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  1. Got the answer from the FAQ! In summary, to play a card means to play it from your hand paying the cost.
  2. Card says: Action: Cancel and discard target unit or support card just played unless its controller spends all resources in his pool. What does "just played" actually mean? does it mean: Just Played the card from my hand to the play area or used an ability or action of a card that was already in the play area or both above options? Been looking for clarification to no avail. Thanks in advance for the help.
  3. Hello again. Misread the ability. I understand how it works now. Thank you.
  4. Another noob question, my friends. (I have been trying to look for clarification and nothing has satisfied me completely yet). With cards like interact with the discard pile. Like "Mortella (Corrupt this unit to play a tactic out of an opponent's discard pile...)" or "Skeleton Horde (you may play this card from your discard pile...)". In both examples, at the end of something the card taken from the discard pile is put at the bottom of the deck. I was wondering, when can I play cards from a discard pile? Can I only play them if it is the last card put on the discard pile only (the visible face up one)? Or can I look for it from within the whole discard pile. Because if I can look through the whole discard pile, then what stops me from playing it again at a future turn from the bottom of the deck? Thanks in advance. Regards, Aaron.
  5. I just remembered that the rule book says that the word "cannot" overrides everything. Then I guess the card will work even if it is used against a unit that has already been declared as a defender? Any opinions regarding this are welcome. Thanks.
  6. Noob question: If I use this card (Action: When this unit attacks, one target unit cannot defend against this attack.) on an already declared defender, will it work? Thank you in advance. Regards. Aaron
  7. Hello. Quick question regarding indirect damage. For example: I deal 5 indirect damage to my opponent. My opponent assigns it to a unit in a zone of their choice. There is only 1 unit in that zone. If the unit that receives the indirect damage has 3 health, does that mean after the unit is discarded I get to apply 2 damage to my opponent's capital? Or any excess damage is lost? It is not clear to me in the FAQ. Your opinions are appreciated. Regards. Aaron.
  8. I think that's a good question. Since I cannot see any green plains, I would say I have not rolled a plains. Still waiting for FFG's response.
  9. I agree colour blindness would detract certain aspects of gameplay. Just like it detracts certain aspects of real life. But to be fair it would affect approximately <8% of the players. And there is still the alphanumeric code and the image in the token. I understand it would be more cumbersome to find tokens using only those 2 factors. Maybe the OP is colour blind. And that is why he has such a strong reaction to something that >90% of players learn easily how to deal with. I still would not call it a "crap production" or that the use of tokens that match some of the assets is an "unbelievable" way to produce a game.
  10. Relax, mate. I've already said that I felt in this situation I needed clarification. My die roll included a plain. I know I can choose a hill. Actually, I chose a hill and stopped taking damage. But in the back of my mind I kept thinking that my die result included a plain as well. That's why I asked and now I am waiting for FFG's response. Until then, I am choosing to play it the hard way and keep taking damage until my die does not show any plains whatsoever. Thanks again for the input.
  11. Thank you both for the input. Yes. I'm aware of the rulebooks. I still felt that situation in particular needed clarification. No worries, though. That game has finished and I'm waiting for FFG's response.
  12. Hello! Quick question regarding that card. It says in turn order each hero may trade their goods for 1 additional coin. Does that mean that at this point in time only a hero can trade the goods anywhere they are? Even if they are not in a stronghold, etc? Thank you in advance. Regards. Aaron.
  13. I'm not sharing your sentiment at all. Just completed my first game. My partner and I enjoyed it. The highlight was definitely the asset and skills upgrading and combat systems. After the first time looking for a token that matches whatever one of us bought in the market, it became easy to find what we needed when we noticed that on top of the written code in the card, the token colour matches the card colour. So to ease your woes I would suggest the following: First put all of the unused tokens on a surface (do not attempt to do this with tokens in a bag). Second: Look for the right colours. Then look for the letter and number that matches. No more than 10 seconds looking for it, I reckon. Hope my advice helps you.
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