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  1. So another LCG with a Solo option will not come - I had hoped for it. So another will only come, the LotR will discontinued.... Not good.
  2. Like the CeO sad at the Inflight Report on GenCon 2015 - there is not much room for more LCGs. I think only 1 or 2 more. So we will see 2nd Editions of the longer running system and, so i hope, Battletech. ;-)
  3. Thats true! Have anybody an idea, how long the license contracts run with FFG?
  4. I don't like to have a dice mechanic in an card game. Not, if a dice roll is important to win. That is to much luck depending... IMHO
  5. IN a Mech LCG game, I like to see BattleTech, not Robotech....
  6. BattleTech - absolut yes! That would be the greatest and I would be all in.
  7. XCom can be a Coop Game - that would be great, to have a second one. In Coop Games would Star Trek my first wish (and BattleTech overall), but XCom would be nice.
  8. Hi MTUCache, great idea. That would be great and it will have a great potential for more games of that kind... Greetings Snowhive
  9. I played Dol Guldur with only Core cards (from 2 - 3 Core Sets). It works. I think, that it also worked, with the described deck - if you don't get with the limit of 50 cards....
  10. That is not complete correct. One forest spider came from the quest. So the idea behind that "X-1 copies" was, that there is a spider for every player. I playtested the campaign in German and the "x-1" was one of my feedback points. It was before "x copies". So, if you play with 4 players you need 5 forest spiders (one from the quest and four from the campaign). And there are only 4 copies in the deck. And the solo player had 2 spiders in the beginning - that is very hard.
  11. It ist hard work, but it can be done - with the deck that mention above. The deck have a 1:8 chance to win, in my opinion. I beat Dol Gulder 2 times with the deck. But I pimped the deck with a second core set....
  12. True. There is a strong argument to be made for them based on this deck. That Deck works very well. I play a 50 card version all the way from core to dwarrowdelf cycle. Very strong.
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