurate guns and sell his soul to Slannesh to gain such mastery A Chief Chirurgeon may unleash a deadly disease on a planet to kill off/distract the population so he can loot an ancient vault and recover a lost relic of Tzeench Just think outside the box *wise nod*
  13. I haven't seen any since he died so I wasn't aware there was another. But yes the canser occurred to me too =)
  14. Movie bad guys Mr Glass, Unbreakable Kills hundreds of people to find his destined counter part. Tzeench The Rock, DOOM (yes I failed on names) Kills because its nessisary turns into mass murder of civilians. Korn House, House Addiction and self destructive nature, risks his life just to get high. Murderous tendencies while high (Chase with the strawberry body butter, swollen guy with robotic surgeon when he gets shot) . slannesh Jigsaw SAW Gives people joy to be alive, takes great pride in his work and those he chooses. Nurgle The last one is a little abstract but I think people will get what I mean
  15. I was looking at what grants a player corruption and I noticed that a player gains the same corruption for doing something that pleases their god (ie khorn, beating a superior number of equal strength foes) as for failing them (ie khorn, being defeated one to one in combat). I understand the failing, but the reward seems like something that should be avoided, particularly if their getting close to their corruption limit. Am I missing something or not quite understanding something?
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