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  1. lol. wouldn't it not be the pc's who are dealing with the logistics and stuff? there is also not unanimous agreement on doing air combat so I figure doing it before for only those who want to is a good compromise
  2. ok so this is less important now because I've come to the realization that it is probably impossible to run a campaign entirely based on air combat (because the scenarios can't be all that different without varied terrain) and it doesn't make sense for infantry to occasionally hop into a plane and do some dogfighting (unless I'm wrong in which case feel free to correct me) but I still may allow them to have secondary pc's who will occasionally be played and do air combat before the session and occasionally having ramifications during the regular session so any further ideas you can throw my way would be great
  3. would the maneuvers all be 1s? I was thinking of dives giving boosts and maybe climbs costing speed by requiring you to use a faster speed maneuver but going slower so for example if you want to climb 2 and you are capable of a 5 straight you go to the 5 straight and maybe there is a second dial for altitude changes and then you use the 3 straight and gain two altitude
  4. whts the D&D one? and I think I recall trying wings of glory or wings of war and maybe I just didn't know what I was doing but it seemed to amount to a lot of immilmens and not a whole lot of other turns although that may just be because it was 1 plane vs 1 plane also x-wing seems better with the pilot skill and pilot abilities
  5. but how would gaining and losing work? oh I'm also considering the possibility of adding a bonus die or w/e if you are tailing or going head to head but idk if that ought to be a thing or not
  6. I am trying to run a dnd campaign for the first time and it is set in a ww1 tech level so I am trying to come up with fighter combat rules. my current idea is pilot skill is determined by your bonus to piloting, (it is entirely possible that it will be higher than 9. I am going to be using something similar to the 3.x system of skills where you put points into various skills. how exactly that will work is still being figured out as we are using 5e) pilot abilities have a cost and you can't exceed your pilot skill in ability points spent (so instead of just having one ability you have several). There will be limited ammo as an attempt to increase survivability without decreasing I am also thinking of having it such that the dice you roll is based on the length of your burst so you can fire a shorter burst or a longer burst (longer may stress or require you to have done a green maneuver or something) and then you modify the dice bases on your planes firepower score. the defender rolls the length of the burst modified by their agility score. (I can't decide if this should be just an added bonus or a multiplier) I am wondering if anyone has suggestions for: altitude (should it even exist? if so how?) any suggestions regarding the rules as I have them pilot abilities and costs (feel free to steal them from x-wing I just need an idea of how much they should cost and such. maybe they even have a minimum pilot skill to be able to use them but a lower cost?) if you really want to go an extra step feel free to suggest dials and actions for different ww1 planes also their hull firepower and agility. critical hits any other ideas you may have thanks
  7. well thats why I listed some. I like games that can have a bunch of people and has you making alliances and like this and twighlight imperium but more often than not I can't get 5 or 6 people together so I also like games that work with 2 people like rebellion.
  8. I play this, starwars rebellion, twighlight imperium, and some other stuff was looking for suggestions for other games to get. edit: is there any problem with me posting this exact question in other forums to try and get a response from people who play those games and not this one?
  9. it's concievable. I have a mac that can switch to windows and I've been using the windows side for this so idk.
  10. not that I've found. it may be connected to an issue where in some of the games I have on steam the mouse is smaller than on my old computer but it could also be unrelated. IDK
  11. for some reason the font is somwehere around 4 and the map is also tiny. new computer. any ideas as to the issue?
  12. our chief weapon is surprise surprise and fear
  13. major rhymer with advanced homing missiles maybe? + wampa with something to give him crits? (youngster with marksmanship for example) maybe a swarm concentrating on miranda?
  14. Well in theory you could have it so any planet can be attacked from any planet or something like that so the player with more planets has to spread his resources around more. I suppose that wouldn't work well either though. I've been trying to figure out how to do a territory based economy thing for x-wing as well, although different from how you are now pursuing it. I had the issue of having too many ships in a battle possihly making things slow or something