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  1. FFG, there is a very active community on FB for LotR and people clamoring for reprints. Thank you for the reprints that have come so far. There are an odd number of missing ones though that I don't get. The Thing in the Depths, Temple of the Deceived and the Wilds of Rhovanion are all completely out of stock everywhere though those are fairly recent sets. Hopefully another round of the "Great LotR Reprint of 2019" will happen and we'll all be basking in LotR LCG greatness!
  2. Yep I know the difference... muscle memory is all. Typo. Wrong post.
  3. Hello FFG, I'd like to talk to you about the Lord of the Rings LCG. There seems to be on many boards and groups a growing demand for this game, either to be reprinted or a new version. As players of this excellent game, I believe there are many fans and collectors who have fistfuls of money just waiting to be thrown at you for the game, be it reprints or otherwise. While I don't know actual sales numbers, I have had the chance to speak with a former FFG employee who have stated that this game does quite well financially for its age. There is a reason the game always sells out when reprints are made! I'd like to petition that you would bring back this game to be reprinted so that we can purchase it. For any players reading this and looking for content, let's get as many votes here as we can with the intention to show FFG that there still is a strong fan base willing to spend money on the LotR LCG. Thanks and hopefully you read this well. KL
  4. I got to say that the reprints are uncharacteristically barren at this time. I'm wondering if they are considering a 2nd ed?
  5. Augh! It’s like FFG was like “oh you want to complain huh? Take this!” Lol well I guess maybe that means the train is moving again...
  6. Sigh, I just realized the Ringmaker cycle packs have been on the boat since 12/1... of 2016! Ugh, cmon FFG!
  7. Yeah I have some coming in the mail finally. Some are stil “on the boat” but I’ll finally be able to complete my Saga collection.
  8. Last time I ordered something from them I got it a month late.
  9. Hrm, I wonder why MM isn’t getting it in stock yet...
  10. Where are you seeing that? FFG upcoming page still says on the boat.
  11. Anxiously awaiting reprints and looking at the upcoming page there are expansions that have been showing on the boat for months (since 12/1) , some longer (10/4, really?) Will these ever make it off the boat? Has the boat sunk?
  12. I will say though while I would rather have the physical cards I’m getting frustrated at how difficult it is to collect them. I’m darn near ready to give up pursuit and just play on OCTGN. I really hope they up the reprints cause I’d much rather have the cards...
  13. Well the good news is one of the expansions (voice of Isengard) just got updated to being “at the printer”. Maybe they are listening after all
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