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  1. TBH as a fan of Sumo, I've had a dream of creating a set of sumo characters for a while. Although via Heya(stables) hosted by vassal families of the great clans. Also the Aki Basho starts in 6 days, can't wait to kick off my local fantasy Sumo league again (had 6 friends in last time now it's at 10).
  2. Got word back yesterday that phase 2 Elemental Championships will use the same kits at phase 1 due to an internal complication at FFG and they were unable to make phase 2 kits. I host an Elemental Championship this Saturday and have been told to expect a kit in asap. Yes even now, Thursday I am patiently awaiting the kit to arrive. The FLGS is going to let me know when they see it so I can reassure my crowd when it's here.
  3. I think two elemental roles per faction would be a great start on a way to widen the meta, one chosen by the worlds event victors, another role by vote per tourney season conclusion (like we are currently doing, but as a short duration email list poll after role locked cards are revealed and points tallied) that sticks for the following season. Maybe the voted role could be a lesser role, say one that lacks the economy boosts of a world champs picked role. Just spitballing here.
  4. Only character I've caught myself making multiple deck building considerations to get around is Stoic Magistrate. (But that's because I play lion, and blanking him is **** near impossible due to shallow shugenja pool)
  5. Tucson Arizona. Our old store folded after old5r went under due to a few reasons, but we were a lvl 10+ stronghold since early emperor edition. Now we are a bit more spread out, Tucson has atleast 8 game stores most of them on the same artery street. We have L5R OP at atleast three stores, Heroes and Villains on Thurs, Amazing Discoveries on sat, and Isle of Games for sundays. We have a League currently going with 10 signed up for battle for the stronghold, and casual play for the thursday and sunday events. Feel free to hit me up if you are in town. Also our facebook group for Tucson L5R is called "Shrine to Goemon".
  6. After discussing this with friends, what we think Lion needs is a interesting way to do tactician for this game that promotes toolbox game play and comes at the 9x negation tech sideways giving lion a chance to get off say a for greater glory without it always being negated. So what id love to see is: Akodo Tactician (dynasty) 3 fate 2/2 or 3/1 glory 2 Action: while participating in a conflict discard an event card - this character gains each of that event's action abilities until the end of the phase. I would of suggested copy the top most event from your own discard but figured that was more abusive.
  7. A couple local dragon players have been asking me for a clear ruling on if Kazue or Wanderer while attached lose the character keyword. And if they do notlose the character type, could you bow them to pay the costs for High Kick. Thanks, just a humble lion player/community guy. Ed
  8. Not to mention, Mon Calimari is about the very definition of **** near wild space... so the empire being reluctant to project force that far, against an already highly developed fleet is quite understandable.
  9. I have repurposed a bulk plastic ammo case I got from cabela's when I last bought 1k rounds for my AR. I wish I could find another source for this box close by so I could make my pathfinder stuff more portable again.
  10. Edweird


    I've been asked the same thing recently, I am considering making this a task that requires scaled up time,effort&expenditure. Also I may require some sort of synergistic assistance from the party as a sort of group goal.
  11. The thought process about regular ranged staying the same hinges on hitting a man sized target which is not augmented by the targets skill. Melee is just as much the act of hitting hard as it is avoiding/blocking/deflecting incoming blows. My player is in love with melee in pretty much of all the game systems he plays, the more perilous the better. So although I am trying to maintain an even keel, I like the idea of keeping melee scary, especially for the unskilled combatants such as minions(who should get blown through like the chuds they are). This is not a huge deal, just thought contested melee was a clever way for a semi drawn out drama. I admit, I haven't discussed intergrating the ranged vs melee monster engagement with him.
  12. The bonuses are meager, but they reacted really well to it. We play at the store, which has a heavy emphasis on community growth. In all reality the reduction in obligation gained at start does not unbalance the group nor does the 5xp give a significant leg up to one player or another. And having more than one main rulebook to pass around has a great effect mitigating the meta questions which have moved over to the Facebook group I created to air that.
  13. So one of my group brought this idea to my attention and our book diving did not find any justification for it. The basic idea is standard dice mechanics work fine for when a skilled Melee oriented character gets engaged with a non Melee focused minion/nemesis. However when it is a melee fight between two skilled melee fighters, a single opposed check per active step may be more appropriate with the bias(good dice) given to the fighter currently active on the initiative train. The reason an opposed check makes sence is because it is a contest of skill, which often should involve parrys and counterattacks. Take for instance the "duel of fates" fight in Ep 1, where hits are nearly non-existant yet drama is high. The same idea could be applied to blaster fire at lightsaber weilding force users taking a guarded stance maneuver. Where a triumph could be spent to reflect blaster bolts into the shooter, and say, 4 advantages could be spent to randomly assign as a reflected hit against one of the shooters allies. A reduction in cost could come from more defensive lightsaber forms if they are implemented, but thats alot of jumping the proverbial shark.
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