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  1. yeah I know what you mean about the cage. The general concept is fantastic but maybe introduce some new moves and skills to add some more dynamics to the game
  2. now that fantasy flight games as got the blood bowl license how good would it be to see a new edition blood bowl game. with all new modelled teams. I for one would buy it and I would also buy teams that they produce. I'd like to see it released with 4 standard teams say humans, orcs, elves and chaos. then they could release new teams on a regular basis. sounds like a license to print money
  3. hello yes a very good job with the analysis. I did one myself but didn't go into as much detail as yourself. I concentrated on the basics with my analysis. firstly I added up the total star points on the cards only the standing value. then looked at how many attacks and cycles the teams had. d. elf have 24points, 6attacks and 4 cycles. skaven 24p, 3a,5c, vampire 24p, 4a, 0c, w.elf have 25p,4a,4c dwarf 26p, 6a,0c human 27p,4a,2c, orc and chaos have 27p,6a,0c and undead 27p, 6a, 3c I have only concentrated on attacks, cycles and point value as I think that these are the three main factors in winning. I have been playing this game for a long time now with as many as 10 different friends and have probably played over a 100 full games. overall I think that the teams are quite well balanced with the obvious exceptions of the undead who are way too strong and the vampires who are way too weak. one solution that me and my friends came up with was to give the two thrall blockers on the vampire squad the block skill as well as the cheat skill they already have. this gives the vampires a chance to be able to use there skills better and with the undead we have reduced the star point value of the three ghouls to 2 instead of three. I still think that the vampires are still under powered but it makes it a bit easier for them to win a few more matches. I also think that the undead are over powered but having three strength three ghouls with dodge is just ridiculous. also there mummy should only have one attack. I do love this game and I have spent many a night playing with my friends but I do wish that they would do an overall and release a team manager version 2 with better balanced squads and more down skills for the original 6 teams. maybe some blocks on the dwarves when they are knocked down and defo regenerate on the troll players. also what about the option to use one of a variety of skills, i.e. trollslayers with dauntless or frenzy. vampires with hypnotic gaze or frenzy????
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