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  1. CerseisAdvocate

    Why is the TIE V1 linked action so?

    I think he is talking about the Stress token.
  2. CerseisAdvocate

    So ... this X-wing is also a game ?

    The TIE Fighter already got an updated model with the gozanti (and first order). I hope we will get this model with a classic paintjob in the core set.
  3. CerseisAdvocate

    Can you reload and Extra Munitions Token?

    No, why should it?
  4. CerseisAdvocate

    Ultimate Guard 14 pocket card sheets binder?

    I have no Idea where to find the right binder but one of these should help you make them fit in all the wrong binders.
  5. CerseisAdvocate

    Synced Turret

    Getting a TL on the right enemy is tricky and TLT is just too good (I am still convinced TLT in its present form wouldnd be overpriced if it costs double). If the Synced turret had at least range 3 I would like to try it on a ship with deadeye.
  6. CerseisAdvocate

    I was sorting out my upgrade cards....

    The Problem is not only thecards but also the slots. Imperials ships tend to have less upgrade options when RebelScum while most of the broken combos we see include ships with extensive update slots. And the imperial ships that have a full upgrade bar tend to have it filled with the useless double torp double rocket combo. So to change things we do not only need more imperial specific upgrades but also new upgrade slots. One way would be a TIE-Upgrade slot. like every TIE ship can equipt an aditional upgrade as long as it is TIE only. Or go a different way and include Squadron-Cards for the empire that buff generics. Something like 'If all your ships are TIE-Interceptors and you have only one unique you get 20% Points extra."
  7. CerseisAdvocate

    What if TLT wasn’t in the game?

    If there was no TLT: - Other Turrets would be used. - Arcs would matter. - Metagame was more diverse - FFG would give us proper fixes for Y-Wings and HWKs
  8. CerseisAdvocate

    Scum skipped for wave 13 and 14 = big scum wave incoming?

    Scum is rotating out, where will be no more Expansions for Scum.
  9. CerseisAdvocate

    Please improve your Front End

    Sry to be so harsh, but what kind of CSS scrub had the bright Idea to combine a glaring white overall look with lonly color choices like dark grey fonts on darker grey backgrounds. Please do revise your website. If you can't just send me your CSS files and I will do it.
  10. CerseisAdvocate

    Not like this.

    **** If it was X and Y wing I would have bought 2 or 3 packs to upgrade all my x/y-wings. But This... 1U-Wing is enough for me, 2 is plenty I won't invest in more.
  11. CerseisAdvocate

    Fear the Reaper?

    I think the upgrade bar is pretty underwhelming.
  12. CerseisAdvocate

    New X-Wing model: articulated s-foils!

    Now I see.
  13. CerseisAdvocate

    New X-Wing model: articulated s-foils!

    That design wouldn't be able to close them. You could fold the 'Open' and 'Wide Open' but you could never close them.
  14. CerseisAdvocate

    targeting scramblers worst upgrade in game?

    You are not alone I do not get it too. I actually have a deja vu. When they published the first preview for the Gunboat they where all like "Look at this super cool EPT called 'Saturation Fire'" and write basically a whole article how great this pice of **** would bee and I just asked myself "Why would you want THAT?"
  15. CerseisAdvocate

    Introducing .....breakfast.

    coffee lots of coffee (and what the kids left over)