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  1. If you look at scenario silhouette it seems maybe a vest? Kraven? Spider Man has the biggest rogue of villains next to XMen. We have had so many Spider Man villains already so who knows.
  2. Stat line of: 20 health, 5 ATK, 0 THW and 0 DEF. 5 REC or THW 2 as Banner?
  3. Sure, but what the OP is saying is that Hulk in the confirmed Hero for June. I bet they don't do a release vid and just do an article in the next day or two. Not that his announcement is a shock.
  4. you give Piledriver the 3 extra HP on the spot for healing and increasing his total HP by 2 until that card is removed and then you'll subtract 3 HP from him once that happens. Think of it like Iron Man's Armor pieces or Immortal Klaw.
  5. Sticking by my guns and saying it's Guardians of the Galaxy with Star Lord, Drax and Rocket having the slots with Gamora, Groot and Mantis as the respective allies.
  6. No, not for certain. You could be correct.
  7. Twitch / YouTube reveal. Also has other cards not in the article. This one card will be the only other aspect card in the pack.
  8. Is it any minion, or can you choose to use it on a tougher minion?
  9. Black Widow pack spoiled on the Marvel Champions FB page. Nemesis is Taskmaster.
  10. I'm still thinking it's a GotG expansion. We've had Avengers, Inhumans, SHIELD, Defenders and a lot of the art features Guardian characters.
  11. Excess damage that is dealt to defeat a villain stage does not carry over to the new stage.
  12. It's an inherited ability and be used whether you active or exhausted.
  13. They have been reliable about their streaming content. The only thing I'm not sure of is Matt Newman's involvement. Also, the live streams will only be on Twitch now and then uploaded to YouTube after.
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