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  1. Not quite there yet, moving to the island from the UK in November. Cobblehill, once settled I'm happy to get some regular games in.
  2. Space hulk sold out here in the UK on the GW site in less than 24hrs. And only £15 more for four whole missions! Last time they released it in 2009 there were alot more players about I don't think this will sell out anywhere as fast and it may even turn into another dreadfleet. Now if it had quest that I would of been tempted by. Here in the UK sold out within 24hrs on the GW site. Already on eBay for £200.
  3. Congratulations matey, I hope your sleepiness nights don't last too long and your soon able to get into a routine and really love being a parent. The 1st few months for us were "interesting" but now 7 years later I have my own x-wing apprentice with another getting ready to enter flight school in a few years. Enjoy it all my friend, it's an experiance like nothing else.
  4. I really enjoyed Star Wars Galaxies when it came out and before it was ballsed up. I played a Wookie Teras Kasi Master and had much fun knocking ten bells of crap out of pretty much everything, including misguided bounty hunters. I dropped it when WoW came out but tried it after the NGE. It just wasn't as good.
  5. When I was a kid my parents had an amusement arcade. One of the games we had was this one. I spent a fair few summers sat in this game, more recently I would say Knights of the Old Republic, and any of the Lego games for my children. How long before we see Disney Infinity expanding into the Star Wars universe ?
  6. My father was in the Royal Marines and he told me something along those lines. I always thought he was pulling my leg.
  7. It's funny but I now have the pink panther theme tune in my head. I'm not adverse to pink myself, just not pink space ships. If it were me I would be starting over.
  8. I really would love to see a sub forum for repaints. I enjoy looking at how creative you guys can get and it's a shame these topics soon disappear off of the first page of the forum. Having what you guys get up to with a paint brush under one heading would be awesome. Such as the models in this thread, there really are some works of art posted from the community.
  9. I started playing it today, it's very very good.
  10. I've tried, but no the Wife just won't play. However my 7 year old daughter is more than willing and is now a very capable pilot. It's great bonding time and because of this the wife has no problem with me spending my disposable funds on more ships.
  11. Wave 6 you say, talking out your arse you are.
  12. Well I for one appreciate the opportunity to look at some close up shots of these new ships, cheers matey.
  13. Keg of something tasty from the Mos Eisley cantina
  14. 1 of each on pre-order I have, wife happy is not, care little do I.
  15. Easy to get hold of too, availability of some ships is a royal pain in the arse, but the Falcons available pretty much everywhere. Y-wings I like very much too, maybe not a hugely competative choice to some but I've had great success and fun with my two. Basically reading though the forums etc gave me a bias towards picking up certain ships, but having got them I bought ships that weren't considered top tier. But I've found every ship I played with has its merits and personally don't think any of them are a bad choice. To be honest just buy what you like the look of and then make it work for you in your lists.
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