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    What beats chirpy and fel?

    Tarnation: Tarn Mison - R7 and Hull Upgrade Bandit x6
  2. butterbaste

    Freakin' Stormtroopers

    I used the CItadel base white ("Ceramite") which is highly pigmented.
  3. butterbaste

    New to Painting

    There are many strong opinions about priming, it seems. Some people say white, others black or gray. My take on it is that white primer lets you get much brighter colors but black gives you deeper colors. I did all my priming for IA in black except for the storm troopers which I did in white and the AT-ST I did gray. For varnish just use Testors Dullecote as Sorastro suggests, its awesome.
  4. butterbaste

    2015 Store Championship Results

    With a Rebel HWK, no less. Good flying!
  5. Hello, I've been lurking here admiring everyone's pictures since the painting forum started. I recently started painting miniatures, having only painted a couple of my X-wing ships prior to starting on the Imperial assault starter box. I am nearly done painting the starter game, its been great fun and largely successful considering my lack of experience (thank you Sorastro for the videos!). I picked up the first round of expansions this weekend and got down to cleaning them up and priming but something new happened this time. I got a strange effect on my minis which I have discovered is called "blushing", this apparently occurs when painting in high humidity and sure enough it was raining last night. So finally, my question: will this "blushing" have a negative effect if I continue to paint my minis as they are or will they be OK? I'd rather do it right from the start so if I need to strip them and start over tell me now. TL;DR I primed my minis in high humidity and they "blushed", are they OK to paint or should I strip them and re-prime? Thanks! And thank you for posting your collections, its great to see so many different ideas. I'll post pics once I get my Trandoshans done.
  6. Thanks, DarkTemplars, exactly the answer i was hoping for. Someone warned me about spraying clear coat in high humidity when I first started so I have avoided that, now I know it applies to aerosols more generally.
  7. The blushing has occurred during the spraying of black primer. I'm using Krylon flat black (spray paint) at the suggestion of an experienced painter from my FLGS and it worked wonderfully last time. I should have been more clear that my primer is an aerosol spray. For everything else I am using Citadel paints.
  8. butterbaste

    Your dumbest Tournament Mistake

    Back when Tarn and Fletchette torps came out I flew a BBXX with Tarn & Fletchette and Biggs. I had been out of town and unable to play at all for a month so my first mistake was bringing a list I hadn't tried once to a regional tournament. In the course of a tournament filled with mistakes there is one I remember above all others. I was flying against Soontir Fel, another high PS Int (probably Turr) and a naked bounty hunter. I was losing the game but I had a shot at the BH with Tarn, I had a target lock and I decided, since I hadn't let off the fletchette all day that I would spend my TL to do so now. Why not? Well.. because I rolled like ass and had spent my TL, thats why. I could have killed the BH and turned the game but instead I fired ordnance. That's the last torpedo I ever brought to a game.
  9. butterbaste

    The Full Set of Imperial Assault Miniatures

    I shamelessly copied what you did with Vader's eyes. I will link this thread when I finally post pics.
  10. butterbaste

    The Full Set of Imperial Assault Miniatures

    Inspiring work on those Trandoshans. All of it looks great.
  11. butterbaste

    Painting Help

    I used krylon flat primers on my set and it works great. It was suggested to me by a very experienced miniature painter at my FLGS. For varnish I really like Testors Dullecote, it is a little sensitive to humidity so I only use it on dry days.
  12. butterbaste

    Removing Paint From Minis

    I just stripped the AT-ST after doing something irreversible and dumb. I soaked mine in simple green overnight and went at it with a toothbrush with fine results.
  13. I won't be joining your club. Fixing the Advanced was a hard problem and I think they have gone about it in a very clever way. I can't wait to fly an advanced in a competitive setting..
  14. butterbaste

    Etahn with As or Zs?

    Etahn w/ PTL & R2 Astromech Tarn R7 Tala x 3 PTL for focus & evade every turn as keeping Etahn alive longer is a top priority, R2 clears the stress. Tarn adds a good 3 attack ship to the list that is hard enough to kill that it forces tough target priority decisions from your opponent.
  15. That's not "spider sense tingling", its the thrill OP feels just before he trolls a forum.
  16. butterbaste

    Fat Dash Scares Me

    I have. And I haven't beaten it yet BUT I think there are a couple tactics for beating it: blocking to deny the PTL and trap Dash in arcs. high PS phantoms & other fast/agile ships to get into the range one donut consistently and burn it down.
  17. butterbaste

    Why Paul Heaver Repeating At Worlds Is the Best Thing To Happen To Xwing

    I wholeheartedly agree with the article. I love that Paul won, it proves to me that the game is not broken, that strategy and tactics are what makes great players. It means that this game we love is worth playing because we can improve. We can analyze our failures, look past the bad dice roll and ask ourselves, "Was my ship in the right place? How could I improve my situation next time?" We are a competetive crowd and it is hard to admit when we cause ourselves to lose. Easier to blame the dice and think that luck just wasn't on our side. But we can't do anything about luck and bad rolls happen all the time. We can change how we fly and what we bring to the table so isn't it encouraging that thats what counts? If this thread has proven anything its that haters will hate. Keep blaming the dice and calling the game broken, I'll be trying to improve how I play.
  18. butterbaste

    sorry for all the questions

    Biggs Walks the Dogs is actually: Biggs Rookie Dagger Squadron, Advanced Sensors x2 EDIT: spelling EDIT 2: ninja'd
  19. I love 'Use of Weapons', 'Player of Games', 'Consider Phlebas'. By Culture standards the Galactic Empire would be about a tech level 6, the Culture themselves being tech level 8. Probably a good candidate for SC intervention rather than war
  20. butterbaste

    hitting the Reset Button

    Soontir Fel w/PTL & TC Howlrunner 5x Academy Flying some kind of swarm helps me bring the focus back to tactics and manouvering.
  21. butterbaste

    Victory Is Mined - 2014 Worlds List Recap

    I really like the innovation. Proof that creative thinking and tactics can buck the trend. We live in a mental jail of our own creation right now. Thanks for writing it up!
  22. butterbaste

    The "Fly Casual" Campaign-please read

    Any plans to do another run of those shirts? I would happily buy one.
  23. butterbaste

    Is the boat landing? A positive Wave 5 thread for a change!

    I think they've had wave 5 ready for a few weeks but that they didn't want to release it before Worlds.
  24. butterbaste

    FFG is LIVE from Worlds! Check out their Twitch Feed!

    I hope you like imperial mini-swarms...
  25. butterbaste

    Kath + 4 Ties list

    I love engine & gunner on the Firespray. Personally I would drop Backstabber to an AP and take the cheaper bomb. With this list you need to make sure you're doing damage with Kath before she dies so I would use the APs for blocking & making sure Kath gets actions. 98 pts so you can move after Whisper & Echo and correct your arc with engine if needed. Or drop the bomb entirely... 96 is a pretty good initiative bid. I like bombs because I don't see a lot of them where I play so people tend to forget I have one and I can do a lot of surprise damage. I got a shield off of 5 ships recently with seismic charge against a bandit/prototype swarm, that was fun fun fun