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  1. Excellent response here and I'm going to reply inside the post as best as I can. My replies will be in italicized bold writing so should be easily distinguished. Some good points raised here that have made me think: Thank you for your well thought out response and I shall endeavor to counter or correct what you've pointed out as clear flaws in my plan. I like my story plots to be believable. Even if they are a bit crazy... ...a lot crazy
  2. So the woo key is the key to the woohoo. Here was me thinking it had to do with carpets that walk.
  3. Where there is government there is corruption. Where there is no government there is anarchy and disorder. Democracy gives too many people power. Tyranny gives one man too much power. There is no good or evil. Only points of view. Were the Sith evil, or did they become evil due to Jedi persecution. Did Darth Vader bring balance to the Force by culling some Jedi and creating a more equal light/dark balance? Too much day would scorch the Earth. Too much night would Freeze the Earth. Day and Night, Summer and Winter, all is balance. Plants need rain as well as sun to survive.
  4. I wish to own the mysterious key that makes everyone go "woo". Do you know of this "woo key" of which I speak?
  5. Easy! 1) Did I like it? 2) Can I remember it? If it meets those two criteria, it's canon. That means pretty much the 6 movies, the Marvel comics, anything Zhan writes and the X-Wing books. Everyone always looks at the Midichlorian thing backwards - they're an effect not a cause. A person strong in the Force has a high Midichlorian count, not a person with lots of Midichlorians is strong in the force. It's like (and I remember someone pointing out that this was a flawed analogy last time I mentioned it, but just roll with it) - a person out in the sun and gets a dose of UV radiation, darkening his skin and not someone with dark skin adsorbs lots of UV rads. ...what he said I like your viewpoint on canon. I had always thought, since Episode I, that a person strong in the Force had a high Midichlorian count. But as my mamma would say: "it's six of one and half a dozen of the other". Doesn't matter which way round you try to explain it, it still means the same thing. Lots of Midi = strong in force. Strong in force = lots of midis. Which came first I wonder; the midiclorians or the Force.
  6. Thank you for all the tips. I'll check them all out. I really like your suggestion for the crossfading. Sadly, I was going to abruptly change music but I'd rather one tune faded then the next one hits. Especially want that for dramatic or tense moments. If I can write the script of what took place in a game, perhaps with some descriptions of the environment and "bigger picture", then I'd love to commission someone to do the expert drawings. Being sure to give them full credit in the actual YouTube video. Not being portable for sound effects is no problem. What I want these for is to add to the video so that people are not just sitting in silence watching, for all intents and purposes, a slideshow. When gaming, I'd probably have a computer sitting around anyway. Another thing you mentioned was the "long time ago" and "star wars" logo. Not a problem there either. Screen lights up to the sound of "Imperial March" and the sight of STEADFAST As that shoots off into the distance the opening prologue of that Episode scrolls back. EDIT: after the writing has almost gone, instead of the usual Star Wars tune that follows the usual main theme I was thinking of using the tune normally heard whenever the Emperor is about. Not sure the name.
  7. Perhaps introduce an NPC, allow your players to get to like said NPC. Perhaps someone even falls in love with said NPC. Then kill the NPC.
  8. I like the idea of a "warm and friendly" Hutt. Not that the Hutt is genuine, but he comes across that way so that others will like him and do whatever he wants. Very manipulative, but his true intentions are hidden beneath a veil of "aww he's a nice guy".
  9. Forgot to mention this is a plot for a long campaign, not a few games.
  10. Star Wars Dune Star Trek Alien Predator AvP Avatar During a moment of "crazy ideas" I thought up an idea for an Alien vs Predator plot in a game of Edge of the Empire. As the idea started to grow, it came to include a planet much like Dune with a people much like the Fremen. There's even giant worms. Hiding out among a Fremen Seitch is a Vulcan, who quite rightly is the Force Sensitive, who has become trapped on the planet since the arrival of the Empire. So what have I got so far? On a primitive jungle planet, the Predators introduce Alien eggs to infect the tall and strong natives, the Na'vis. Around the same time, the Empire begins setting up an outpost to begin mining operations and are ignorant of the events taking place in the surrounding jungle. Naturally the Na'vis blame the Empire for the savage Aliens while the Predators are just enjoying the hunt. At some point a member of the Imperial personnel, a VIP, encounters a Facehugger and is rushed to a medical facility. Fortunately the "infection" is discovered and removed before it is too late and mining operations are temporarily suspended. Rather than accept defeat however, the Empire mining operation is moved to a nearby desert planet. Ruling the inhabitants with the usual iron fist, the Empire soon finds itself on the receiving end of Fremen attacks. Such is the ferocity of the attacks, which soon become coordinated as if led by a single individual rather than being random tribal attacks, that the Empire garrison is worn away to nothing. After surviving an Alien in the chest, and witnessing the Aliens own fierce nature, the VIP decides to introduce the Aliens to the planet. But rather than risk any Empire troops, the VIP leads a disguised team on a confiscated ship and hires some skilled hunters to recover as many eggs as possible. These would then be taken to the desert planet and allowed to do what they do best. Meanwhile on the desert planet the Rebel Alliance has set up a base and the Vulcan leads some Fremen to meet them and make peace. This didn't go unnoticed by the Empire, but works well into their plans since the hunters would pass on the eggs to smugglers known to supply the Rebellion. That is what I've got so far. Naturally a group of hunters who can fight through Na'vis, deadly wildlife and Aliens will attract the attention of the Predators. What do you think so far? I'm expecting some to hate the idea so don't worry about expressing that.
  11. I hope so. They're more in scale with "normal" miniatures of between 28/35mm. Meaning I can get some unique characters too. Including some VERY non-canon models. AvP
  12. Steal a transponder from another ship. Do they have any rivals? Reason I ask is it would solve two problems at the same time if they do a swap. Put their transponder in a rivals ship and take their rivals transponder for theirs. Of course, if your players are incapable of stealth they could just shoot the crew and steal the whole ship.
  13. I agree, but your comment does make me want to create a Hutt Jedi to test that. It's been done. Enjoy. You have warped my fragile little mind
  14. The people you need to watch out for are those who want to create rules for and use a Predator. On one of my "crazy ideas" days I contemplated having an Alien vs Predator battle when a smuggler delivered a cargo of "eggs" to a Rebel base. Little did he realize that the Rebel sympathizer who hired his services was an agent of the Empire in disguise, with a surgical scar on his chest. Hadn't worked out where the Predators come into this, but the Predators would be PC's. So "unnofficial" it isn't even canon
  15. "All suspects are guilty; otherwise they wouldn't be suspects would they" hehe
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