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  1. Pluvius follows Cornelius and attempts to conceal himself behind shrubbery and foliage, keeping his heavy bolter trained on the direction they just came from. I rolled 53 on the concealment with an agility of 30. Looks like my armour is visible through the flora.
  2. I rolled a 20 with a target of 40. 2 DoS I believe
  3. Mhos discovers that it is very very very very Warp tainted. ---- Yay, I finally got a decent job with plenty of hours! I'll try to keep checking back when I can.
  4. As per orders, Pluvius trashes the Thunderhawk when the team begins to move out. Keeping his eye open for signs of infrastructure, "how lucky would it be if we impacted right on an encampment"
  5. Either of you two may make a +20 Psiniscience test on the orb. Also, the other artifact was stuffed in a toolbox in Ripplo's possession I believe. When/if Ripplo's character comes to the room he can make the tests too.
  6. Pluvius releases the hatches and steps outside, moving in such a way as to assume he will be shot at. He begins scanning the surrounding landscape for any possible insurgents or angry wildlife and generally pointing his heavy bolter at everything. He especially scans whatever visible sky there is in an attempt to locate the Manta. If all appears safe Pluvius will tap his glove on the wall of the Thunderhawk, signaling an all clear.
  7. The staff is too nervous to even speak, so they just go along with being tied up. Honestly, would you argue with random crazy burglers? You can't see anybody outside at all, except for some light traffic on the roads. Meanwhile upstairs, as you draw closer to the man you notice he bears many of the features of Lans, minus eyeballs. The orb is clearly the source of all the infrared signatures, among other signatures.
  8. The study before you is a scene of chaos: Embossed books and fine quills are strewn about haphazardly, while parchment, ink, and a lamp have been knocked from the desk, leaving only a small black orb sitting atop it. Kneeling on the floor, a man in ripped and shredded finery screams and babbles incoherently as he claws at his own face - his lips are ripped to tatters, and blood streams from numerous cuts and tears across his face. Lying near him is a bloody letter opener and pulped white globs - his eyes. Make a Fear (1) test for viewing this scene
  9. In that case I will grab an Astartes Missile Launcher for 10 and the other 40 surplus requisition I'll dump into the communal pool. I'm guessing "explosives... lasts the duration of the mission" means unlimited missiles.
  10. The door to the room upstairs is unlocked. All three of the servants stop at the door with hands above their heads. You gain +1 manacles (insert Zelda sound effects here)
  11. OOC: There, I updated the character sheet with the +5 on Intelligence. The only question I have before spending requisition is how does weapon training work in Deathwatch? I want to grab a missile launcher and anti-vehicle munitions if I can (or some krak grenades at the very least), but I'm not sure if I have the ability to actually use them. I'm off to work now, so I'll check back tonight and make any other fixes as necessary and spend the requisition. IC: Sir, do we have any intel' concerning how the Tau will be involved during our operation? Specifically, how many tag alongs must we babysit today and do we expect armed resistance from them planetside?
  12. Nothing is detected, and you are entirely sure that the door itself is thoroughly safe. However, a strange signature which is very unnatural is faintly bleeding through the door way on the infrared spectrum from somewhere inside the room. It may even be leaving signatures on other spectrums.
  13. There, I changed it to Resistance: Cold. These character sheets are rather confusing what with all the natural bonuses we get for being Spess Mehreens. So we start off with Dodge as trained, yet it's not filled in already?
  14. Kylie and Ripplo, you find a small group of servants fleeing into a doorway opposite the one you went through. In this room is a very long and elequent dining table set with some food. On the far side is a burning fireplace. A grandfather clock ticks. ThenDoctor, on the next floor there are a number of regular looking doors, but one heavy double door made of old iron. If anyone feels the need, the body guard is equipped with all the gear of a Desoleum Bounty Hunter in the core rulebook, so if you feel like grabbing some more items there ya go.
  15. Name: Pluvius Chapter: Ultramarines Chapter Demeanour: Honour the Codex Personal Demeanour: Stoic Rank: 1 Specialty: Devastator Marine Past Event: Tyrannic War Veteran Armour History: To Forget is to Forgive. Forget Nothing (Tyranids) Wounds: 21/21 Fate: 3/3 WS 40 BS 50 starting + 10 experience purchases (intermediate) + 5 from Ultramarines = 65 S 40 T 50 AG 30 INT 45 + 5 from Ultramarines = 50 PER 40 WP 50 FEL 30 Solo Ability: Favoured Son (pg218) Devastator Ability: Immovable Warrior (pg77) Hatred: Xenos Tyranids (comes from armour history) Resistance: Cold (experience points) Tactics: Defensive Doctrine Pluvius was late for the Tyrannic War, serving only in the last 6 months or so. However, it was quite enough time for one to develop a certain loathing for an enemy, for Pluvius lost his a friend in the field when there was but one more week before victory would be claimed. It was really not that big of a mission: Escort a convoy of trucks hauling bolter ammunition through a relatively secured zone. Lictors were believed to be cleansed from the planet at this time, so imagine the surprise when his pal,another devastator marine by the name of Artera, was ended with a decapitation from behind. Pluvius was always a stoic person, even before he began the training procedures, but Artera was the man he spent the most time with during their adventures as scouts. Often they would kill time on a long night watching the flanks for 'gaunts by laughing it over how they ever completed any of their scouting missions at all. In one second, all of those memories were rendered irrelevant by an enemy that shouldn't have even existed. Pluvius himself was almost ended during that mission; his armour torn into four or five seperate pieces, his body pressed to the limits of an Astartes. With extensive attention from the apothecaries, he managed to don his late comrades armour with full intent on lashing out. He was later approached to join the Deathwatch after tales spread of how he beat a Lictor to death with it's own talons. Pluvius signed on without hesitation. Granted, most of the legend has been so wildly twisted that even he has forgotten how he won that battle. Indeed, sometimes Pluvius wonders if perhaps he was allowed to escape solely for the purpose of being hunted again. The strange howls in the nights tend to reinforce the theory that maybe the Lictor is still out there, waiting for Pluvius to be alone for but a fleeting moment...
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