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  1. We need someone photoshop an image of Gollum caressing a red Tie Defender. "My Precious, yes, yes"
  2. Oh yes, maybe next the Rebels will visit a Queen in an Ice castle on an ice planet like Hoth. I kid, I kid.
  3. Sorry about that, I will remember next time. I sort of wanted it to be a surprise and it is a rumor after all, so I am not sure of it (whether to be excited or ...). Once again, sorry.
  4. Understandable, with a stroke of the "pen", they decanonized alot of our favourite characters; I for one would love to have Thrawn and Soontir Fel back in canon again.
  5. I think they were bad both before and after the "fix", they would have been partially useful if they have EPT; but with already 2 points more than Delta, I really don't see the point to choose it over the Delta. With the 2 points, you can get the best use of it with upgrades. Those 2 points comes in Mk2 engine + tractor beam, with the Tie/D title, the Delta is already way more potent than the Onyxes. Come to think of it, 3 Deltas with that setup with only come to 96 points. Hm...
  6. Nice, a Tie Defender that don't worry about stress that much. I'm thinking if Tie/D + Tractor beam + Outmaneuver would be a good combo.
  7. I'm just hoping I could fit 3x Glaives each equipped with x7, Twin Ion Mk2, and hopefully able to put some EPT in a 100 point squad. If each costs 33 then will be able to squeeze in VI in all of them. If they are 34 each, probably only one have an EPT, Lone Wolf perhaps. If they are 35 each, then either go with the Engines or with VI. Either way, plain old dog-fighter Defenders, the way I like them.
  8. I'm looking forward to be able to make a triple-defender 100point squadron that at least have some sort of upgrade or decent PS for all of them.
  9. Sorry about the no bomber love from me, I just couldn't get my head around missiles and bombs; I'm pretty sure with the crew expansion and all the modifications, the Tie Bombers will be even more fun to play. I think I'm more towards vanilla dog-fighting, hence I'm more pumped about the Defenders. It looks like it is a good day to be a bomber pilot.
  10. Hello again. How's Canada. =) -- You're forgiven for necromancy. -- It seems most people are not that big on the Bombers. Even with their new paintjob. Do you all think its an underwhelming paintjob? My problem is I've got 5 already. Thank you Blail, hope everything is fine with you The bombers do have a really good paint job, it's just it'll be collecting dust with me and I would definitely trade it to someone who can make a good use out of it. With the Bombers, I just never played them and wasn't really interested in playing bombs and I don't use much missiles. I purchased the Punisher just for the Twin Ion Engine modification (for my Defenders). However, I haven't really been playing much, just collecting now; the player base in Canada is a lot smaller.
  11. Sorry about Necroing the thread. I am drooling already and will get it; not too interested in the striped bomber, would like to trade it away for the red Defender. Since my fleet is now mostly Defenders and really not enough ships, there's never "too much" Defenders. Sorry about Necro, making the dead come back to life, just for it to die again. Sorry about the Necro, I had been so busy that I just found out about this.
  12. It doesn't hurt to ask (in a constructive way) and your right to ask; however it is also their right and decision to say no, goes both ways.
  13. I wonder if the Star Viper will have the K-turn... it'll be nasty. K-turn, S-loop, barrel roll, boost... wow, sounds like what a Tie Defender or Tie Avenger could do... sweet.
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