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  1. I just got a star wing and haven't played a game in 3 months. I'd like to take this to a tournament tomorrow, but I'm not sure if it's a good choice or legal. My big questions are... Is linked battery and predator allow me to re-roll two dice? Is there a better configuration? RAC STAR 99 points PILOTS Lieutenant Karsabi (39) Alpha-class Star Wing (24), Predator (3), XG-1 Assault Configuration (1), Advanced SLAM (2), Linked Battery (2), Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Rear Admiral Chiraneau (60) VT-49 Decimator (46), Wired (1), Cluster Mines (4), Bombardier (1), Extra Munitions (2), Dauntless (2), Engine Upgrade (4)
  2. I'm lost on the other Palp rule Emperor Palpatine This ability can be used to change a die rolled as the result of a card ability (such as Anti-Pursuit Lasers or resolving a Damage card effect) or when a friendly ship has overlapped a Proximity Mine, Cluster Mine, or obstacle. A player may change a die result to the result it is already showing (for example, using Emperor Palpatine to change a crit? result to a crit ? result). does anyone understand this?
  3. http://xwing-builder.co.uk/build Use this site to build lists and when you find one you like. Go buy the ships. There is also a app for android by a different person. Both are excellent.
  4. A local store runs a pirate format. It's still 100 points. No unique cards or ships. You can only have one of any type of ship in the list and you can mix factions. Meaning you can't have two of the same ship. No having four royal guard ties. You can only get one. I think that is all the rules. It makes things interesting.
  5. First off I don't have autothrusters. I'm looking for advice on if you think this list will do ok in a tournement. None are the optimum build, but are they ok as is or is there something I'm not thinking of to make them better? 99 points Pilots ------ “Whisper” (37) TIE Phantom (32), Veteran Instincts (1), Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Soontir Fel (33) TIE Interceptor (27), Push the Limit (3), Stealth Device (3) The Inquisitor (29) TIE Advanced Prototype (25), TIE/v1 (1), Stealth Device (3)
  6. I've been using RAC with two academy and two Epsilon. It does well. Missiles and bombs are a problem. But it holds up well to aces. Use the ties to force bumps. Aces without actions are very limited. I find it fun. I like the decimator and I like swarms. This gives me both.
  7. and that is why you fail - yoda. but seriously. the game is more about manuvers. You can take a strong jousting list and go straight at someone and if you don't manuver in a way to focus your fire on a single ship you won't win very often. I also like to take strong jousting lists. 4 x-wings or tie swarms, I like red dice. after like round 3-4 if you don't have a followup plan of attack for the next two moves you don't have a good chance. I'm finding that after a year I'm staring to run 50/50 on the games I play and the list matters less. quick tips I find it helpful to remember. flank, focus fire, avoid the rocks, don't get stressed and don't bump or get blocked. think about each of these each round and what you will do the following round depending on where you think your oppenent will end up. stay calm, have fun and fly casual.
  8. I was considering using an old beer tray. Currently using a tupperware container. I've been wondering how well it would work. anyone use a round tray?
  9. If I had to? What is the alternative? Homelessness, divorce, shot? I think it would take the third option. You would have to shoot me to get me to sell them. If the house was on fire I would consider running back in for the case, but would not for the cat. Tie swarm I could just play forever. But I wouldn't sell everything else. I need Vader in his tie a and my shuttle. I need to stop or ill start sounding like Steve Martin in the jerk. All I need is ....
  10. This is all I got. Not bad considering your options. Should at least be fun. Poe Dameron [bB-8] (33) Luke Skywalker [R2-D2] (32) Tycho Celchu [Assault Missiles, Push the Limit] (34)
  11. I've wondered about this too. Would the 4 hlc really hold up given a good advance strategy? I also keep looking at a similar build with the mangler and stealth device instead of HLC. Would the trade off of 1 attack be worth the one additional evade? I think most would say no. Looking at 4 dice attacks you look to the phantom. at 25 points basic with 2 shield and 2 hull but only 2 evade the HLC Scyks sound look a good deal at 23 pts. At the sametime how many 4 phantom lists have you seen? I bet none. Like blade said, I can see the first round deciding the game. with 16 dice you can do alot of damage in one round. looking at a tie swarm 8 ships can also put out 16 dice of damage but with twice the hull. I just don't see how a full Scyk list works as well as other lists. I like the idea of the 4 Scyks, but it comes down to how you fly them. You need a solid advance that can focus down a ship round 1 without exposing Serissus, who will with a little luck save you from losing a ship round 1. I'd like to hear how anyone does with this list in a tournement setting. Or with extended practice.
  12. Used the decimator then two ties with the shuttle instead of four ties. Only works when the opponent chases the shuttle. It's like giving the decimator ten extra hull. The two ties pick one. Of the chasers off then run interference after the shuttle dies. At that point the decimator can usually finish off the last couple ships. But not a tlt. List.
  13. Yes, you are correct. they are trying to get the most money out of individuals that want to stay at the top of the leader boards. If you can't be happy without winning, then don't play or just play with friends with what you have. Still, look at the total cost of the top squads. CAN SOMEONE QUOTE THE THREAD? Most are below $200 for winning lists. a GW list will cost you close to that just to get the rule books and templates and you haven't got a figure to use yet. Plus paint and tools. Compared to other games this is a bargen. The only thing that anoys me is when people expect that you have the expansions and ask why you are not using the optimal build. Because I'm not buying what I feel is an ugly ship I will never use. Do I win often. No. Do I play often? no. if I'd play more i'd get better and win more even without every upgrade card. Even fat han and tlt lists can get wiped off the table with average lists if you play better.
  14. I like the multiple table idea. I think having five tables each with four jump points to another table. Make the jump points a range one space on each edge to simulate the need to calculate the jump. each point takes you to a designated table. Take a turn of movement to travel between tables but don't limit who can move and when. You would have to coordinate turns. I think it would add a level of strategy to the whole epic idea.
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