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  1. THANK YOU!!! This is great info! Thanks so much for the help!
  2. Yeah, I'm going to add in a few things from Nexus in the Jungle there. With the encounters only being an hour or two each week we'll make ourselves slowly through the book then move on to another adventure book. Maybe we'll get something great at Gen Con next week.
  3. Thanks Furious Greg! Unfortunately i use a Mac.
  4. Thanks for all the help and info. We've started character creation and she is going to be a Seek/Pathfinder. I'm going to play a Seek/Executioner (Thanks Richard for the tip on the book) and I'm also going to GM. My character will be the sidekick. We are going to run Beyond the Rim, because I think the setting fits the backstory my wife created of a wonder in search of righting wrongs and working on and off for the Rebels. I'm just rusty on the rules and character creation but it's a fun process.... Just wish so much wasn't out of stock or over priced on Ebay.
  5. Love the idea of a r2 unit to round her out. Plus gives a cute sidekick.
  6. And suggestions on a 2 player game for just my wife and I? I was thinking of just grabbing Chronicles of the Gatekeeper but wanted to see what others thought
  7. So one of my players is a big 40k fan and he likes his Assault Terminators with Lighting Claws, while I not giving him Terminator Armor I did make some lighting claws for his character... Lighting Claws Force Pike - Mono-Molecular Upgrade Reflected in stats below Name Skill Dam Crit Range Encum HP Price Rarity Special Force Gloves Melee +3 1 Engaged 1 3 8000 9 Pierce 4, stun setting, Area blast Force Gloves Range 8 2 Short 1 2 8000 9 Once per encounter, Burn 2, Blast 4 Mono-Molecular Upgrade - Give - 1 to crit req, +1 to pierce (pg 170) ignores equal amount of soak,
  8. Thanks everyone for the help. Everyone should make sure to check out Nate's site, great stuff. http://talesfromthee...nerf-ranch.html I never knew Corellia was the like Texas, I'm going to pick up the Sons of Fortune today and use that as the setting for this Wild West campaign Thanks everything y'all!
  9. So I'm writing a special campaign for my brother, who is a huge Firefly fan and Star Wars fan, it's his last RPG before committing marriage.... hahaha I'm looking for some animals, Cattle and Horses mainly, for the ranches and the like. I'm also thinking of using that guy from the Clone Wars that was a gunslinger but I'm drawing a blank on where I saw stats for him. I'm also wondering what system I should be in....Any suggestions? Now my campaigns tend to be dark so I think I'll add in some Xenos slavery.... I don't want to use Wookies, I think that's been over done. What are so really innocent beings that I could enslave and have them either sell or set free. Suggestions? Normally I would not have a prob recalling all this stuff but with a 4 month old baby at home my brain is functioning a bit slow Thanks in advance
  10. Greetings all. I'm sure this topic is been covered several times since it was released. I'm thinking about just using the Beyond the Rim supplement for a group I'm starting. I've always created my own story and adventures but just having a new baby limits my time to create a made from scratch story. I've never used a book for an adventure, are they fun? I'm afraid I'll be pigeon held to the story and it would be fun., Let me know you thoughts and exp with the book adventure
  11. Thanks guys! I was really off. Veruca Where did you get your info? I didn't see it in the CRB
  12. In an episode of the of the adventures I'm running the goal is a rescue mission of slaves in bound for the Core Worlds. Does anyone know the cost of slaves in the SWU? The team is first going to chase down a cruiser bound from Kashyyyk with Wookiees in it and then a Hutt transport full of Twilek slave girls. One of the options I wanted to plan for was the group offering to buy them all from the dealer, and hence the need for costs. This is what I was thinking for credits Wookie - 500 - 750 Twi-Lek 200- 500 Human 150 - 400
  13. sguziec


    Update. I bought a second pack for the players and I have the app for those secret rolls. I have been having the players roll all the dice even the NPCs (thank you Order 66 for that one) and it makes the game so much more Narrative and faster play.
  14. Has anyone used the Xwing Mini game for the space combat portion of your RPG? I tried Xwing for the first time this week and the game was so fast paced I thought I might include it into the RPG. I used to do this when I ran a Battletech RPG, yes it was an all day even but it made for a fun Saturday afternoon.
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