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  1. Here are my latest table set ups. Nothing beats owning a Prusa 3d printer. It's the best tool you can own to supplement this game! (Sorry for the FB links. I can't figure out how to attach pics in a better format. The forum always gives me an error that my pics are too big.)
  2. We've had a hard time with the medium level quests. Can you describe specifically what strategies you have found useful?
  3. Regarding the example in the book on Exploring, it says you can use another action to reroll the dice on the quest card. I thought adventuring takes 2 actions, which you would need in order to quest in the first place. How would you have two more actions left over in order to roll and then re-roll?
  4. Hmmm, that's interesting. I asked the same question on the FB page and was told by a player that it's only height 2 or lower. Like I said, it's a weird rule!
  5. So, is that correct then, the highest it can 'fly' is terrain 2 plus half the size of the height of the unit?
  6. Actually, I see on the T-47 card it ignores terrain 2 or lower. So, does that mean the max height it can fly over is terrain 2 plus half the size of the unit?
  7. The rules say Repulsor vehicles (T-47) and ground vehicles (ATST) can only move onto or over terrain that's half or less than the height of the leader. Does this mean that an ATST can actually move over higher terrain than the T-47 since the ATST model is taller? This seems strange when the T-47 is an actual flying aircraft type unit. Am I missing something?
  8. Can Speeder Bikes go over terrain that is over 1 height or is there an upper limit to how high they can go? For example, if I have a tall landing pad that is about height 2 or 3, can they just zoom up to the top of it and end their move on top of it?
  9. Ok, played several games now. One big issue for me is keeping the tempo of the game going when I have to constantly pick which dice to roll for each different unit and whether it's for an attack or to defend. Imho, it's a real flaw of the game design. I have a big pool of 2 dice packs halfway between players to pick from. This helps but it's still a pain. How do you all manage this issue?
  10. I am beginning to paint my 2nd starter box. Will it help to paint the bases or minis differently to separate the different units from the first starter box units? In order to help identify them for gameplay? Or would it help to actually make them all more uniform so they're easily interchangeable?
  11. This makes sense. However, it honestly would be nice if they built in a simple dice advantage so that using elevated terrain is 'encouraged.' I'm kind of disappointed by this. Oh well. Can't have it all. :-)
  12. Can anyone see any advantages that height gives for attacks? I can see that positioning on higher terrain might give you line of sight above barriers or walls in certain situations. However, I can't see where you get any extra dice or specific attack advantages (or disadvantages for defensive rolls for those defending against higher attacks, for example). Anyone see something I didn't notice? Full disclosure, I scanned the rules relatively quickly.
  13. Thank you so much, Amanal! This is really a tremendous help and very inspirational. Thank you!
  14. No. Stop whatever you're doing and post a bunch of stuff RIGHT NOW! But, if I have to... well, I guess I can wait. :-)
  15. So sorry for the multiple copied posts! I didn't realize I was doing that!
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