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    butterbaste reacted to heychadwick in 2015 Regionals Results   
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    butterbaste reacted to SPECPOL in New Raider preview focusing on TIE Advanced is up   
    No- FFG, anticipating some confusion, has listed Juno's updated maneuver dial, as seen below and in the original post.

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    butterbaste reacted to TasteTheRainbow in What I don't understand: The desire to "fix" the X-Wing   
    Their performance at World's and through the Store Champ season puts them down as one of the worst ships in the game. Sure some small number of people did alright with them, but they fought an uphill battle.
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    butterbaste reacted to MajorJuggler in What I don't understand: The desire to "fix" the X-Wing   
    The X-wing has been overpriced since wave 1 relative to the TIE Fighter.
    Citation: math.
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    butterbaste reacted to thor0298 in Freakin' Stormtroopers   
    What white paint did you use? I tried his method and mine looked like your. I was using a citadel layer white. I switched to the base white and coverage was better
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    butterbaste reacted to Ugreevy in Han and luke   
    A wip shot of the next 3 rebels

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    butterbaste reacted to Ugreevy in Han and luke   
    my first go at the imperial assault models. Still need to do the bases.

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    butterbaste reacted to Ominous Galactic Sunfish in 2015 Store Championship Results   
    Since no one else has put them up, here are the results from Games of Berkeley Store Championship (that I won!  with a HWK!).  4 rounds of Swiss and then a cut to top 8.
    Jake (VI, Chardaan, Outmaneuver, AT, Title)
    Jan (VI, IonT, EU)
    Tarn (R7)
    Han (LW, C3PO, Gunner, MF, EU)
    Tycho (VI, PRockets, Title, AT, PtL)
    top 4:
    2xBlack Sun Soldier (Feedback Array)
    2xPirate (Feedback Array)
    2xThug (Autoblaster Turret, Unhinged)
    top 4:
    Han (VI, C3PO, gunner, MF, EU)
    remaining top 8:
    Chiraneau (VI, RC, Gunner, EU), Whisper (VI, FCS, ACD)
    IG88-BC (Pred, SJ, Mangler, Damp, AT, Title)
    Soontir (PtL, AT, SD, RGT), Vessery (FlechetteC, LW), OGP (Vader, Tactician)
    Han (Pred, C3PO, R2D2, MF, EU), Jake (Title, Chardaan, PtL, AT), Bandit
    The top game was interesting because it was untimed - against the other 2 Han lists (one in Swiss and one in the first round after the cut) I killed things and ran away, but this time I knew I had to take down Han first.  I had Han close to a corner with 2 HP left and thought I knew he was going to turn left... and he turned right!   Unfortunately for my opponent that move meant that Han flew off the board the next round, leaving Tycho up against all of my ships (or maybe my ships minus the Z, I'm having trouble remembering).  Took a long time to pin him down (and the rockets did some serious damage to Tarn) - but I finally landed an ion shot with Jan.  Some fancy flying got the ionized Tycho to run into Jan (he had given me initiative), leaving Tarn with a range 1 shot, target lock + focus + extra die from Jan, versus no tokens on Tycho.  Since Tycho was at 2 HP death was assured when I got 5 hits, but a bad roll meant I would have finished him even at full health.
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    butterbaste reacted to Stromboli in Share your customized work here...   
    I've done a couple custom maps. Here is the latest.

