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  1. Their intent was to showcase X-Wing as a multiplayer format. That is what they did. Yes, the fans made something like this at the start of 2nd, but it wasn't official and this can access an audience that may not have the game or be interested in 1v1 X-Wing. With all respect it was YOU that did not check your expectations. You expected something more. You expected new content. You expected spoilers. I'd be more sympathetic if they mentioned epic specifically or Wave 5 in the FFG live schedule...but they didn't: "X-Wing Multiplayer Showcase".
  2. It's interesting to see. Not setting the world on fire but I do think expecting to get spoilers is not what should be the norm.
  3. To the kids and teens who grew up with Rebels, it is just as relevant if not more. There seems to be this (in my opinion) very poor attitude in the community that if it’s not in the film it is somehow less important or not relevant. A very poor opinion to have.
  4. First off, I want to say that I love the Star Wars FFG RPG and rarely have issues with it and this really isn't a big issue. Across some of the books, we see various items, gear, weapons reprinted, usually across the different lines. Most of the time, these items are consistent, with no deviation. However, sometimes, there are minor deviations that occur and to me this causes some problems as someone who uses Oggdudes character generator. So I pose the question to fellow players and GMs. "How do you resolve conflicting information about an item in the game?" Some examples of this occurring: Rocket Boots, they appear in both No Disintegrations and in Collapse of the Republic, all stats, price, rarity etc are the same, the only difference is the the No Disintegrations: System Strain threshold of 3 Collapse of the Republic: System Strain threshold of 4. In this example, do you simply treat Collapse as an errata of the original boots? Or are they varients? If the latter why would a player not buy the Collapse variant? -------- The Phase I ARC Trooper Armor has the same stats and ability, but the hardpoints are different: Knights of Fate: Price: 5000, Rarity: 8 (R), Encumbrance: 4, Hardpoints: 2 Rise of the Separatists: Price: 6000, Rarity 7 (R), Encumbrance: 5, Hardpoints: 4 This is a bit more complicated, the price and rarity being different makes sense due to the time period being different...but the encumbrance and hard points? It is worth mentioning that the one from Knights of Fate matches the Phase II armor from Collapse exactly except with a different ability... So do you retcon the Knights of Fate one as being the Phase II armor and errata the ability to that? Do you treat them as varients? One is harder to find, but cheaper and has less encum and HP? -------- The DC-17 Hand blaster in Rise mentions the GM can spend three threat or a despair to have it run out of ammo, while the version in Collapse of the Republic is missing this part. Personally, I don't see that as an errata and simply missed information. But isn't that cherry picking at that point? -------- Yes, a lot of examples are from the latest books, it's mostly because they are fresh in my mind. However, perhaps the most infamous example is the Protectorate/Fang starfighter. This ship...this ship has three different appearances across the lines: Dawn of Rebellion, Unlimited Power, No Disintegrations. Again, in the interest of simply posting an entire statblock, I am just posting the actual stuff that is different between the various printings. No Disintegrations: Mandalorian Protectorate Starfighter Shields: 0/0/0/0 Armor: 2 Hull Truma Threshold: 12 System Strain Threshold: 10 Navicomputer: Yes Sensor Range: Close Encumbrance: 2 Price: 120,000 Rarity: 9 Special Ability: Narrow Attack Profile, treat as 1 silhoutte lower when attacking this ship. Unlimited Power: Mandalorian Protectorate "Fang" Starfighter Shields: 1/0/0/1 Armor: 2 Hull Truma Threshold: 10 System Strain Threshold: 10 Navicomputer: Yes Sensor Range: Medium Encumbrance: 4 Price: 175,000 Rarity: 8 Dawn of Rebellion: Fang Fighter Shields: 1/0/0/1 Armor: 2 Hull Truma Threshold: 6 System Strain Threshold: 8 Navicomputer: None Sensor Range: Short Encumbrance: 4 Price: 185,000 Rarity: 7 Clearly the name is an issue. Originally thought to be called the Protectorate Starfighter, it was eventually revealed that it's actual designation is the Fang Fighter. How do we reconcile this mess? Do they retcon each other? Are they simply variations of the chassis? The Dawn of Rebellion one is a mess. It is worse in every day than the Unlimited Power version..but is about 10k more expensive, sure it is a lower rarity..but I'm not sure that balances it out... -------- Please feel free to post your own examples. The intent of this is to come up with a way to resolve these inconsistencies.
  5. It is worth mentioned that it does state "The Lightsaber no longer functions as normal" and mentions that the explosion trigger is when it is activated. So you've turned your lightsaber into a grenade/bomb.
  6. I've actually thought they should limit the number of ships you can take by chasiss not just base size to be able to better cost ships effectively while not permitting spam lists. Y-Wings are a good example I think, we've all seen the Y-Wing spam can be problematic, right now the only way to fix that is increase the upgrades..which in turn impacts all other ships that can take those upgrades (which may or may not be a bad thing) or increasing the point cost of the ship, which might not be efficient due to the ships base stats. I'm not saying you have to say "You can only run 1 Y-Wing" but FFG could restrict it to an okay number for each ship chassis. I mean, imagine if there was a ship that was overpriced, but by reducing its points you could run more of that one type of ship. It would be a way of properly pricing a ship while not permitting a spam. As for the discussion "Well, should someone be able to run X number of ships." It comes down to balance. I wouldn't go so far as restricting it down to one large base ship per list, but I'd at least stop someone flying something that could be oppressive at a fair points cost for one ship.
  7. I would actually be greatly up for this, mostly because sometimes if I need to track and NPC pilot's wounds/strain, its on a different page that the vehicles Hull Trauma and System Strain is on. I think if an NPC is listed on a starship their stats should be grouped together.
  8. Ta! If I may ask what are the cost and rarities of them?
  9. I am very surprised that no Umbaran stuff was included in either book beyond species option. No planet deep dive, no fighter stats, no NPC stats.
  10. @HappyDazeI wouldn't mind stats for the Hyena and Tri-Fighter. Also, does it have a sidebar about droid ships similar to Rise? Is it changed in any way?
  11. Hey @OggDude, Only just noticed it now but the Speaks Binary trinity don't follow the same formatting as the others. All your other talents are [Talent name] (Improved)/(Supreme). However, they are down in the talent section as Improved Speaks Binary and Supreme Speaks Binary, not Speaks Binary (Improved) and Speaks Binary (Supreme). It is a minor thing but I discovered it while I was inputting a new tree.
  12. I second this, I am also interested in the selection process. It's unlikely the devs would be able to answer this due to future content. So I would like to pose the question to our hosts, how would they design a Clone/Jedi Signature Ability? Now time for my own questions: The Clone Veteran from Dawn of Rebellion has a requirement to be human. With the release of this expansion would you suggest changing that to clone, or even getting rid of the requirement since the clone career does not specify that they need to be a certain race? Phalanx's, where did the idea for this come from? How hard was it to implement?
  13. Fingerprint masque is now duplicated. It has appeared in Fly Casual previously. Edit: Also, is it worth adding the redirection crystal from the sidebar on page 39
  14. I don't think so. It's rare that FFG restrict things like that. ****, there isn't even a restriction to be a clone for the clone career (at least from what I read) so who knows.
  15. Yeah, the wording is different from adding to your force rating, its the same wording as the jedi padawan spec "gain force rating 1". If you already have it, it's useless, if you don't have it then you gain a force rating of 1.
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