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    Hope its more than just Dread Realm stuff!
  2. mewmartigan

    Time mechanic - Fords of Isen

    Maybe I read Grima wrong. Grima's card says "If free of encounters, the first player gains control of Grima". So you have to clear the Islet and then I took "free of encounters" to mean you are not currently engaged with an enemy. Maybe I interpreted it wrong. Going for theme....Grima is a scaredy-cat and wont come to you until there is a break in the fighting. http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Grima-Objective-Ally-VoI In terms of progress, I thought excess willpower did not carry over to the next quest stage so you clear the Islet, take control of Grima if able and then flip to 2B and your quest stage is over whether you have excess progress or not.
  3. So am I right in saying that the time mechanic, for any quest stage other than 1A, you are basically starting at 1 less than what is printed? For example, I passed stage 1 but couldn't advance until I took control of Grima. Can't take control of Grima until I have no enemies engaged. So during combat I defeated the last enemy, took control of Grima and immediately then advance to stage 2. Stage 2 has a "time" mechanic and the time counter goes down at the end of the refresh phase....and refresh is my next step. This happens again between stage 2 and 3. Since you cannot advance to the next stage until at least completing the quest phase, you will reduce the time counter by 1 on the new stage before you ever get a chance to quest on the new stage.
  4. mewmartigan


    I'm hoping reprints are coming and they have just slowed due to all the other new stuff FFG has going on. I don't trust the "upcoming" page because last year I needed the Ring Maker cycle and it showed "on the boat". Got an in stock alert from CoolStuffInc, ordered the cycle and it eventually sold out again. After it sold out, the upcoming page still had it as "on the boat". Currently there are only 4 things "at the printer". That seems awfully low as I know I've seen 10 or more things at a time "at the printer". So hold out hope and set up some re-stock alerts from the stores.
  5. Used some Xmas money to pick up The Grey Havens, The Sands of Harad, The Flame of the West and The Wilds of Rhovannion at my local game shop. Now to try and find the associated adventure packs and the remaining saga expansions. Spent today sleeving and updating my collection of cards at RingsDB.
  6. mewmartigan

    Errata: How do you deal with them?

    I just do what is written on the card. I am behind in purchasing though so most of my stuff may have the corrections except for the Mirkwood cycle and maybe some Dwarrowdelf.
  7. https://www.ign.com/articles/2018/09/13/pandemic-catan-carcassonne-and-more-board-games-coming-to-switch Not a phone, but more portable than a PC.
  8. It's coming to Nintendo Switch in April 2019! This may get me to play it in addition to the physical card game. EDIT: Haven't found an article link yet but it was covered in the Nintendo Direct happening now.
  9. If its my first time playing it, I play it totally blind. Usually that ends up in a big "oh crap, didn't see that coming" moment. I also try to run the same deck through an entire cycle so I will try several times before making deck changes.
  10. Maybe I worded it wrong. I actually don't do deck building....I don't really have a lot of time to play and don't know all the cards well enough. I pull decklists from RingsDB all the time and then build them. It can just take time with such a large collection of cards (and I am still missing a bunch) to return the cards from the previous deck and pull the cards for the new one. This is also why I try to take a single deck through a whole cycle.
  11. This is how I feel. Haven't played OCTGN and won't play the digital version. I like the card game, I like the cards and art and I really like having a fun game that is NOT in front of a computer or TV screen. Having said that, I do agree that sometimes rifling through the cards to build the decks can take a while even though I have them all boxed and separated out with dividers.
  12. mewmartigan

    How do you play LOTR LCG?

    I only have cards up through the Angmar Awakened sequence. I love the game but not deck building. I use my whole collection, find a deck that seems neat on Ringsdb and then try to go through a cycle or more with it. I like thematic decks. I am waiting to start a saga run through until I have all the boxes. I only have hobbit and fellowship of the ring so far.
  13. mewmartigan

    Reprints - will they ever get “off the boat”?

    yeah, I had been waiting for Ringmaker too and noticed the same thing back in mid-2017. I'm not sure how reliable the "upcoming" page is or if some of the status updates just fell through the cracks. Either way, I started using the "notify me when back in stock" at Coolstuffinc to determine when stuff comes in. I got the Ringmaker cycle in 2017 even though the status "on the boat" has never changed.
  14. mewmartigan

    Attacks & Defense with Exhausted Characters?

    If you haven't watched it yet, the tutorial does a very good job of explaining the basic rules in video form. It goes over exhausting characters for various phases of the game, etc. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/the-lord-of-the-rings-the-card-game/ follow the link and select "tutorial" just under the game banner at the top of page.
  15. mewmartigan

    Blood of Gondor - The Cross-Roads

    Okay, just finished the scenario and I probably answered my own question. The encounter deck is small enough it was recycled so The Cross-Roads did come back up during stage 2B. This was actually a great help as my siege questing ability was in much better shape than my battle questing. I kept it in the staging area for the remainder of the game. And when I played, I dealt the hidden card first, then activated Denethor. I guess I could use the action window in the planning phase to use Denethor and look at what will become the hidden card instead...