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    butterbaste reacted to Sideslip in Almost All Playmats Just Got Nerfed   
    The part that bothers me is that the rule does matter for regionals and store championships. Nearly all of my local stores held a store championship. One that doesn't have a lot of gaming space squeezed us in wall-to-wall so that we could play, and they didn't even charge an entry fee. Next year, according to these rules, the store would have to purchase 7 mats to support this year's turnout again. I don't want to see stores backing out of tournament support because of things like this.
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    butterbaste reacted to ficklegreendice in Almost All Playmats Just Got Nerfed   
    phantoms and playmats
    it's official, FFG hates "P"
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    butterbaste reacted to Lord Markgraf in Almost All Playmats Just Got Nerfed   
    I respect and understand their policy on the miniatures in tournament play, but this whole mat issue has just ensured I will never buy one of theirs.
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    butterbaste reacted to WickedGrey in Almost All Playmats Just Got Nerfed   
    I suspect that rule is going to be quietly ignored by the vast majority of venues.
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    butterbaste reacted to TIE Pilot in Flight Test of the New Phantom   
    Just finished a game with the new phantom, using Echo, VI, Intelligence Agent, Sensor Jammer and Advanced Cloaking Device.
    It's like it's less of a nerf and more of a changed ship. Planning maneuvers is no longer "pick the hard 1 or the two bank and work it out when you do it", you have to plan your entire maneuver then, with your only adjustment being barrel roll (and that as always costs you your action). Where you end up is pretty much defined before dials start flipping up. It's certainly strange planning out a maneuver with two templates.
    One thing worth remembering is it still hits just as hard as before. It's still a very good ship, it's just much more of a phantom and less of a Super Interceptor. Intelligence Agent was far less helpful than I anticipated.
    The main thing now is that it plays the maneuver game. The phantom's cloak was always "the phantom is in one of these three (or six) positions", except before it was impossible to guess which one as the phantom player could change it. Now you're locked into one decloak and the poker game of guessing maneuvers is very much back: it's possible to guess where it'll go correctly, while before every guess was wrong because the answer changes based on your actions.
    My opponent's impression was "it's a hell of a lot less annoying."
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    butterbaste reacted to Tvboy in Flight Test of the New Phantom   
    Yep, I playtested Whisper with it and it basically just plays like a real X-Wing ship now, you don't get to change your maneuver anymore after you've seen where the opponent's ships have moved without giving up 3 points, your system slot and your action for the turn.
    Playing with the new Phantom rules made me realize how broken the old Phantom rules were, and I don't mean overpowered, I mean like, just completely broke how the game is supposed to work where every ship has to lock in its maneuver before getting to see where the other ships have moved.
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    butterbaste reacted to AtomicFryingPan in Phantoms just got nerfed, hardcore   
    Phantoms also become really good blockers now.
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    butterbaste reacted to Sideslip in Phantoms just got nerfed, hardcore   
    When you have people winning store championships with only 86 points, it's reasonably safe to assume that something in those 86 points is badly undercosted.
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    butterbaste reacted to kryzak in Phantoms just got nerfed, hardcore   
    It does fish the hyper maneuverability, but I feel it pretty much kills the named phantoms as they are now too expensive, fragile, and can't arc dodge as well as a cheaper Soontir.
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    butterbaste reacted to DarkTemplars in New painter question about blushing (and an introduction)   
    For priming, it isn't really a big deal since you're going to paint over it anyway. If it happens when you clear coat your model, just wait until the humidity is lower and throw another coat of clear over it.
    On primer use, I've gotten away from using Krylon or the cheap Wal-Mart sprays. If I spray, I use Privateer Press P3 spray. If I brush prime, it's either Vallejo model primer or gesso if it has really fine detail. I've had better results even though it's a little more expensive.
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    butterbaste reacted to Leveton in Sorastro's Painting   
    Well, Sorastro got pinned to the top of the painting board. I think that makes it official, Sorastro is the guru of Imperial Assault painting.
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    butterbaste reacted to Elkerlyc in Whisper vs Soontir: Initiative?   
    As a player who often brings Soontir; I prefer to move last.
    The ability to move out of arc is golden. Rebel Captive hardly bothers me.
    Simply do not use PTL and opt for one action. (ideally move/BR out of arc, otherwise I prefer evade)
    Shoot at Phantom with RC means stress = free focus for defense.
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    butterbaste reacted to Blail Blerg in Whisper vs Soontir: Initiative?   
    I cannot like you enough.  
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    butterbaste reacted to Vykk Draygo in Expecting Gama Trade Show Announcement?   
    Personally I for one am really glad that the info on new releases has kinda slowed down. I enjoy seeing what we are going to be getting but it's really nice to be enjoying my wave 6 and the boards aren't lit up with how this ship that's coming is going to change the way we play. This is the first time in awhile that I have had a wave in hand and getting to explore it before it's completely forgotten in favor of the next wave.
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    butterbaste reacted to mrfroggies in Emon   
    Doug Kinney wrote a blog post on Emon, you can see here http://teamcovenant.com/hothie/2015/03/08/the-slingshot/
    I wouldn't under estimate bombs.  They are much better then torpedoes or missiles.
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    butterbaste reacted to nechromus in Sorastro's Painting   
    Thanks for sharing those videos. We are a pair friends that are painting the whole set. I have to admit that I am not a fast painter so usually the minis are not finished before we move to from one game to the next. But your videos encouraged my friend to paint the bulk of the set and he is really fast thanks to your videos. 
    I think we will be playing fully painted in about 1 week. (my contribution just being the AT-ST and the guys in the red robes ;-) )
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