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  1. Kir Kanos. The truest badass imperial guard. PTL being an auto include on an interceptor is a myth perpetrated by hack pilots who believe the abilities to reposition twice or turtle make them aces. Come fly in my asteroid field. On Soontir I can give it to ya, but I'm sure you also doubt the beauty of mini echo, AKA Lt. Lorrir. Yeah yeah pilot skill blah blah... It's the meta, but EPT's don't make or break a great ship. Autothrusters revive the desire to know how to fly around your opponent, like this is meant to be played.
  2. Just because three people at one store did well with this list simply proves that they figured out the meta AT THAT STORE. While I do applaud the gutsy choice to leave 14 points on the table, it seems like it was a well thought out strategy. 2 ship lists are a huge part of the meta now, in case you have been under a rock, because waves 4 and 5 are all about the PS. Also, I'd like to know more about this variety of lists they went up against. I hope somebody brings this list this Saturday.
  3. There has been something I've noticed, that I can no longer keep my mouth shut about, that plagues the x-wing community. Babies. Everyone is spreading their seed and creating young, helpless, demanding people of the future. When will you learn that this is in the way of your barrel rolls like that big asteroid. You think you are Dash Rendarn but you child is the pit of sarlacc. BELIEVE! No one escapes. Children love to pretend they care, but like Anak in the only thing they care about is themselves and ice cream. Are you an ice cream jedi? Yoda was. Believe me. This is a problem. Don't leave the ones you've spawned, as they are you soon to be victorious opponents, but instead get that vasectomy, or get the lady on the bc. Behold the power of children on x-wing, look at their works, and weep.
  4. About 4-5 Mondays 3 on Thursdays and 4 in tournaments every other weekend.
  5. Perhaps this was brought up before(at the airport, no time for 8 pages of what you think) but all kidding aside(I'll read it when I'm home) the problem I see in TIEfighter's excellent article(if I may call it that) is that where would we buy the rogue squadorn card? I agree with TIEFighter's thoughts but enough players ***** and moan about having to buy the transport or the corvette to get what they "need." Where should ffg apply this? I want to make clear that I think this the best idea I've read. Paul Heaver is quoted with something like this, "It's sad that people don't use unique pilots enough." We should see all the moves away from generics as a function of the designers' sympathy with this statement. Maybe we should let go of the past? Maybe rookies are the future? The name doesn't do much for me, and I think rookies should die out. Long live unique pilots: long live pilot skill choices.
  6. I think instead of poking fun at Starkiller for his ideas we should grind him into oblivion for not believing in the power of the Empire. Interceptors' boost is coming. It is called autothrusters. If also helps those bi*ch a-wings from the scourge of the turrets. X-wings barrel rolling is a travesty. They aren't as maneuverable. Period. Unless we want change all game mechanics and give all ships that have barrel roll as an action now the ability to barrel for free. No action. Just barrel roll every time. Wave five is the debut of 2 ship lists being legit, as the galactic cup showed. Defenders don't need a boost. Play three with ion cannons against Dash, or the Rear Admiral, and see how you like that, because the dark side in you will rejoice with the fire and hatred of winning despicably. If anything needs a fix. It should be slow, deliberate, and done by wave. Which wave are we fixing? Let's "boost" ships, as was suggested, not "fix" them, unless entirely necessary.
  7. Personally I've been flown off the board in a tourney, though it was from attempting a red maneuver while stressed. It was a mistake I'll never forget. I think not taking the winning play is doing a disservice to your opponent, by robbing them of a learning experience. Fly casual means don't be a prick about how the game turns out. I see no reason to feel bad for making the winning choice. It is how everyone gets better at the game. Emmanuel Lasker didn't get great at chess because his opponents took it easy on him. It truly is your choice on what to do in situations such as this, but if I make this mistake, I'll expect you to fly me off the board, because that is what you can expect from me.
  8. Don't forget about blocking actions. MF is powerless against it. Fat Han just needs one thing to push him off the table, and that is called focused fire. At half your squad points we should expect no less. Everyone should realize that each squad we build involves sacrifices, and yeah, maybe we can't run four interceptors anymore. Maybe what is upsetting people is the need to be creative on your list and finding out that somebody's falcons just work better. How come no one ever thinks, "maybe my opening is wrong?" Little mistakes add up in this game, so get in there and funk those falcons up.
  9. The game will always be about maneuvering. If it wasn't, turret weapons wouldn't exist to cover those X-wings' asses. Stay on Target penalizes players for not choosing to chase after highest pilot skill. Making the game much more balanced. 3 rebel lists with out YTs (either) will be able to handle 5 rebel lists, because we are all the Fettigator. People run the Super-Hans because they frightened by their ability to accurately predict what might happen with a phantom or an interceptor and maneuver properly. When is the last time you saw a missile on a YT? How is the YT rewarded for their maneuvering well? (Especially now that Expert handling has been nerfed?) YT's didn't break the maneuvering dynamic, and stay on target won't either. Outmaneuver says everything. I also can personally assure everyone that ramming Super-Han with the Decimator and handing him an extra stress for shooting rebel captive, along with Mara Jade on top of his ptl is going to be very satisfying.
  10. Attack Squadrons is the light at this tunnel. It would be fun however to be able to play X-wing minis on my phone against all you great guys, gals, and everyone in between. FFG should just make the mobile version cost $15. For the cost of a ship, we'd be able to take our strategies to test immediately. I don't think it would stop us from buying the minis either, as that is the beauty of the game. What chess player prefers the screen to the touch, feel, and space of a real board? My interest in The Star Wars Universe has been reignited periodically over the years due to games like X-wing, the Star Wars battlefront series, and most dramatically X-wing miniatures. Each of these games, and I'm sure the many other games (of all varieties) y'all have played, are thankfully not interchangeable. I've even grown interest in FFG's RPGs. It's a wonderful time to be Star Wars fan.
  11. First off, big ups to FFG for making a game with depth. There is no other game I would spend such money on and still be tickled and pleased. Now that I have many of the ships that I want, am saving for wave 4 and love the quality of the models, let me get to the point; I want more pilot options. I'm looking specifically at the bombers, but I'm sure there are others to consider (y-wings?). How about CARD boosters? I have my limit for how many bombers I want to run in epic, I would like, however, to have a more higher PS options. Why can a bomber only have one bomb? Maybe a mod that allows me to equip two bombs?? Why am I stuck with only two high priced bombers who aren't really capable to lay on the hurt with bombs? Or designed to use bombs? This is a great expansion market that requires purchase of the miniatures, but doesn't penalize me for having already bought 4-6 bombers. I write this with the full understanding that making games is a business. What would CARD BOOSTERS have in them? A $5 booster pack, where I know what I'm getting would: A) keep me buying. B) not break my bank. C) give me the customization options to open this game to higher strategic levels. X-wings aren't the only ships with pilots. Set us free FFG. If the EU runs out of options, create more. Disney is retooling everything! Let X-wing miniatures players be on the ground floor.
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