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  1. Does this only count towards one imperial figure action or, since they are moving and attacking takes up both actions? Can they move and attack and then reposition in the same activation?
  2. Ok, do you also do it by resource cost then?
  3. I know some people keep their investigator and class cards in a three ring binder. My question is, for those who do that, what's the best set up? By class and then sub categorized by asset, event, etc... OR by sets as they release?
  4. In the write up they said that Dark Instinct starts in your hand, but that isn't anywhere on that card. Probably on the back of her investigator's deck building requirements.
  5. 41, always loved RPGs and Board Games and really got into the hobby around 5 years ago with Game of Thrones 2nd edition. I enjoy a multitude of games, but mostly adore campaign driven cooperative games. Currently Akrham Horror, Gloomhave and Imperial Assault.
  6. Do they divide the original campaign and this one OR, are they grouped together? i.e. is there "The Gathering" and "The Gathering Return" or just one "The Gathering?"
  7. 12 playable characters to start with? Yes please, take my money.
  8. Seems we didn't get an extra upgrade to view when we went to the upgrade stage. Has anyone else used Jyn with the APP yet and noticed this?
  9. Ah, reds the keyword there for his ability. So then Finn can be equipped with a gaffi stick and anyone else in play can use red weapons and support. Got it.
  10. So then I can't put a gaffi stick on rey then?
  11. Let's say I have Finn and Rey. I have the FO Tie in play and Rey has a villain rifle attached. If Finn is defeated do they both stay in play? Can I attach / use support villain on subsequent turns?
  12. That skirmish upgrade might be a reason
  13. Happy. I think his command card is REALLY powerful and can be used successfully with both characters probably EVEN more so in a Twins List with Jedi Luke
  14. I like naïve Luke and Jedi Luke. I can do with out petulant, moody. cry baby Luke. Empire Luke bites the big one.
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