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  1. I feel like the Battle of Laketown could have been a Hobbit saga scenario.
  2. Opened and sleeved my haul from the latest restock including the last 3 Saga expansions I needed. Also noticed today that I seem to be missing the first 3 Quest cards for The Lonely Mountain. Don't know where they went 😡 😭 On the Doorstep was not a recent purchase....hopefully the cards are just hiding in the wrong divider.
  3. I may just keep mine since the actual text boxes are intact. I guess you still haven't heard back?
  4. I figured gondorian fire or blood of numenor would factor into a solo deck somewhere. 😄
  5. I'll probably try a few more times trying to kill the guardians before traveling and not threating out. The time effects will be interesting. Thanks all!
  6. Killing them is probably a good idea but even that will take a few additional rounds. I tried that once and got location locked. Some of the locations in this quest do some unpleasant things too.
  7. It almost isn't worth playing as I know exactly when I am going to lose every time, over and over. When you travel to the Hallowed Circle at the end, each guardian attacks, then the combat phase is next. You have to defend 6 boss level attacks in a row. Then if you don't manage to quest through on the next turn (which requires a minimum of 12), you immediately have to defend 3 more boss attacks. I'm just skipping over this one for now, maybe I'll look up a custom built deck later.
  8. I got a restock notification from Miniature Market around 6pm EST. 9pm EST now and Treason of Saruman/Land of Shadow have gone in 3 hours from 20+ in stock to under 5! Mountain of Fire went from 20+ to gone. Also, any idea on what is going on with the Dream Chaser cycle? It isn't even listed anywhere on the "upcoming" page and it wasn't part of the restock. I only need The Thing in the Depths and Temple of the Deceived to complete my collection.
  9. Okay, I will try an exchange. I hadn't ordered POD before so I wasn't sure to what extent printing errors were acceptable. Thanks for the info Wandalf!
  10. So I ordered a bunch of the POD scenarios and I know quality can vary on them. For the most part, 6 of the 7 are pretty good. My copy of The Massing at Osgiliath though has every single "C" missing. I have "TREA HERY" and "LO ATION" cards, I have a " UT OFF" treachery and a few "WAT HOWERS" and a "WIT HKING". I bought from MiniatureMarket and wonder if this is a particularly bad copy or if I should just keep it. I don't know what their exchange policy is in terms of shipping either. Thanks!
  11. There was a tweet somewhere from FFG that said a very small amount of the reprint stock went to their store. The rest is for other merchants. I think I saw it on reddit.
  12. I recently had a similar question because I was attaching objectives (like an orc prisoner) to Beorn. Beorn cannot have attachments and in the FAQ it seems that once an objective attaches to you, it is treated as an attachment. So as I understand it, I wasn't able to attach objectives (such as the swords from The Three Trials) to Beorn. So in reference to your question, if the objective is now treated as an attachment, I would assume it is subject to effects. Here is the FAQ quote thanks to Wandalf the Gizzard from my previous post Any objective card that attaches to another card is treated as an attachment in addition to its other card types. Any non-objective card that attaches to another card loses its original card type and gains the attachment card type. The “Attach to...” rules text on an attachment is only a play restriction, and is not taken into account after the card is already attached.
  13. ah! Thanks for the response. I didn't attach any of the keys to him in the three trials....maybe i'll go back through the other quests. Seriously though, what better way to keep an orc in line that put him with a bear!
  14. nice boxes! having all those empty red spots on the game mat would drive me nuts, haha. I have the FFG 4 player mat that has outlines for the encounter deck which I like. The 4 player mat seems just the right size for me playing solo.
  15. So I just finished the three quests in the Voice of Isengard using the "bear on a boat" deck from ringsdb. Beorn hero says he cannot have attachments. For the quests "to catch an orc" and "into fangorn" you have Mugash the orc as an objective. Once I cleared the encounter I attached him to Beorn for both quests....is this allowed? The objective card is not labeled as an attachment even though you are attaching so I figured it was ok.
  16. haha, no worries. I just made an error about a guarded Grima objective and eventually found the answer on a several year old post.
  17. It likes Riddles? says "the first player must choose to answer the riddle on this card" so doesn't that take your choice away? You have to answer it. Now, since you've answered it, if you find a match you must do the second. If you don't pass the first riddle you aren't forced into the second.
  18. Hope its more than just Dread Realm stuff!
  19. Maybe I read Grima wrong. Grima's card says "If free of encounters, the first player gains control of Grima". So you have to clear the Islet and then I took "free of encounters" to mean you are not currently engaged with an enemy. Maybe I interpreted it wrong. Going for theme....Grima is a scaredy-cat and wont come to you until there is a break in the fighting. http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Grima-Objective-Ally-VoI In terms of progress, I thought excess willpower did not carry over to the next quest stage so you clear the Islet, take control of Grima if able and then flip to 2B and your quest stage is over whether you have excess progress or not.
  20. So am I right in saying that the time mechanic, for any quest stage other than 1A, you are basically starting at 1 less than what is printed? For example, I passed stage 1 but couldn't advance until I took control of Grima. Can't take control of Grima until I have no enemies engaged. So during combat I defeated the last enemy, took control of Grima and immediately then advance to stage 2. Stage 2 has a "time" mechanic and the time counter goes down at the end of the refresh phase....and refresh is my next step. This happens again between stage 2 and 3. Since you cannot advance to the next stage until at least completing the quest phase, you will reduce the time counter by 1 on the new stage before you ever get a chance to quest on the new stage.
  21. I'm hoping reprints are coming and they have just slowed due to all the other new stuff FFG has going on. I don't trust the "upcoming" page because last year I needed the Ring Maker cycle and it showed "on the boat". Got an in stock alert from CoolStuffInc, ordered the cycle and it eventually sold out again. After it sold out, the upcoming page still had it as "on the boat". Currently there are only 4 things "at the printer". That seems awfully low as I know I've seen 10 or more things at a time "at the printer". So hold out hope and set up some re-stock alerts from the stores.
  22. Used some Xmas money to pick up The Grey Havens, The Sands of Harad, The Flame of the West and The Wilds of Rhovannion at my local game shop. Now to try and find the associated adventure packs and the remaining saga expansions. Spent today sleeving and updating my collection of cards at RingsDB.
  23. I just do what is written on the card. I am behind in purchasing though so most of my stuff may have the corrections except for the Mirkwood cycle and maybe some Dwarrowdelf.
  24. https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/09/13/pandemic-catan-carcassonne-and-more-board-games-coming-to-switch Not a phone, but more portable than a PC.
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