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  1. @wurms sorry to bother, but I am so disappointed I missed this kickstarter. Is there any chance there will be a second one in the future? I've tried looking at alternative token holders and there are a few out there...but none are as comprehensive as this.
  2. Oh I never questioned if the movies are good or bad. I just have issues with people going "They're so bad they should be rebooted" and pointing at the article like it's some justification that they are right. There are issues with the films, very legitimate problems with the films and how they were produced, lack of overall direction and more that you and I probably would agree on and disagree in other areas. I'm sick of the tribal warfare that occurs between the fanatical two sides of the fandom. However, I still find the very idea of them removing them because people are upset about them childish because it is a childish and selfish response. How is doing that positive or constructive to the fandom in any way bar appeasing people who disliked the films and dividing the fan base even more than it already is? It ignores that there are people who like the films, it ignores that there are fans who have been made because of these films. By removing these films you're sending a very clear message to them that they don't matter. Taking something away is a lot more destructive than simply creating new and better media, ala the Mandalorian. Why can't people simply like or dislike the films but let them be as they are?
  3. Harry Potter movies work if we discount the beasts movies as the last movie was the highest grossing...I think. The MCU...that's a bit more of a challenging beast. Do you go by the third movie as part of a single character? I think the MCU is too big to kind of compare especially since there's a lot more going on with that. However even going by different metrics: Iron Man 3 (the third Iron Man) has the highest box office gross in the Iron Man films. Iron Man 2 (the third film in the MCU overall) has middling box office figures but does track lower than the first Iron Man overall. The third Avengers film (Infinity War) was the highest grossing Avengers film, at the time and was beaten by EndGame. So rule of sequels not doing as well doesn't always ring true.
  4. It's more that, it's a weak comeback... "Oh look you're complaining about complaining, that invalidates everything you said". I just want some positivity and not see constant post from fans who believe Star Wars is dead because 3 to 6 more movies were made that did not meet their standards, whatever those standards may be. You can criticise something, by all means, but some people just will. not. shut. up about it. Doesn't mean I don't want it to improve. I just want to go a week without the very vocal part constantly going on about how bad the movies were or that they are somehow justified when an article the one on the first page of this topic this is posted.
  5. That is true, but emsquared is also questioning why it needs to be that way. There's no reason a film couldn't be the third film and still be the most successful. Is he right? I dunno. I feel its an impossible question. However, there is bound to be a trilogy out there where the final did the best of them all. Plus, what measuring stick do you use?
  6. I'm going to pose a question to a third party because I don't trust my own temper and fear my repose might get me banned for profanity. @P-47 Thunderbolt do I dignify this with a response?
  7. It's not that I don't desire it to be better. It's the fact I don't let it consume me to a point you just basically called an entire group of fans lazy and ignorant. It's a film and it exists and it was made. Criticism can help guide and improve the future product, but it can't change the previous product. Plus, the irony of saying that it doesn't make you better or less of a fan while also backhanding a portion of the fanbase for being 'lazy' and 'ignorant' due to acceptance whether because that be 'blind acceptance' or...I dunno, the actually liked it?
  8. That is indeed a very broad brush. So let me put it another way. If you don't like the movies. That is fine and dandy. The issue is I constantly see people push about agendas, how KK screwed up, how Star Wars needs to be saved yada yada. Constant negativity that does nothing to forward a conversation merely make a point of "I hate these films, I hate these films so much I will keep saying it as long as I live.", and to be clear, that's not the entirety of the community who disliked the film just a very vocal collective of people. That's where it stops with you. It's fine to be critical, but it stops at yourself. Don't shame others for liking it or not liking it. Accept people have different opinions. You don't need to keep on shouting that you hate something and Star Wars is dead etc. it gets to a point where I feel like throwing my hands up and going "peace out" to any community. I guess I am just tired of the negativity in the community, and I get it we can't live in in a fluffy cloud land but for **** sake can I go a day in my feed as part of Star Wars fan groups without constant posts about how 'Star Wars can be saved' or how 'Disney screwed up'?
  9. Understandable! Language is complicated and we often say things without realising the meaning that can be inferred from different people. Edit: For clarity my statement isn't sarcastic. Language is complicated due to different meanings and implication that are sometimes beyond what you intended. It was a misunderstanding, that was made clear and it was resolved.
  10. No, but if you do, let me know as I have been wanting to get one of their token holders ever since I heard about them...after their fundraiser closed...
  11. Well....yes and no. Our favourite fighter plane is right and so are you. Ticket sales are important, but so is merchandising and a lot of the mainstream audience will pay for the ticket, go and see the movie and that's it. Maybe pick up the blu ray or digital copy in the future. The core fanbase will absorb the film and more content. Without actual figures, its difficult to say what has more of an impact, but there's a reason 20th Century Fox are kicking themselves to this day that they gave George Lucas the merchandising rights because THAT is what made George his heaps of cash. With all respect, while everyone's viewpoints are valid and important. I can't take the people who rag on the sequels seriously and that's not because they are hating but at the level they are taking it. They hated The Last Jedi so much that they decided to 'punish' Disney by not watching Solo which on its own was not a bad movie. That's dedication on an almost nuclear childish level. We've progressed to a society where if something isn't the way you want it, then it MUST be changed, it must be CORRECTED to be catered for them specifically. I'm not a particular fan of The Force Awakens or the whiplash between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker caused by Disney backpeddling. However I'm not going on the internet saying Disney should be ashamed or fix it because I acknowledge that in a series with 11 films a part of it, I am not going to like everything. I'm not saying you can't be critical, but the criticism stops at you. This clickbait article has the Fandom Menance probably harder than a lesson with Master Yoda because it validates their views while invalidating others. There are kids who grew up on these movies. How are they going to feel when they're told "Yeah, sorry love, Rey's no longer a thing." and I get it, there will be people saying "BUT MAH EU." Yeah the EU was books and such that your purchased to expand on your interest in Star Wars. These films made Star Wars fans...and they want to take it all away for their own satisfaction? No. That's just selfish. Reasonable and completely fair criticism. Oooh...suddenly my toxicity senses are tingling. Let's not start a whole thing about 'True' Star Wars because all its going to do is lead to gatekeeping and people being all "Well, I like the TRUE Star Wars y'know, not your sequel drivel, see? Using the word true implies I am right and you are wrong and I am a better star wa.." ya get my point. Love Mando over the sequel trilogy all you want, just be careful using the phrase 'True Star Wars' around people which just makes you come off like an elitist douchbag.
  12. I hate this. Love it or hate it these films exist. I personally despise the idea that Disney would bow to any kind of pressure from fans to 'reset' the sequel trilogy universe just because it hurt their pwecious widdle feelings! This is what annoyed me about Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4, they took time out to poke fun at the protagonist from Metal Gear Solid 2 because there was such a backlash and it just felt like pandering to win points. It's okay not to like something, to stick your fingers in your ear and go 'lalalala' until you're told what you WANT to hear is not an adult way of dealing with things and its one of the many reasons I DESPISE what those people have made the Star Wars fanbase... ...sorry did I come on a little strongly there?
  13. Okay, I get it's your opinion and you are entitled to it. My question is simply this: "Why?" Specifically Why would you quit the game because of Wedge as an Imperial pilot?
  14. My guess that making it a full alt art would be bending the rule a bit too far. Besides, this way they can do the silver paint job as a full extended alt art in the future!
  15. What a great thing to do, kudos on you!
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